(6's P.O.V)

I honestly don't know what to think, in my visions they show the human being a friend but there is also something else in the visions. Something evil, something so dark and bad that it has enough power to bring me here. Where ever 'Here' is. The Human said we were in a place called 'My Room' but what kind of place is called that. What ever and where ever this place is, I know this isn't the world I had left behind. For one: all the humans had been killed by the Machine. So how is this human here? And second: How am I even alive? From what I can remember, my soul had been taken by the Machine then set free by the others. The others, I sure their alright. So far I haven't seen any of the others here with ,but I also haven't left the Human's 'My Room'. The Human had asked me to rest, which didn't sound to bad, but I couldn't. Too many things were zooming in my mind. One of them was where the Human had gone. The Human had left a while ago, saying that she had to go and do something. And since then, I've been here waiting on this pillow drawing. But something in me told me to go out and have a look. Normaly, I would have ignored this thought but something in me told me that it was alright. So, that's what I did. I slipped the picture I had just finished inside me and slid off the pillow to have a look around.

~ Well, I had gotten no more then to the side of the bed when i came across a problem. Once I had figured out that I was on a Human bed I had also figured out that the bed was also at Human hieght. Carefully looking over the edge, I saw the long way down to the floor. To a human it would be no more then three feet away but to me it was more like a ten story building drop. 'Far. Very Far.' was what scrambled through my head. No way I would be able to jump over without dangerously damaging myself. And since niether 5 or 2 were here to fix me if I did fall, Jumping head on was ou of the question. Looking around the Human's bed, I kept my eyes open for anything that could aid me in my task. The Human's bed was covered in many things. From large books to even some weird looking thing that resembled a Machine but not quite. Then I saw it, a large fluffy bear doll. I had seen a lot of these before and I had always remembered that these bear dolls were soft. Maybe this one was soft enough to help me down. Taking the bear in my grasp, I felt the fluffyness of it and dragged it over to the edge of the bed. Taking one more look over the edge, I took in a large amount of air. Placing my arms around the bears middle, I closed my eyes and jumped over the edge. Everything was moving by fast, that much I could tell. The air around me zoomed by with great force and I only knew that the ground was coming soon. Then with a great Thud, my fluffy bear and myself met the ground.

~ I lay there for a moment, everything felt sore. Opening my eyes I saw that I was a few inches away from the bear doll. I must have slipped off him when we made contact with the ground. Pushing myself up, I was only met with myself falling back down onto my knees. I knew that I was still shaken up so I just sat there, looking. Everything from this angle looked so different. The bed now looked like a towering mountain, the door looked as tall as a tree, and the toys that covered the floor looked almost like the acutual size animals that they were. Finally thinking that I was able to stand, i pushed myslef up. Standing on my wobbly legs, i saw how high the bed was now. The hieght of it scared me greatly, I couldn't believe that I had just jumped down from there. I could believe it if it were 7 or 8 but ME? Ignoring the frightening sight, I turned to the towering door to see that it was opened slightly.

~ Slipping through the small opening, I saw that the Human's 'My Room' wasn't just that small place. 'My Room' was much larger, this place was as large as the sacuary's room. It was filled with what 2 called 'coaches' and many other things that humans used in their lives. Normally 1 would have told us to stay away from the human object but 1 wasn't here now was he? Stepping out into this new place i saw that there was this table that was about as high as the Human's bed. And sitting down at the table was the Human. Something told me that I should hide and stay hidden but just as I was about to run back into the Human's 'My Room' but just as I took one step, the Human turned around and she had her eyes on me. "6? Are you okay?" I couldn't answer, I was to terrified. I just stood there as still as a statue and waited for the Human to strick at me.

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