(My P.O.V)
The walk to my friends house was a little bit longer then I had expected. Normally, I would have asked Mom to drive me there but Mom was still at work so I had to make the journey on foot. My friend, James, Lives a good 4-5 miles away from my house so at my slow speed it took me a good hour and a half before I had gotten there. James's house isn't to different from mine. Small, good sized yard, and a few trees around it. But the one thing that made his house different was that he had this old wooden fence that went around the front of the house. To me, it looked alomst ready to fall over from being rotten and now an again I would see a little chipmunk or mouse inside the joints that held the posts together. The only good thing that fence was good for was just being a resting spot for the little critter of his yard.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"How you doing 6?" Feeling movement in my pocket, I soon saw the ink covered Stitchpunk sticking his head out from one of the openings. "F-fine. There yet?" I could tell 6 was getting ansy but how could I blaim him? This was where I had found him and there was a possibility that his friends would be to. "Yeah, we're here. Just hold on and let me get us in." 6 nodded and ducked back in my pocket. walking up to the door, I gave it a few loud bangs with my hand. Feeling some movement in my pocket, I figured 6 was trying to hide his best. My pocket wasn't very big to begin with so with 6 being in there it really did look like I was carrying a doll in it. After a few moments, the door opened and I saw my long time friend. "Hey Autumn! What's up?" James was always one of the loud outburst types but I had grown acustom to it. James was almost has tall as me, he had this cheeky smile that no matter what the situation he would always be able to make me smile back, he had short blonde hair that would on ocations would spike up in the front, and he had his signature item in hand: his game controller. "Not much James. Just thought I would come over and see if you wanted to hang out?" James Nodded and smiled, "Sure! Come in, I was just playing Halo." Fallowing him inside, I saw the familiar view of his house. His family had two coaches, a short table near the larger coach, his cats' stratch tower, and his large sized tv(Which had been froozen on James shooting an alien dude. Or whatever he calls those funny little short guys. I honestly don't know what they're called). "So Autumn, how you've been?" I shrugged my shoulders, "Nothing much. You know same old, same old" It was more like this in my mind 'James you wouldn't believe what I found in your house last time I came here. I found a Stitchpunk doll that was alive and it's from a movie that you never even heard of.'

"Yeah, I know that feeling. Do you want to try playing again?" I had know James since I was about five or six and the one thing he was Greatly good at was playing video games. From Halo to even Resident Evil, you name it, James could play it and beat its sad little booty all the way back to the game store. "No thanks James. You know me, I'm better at watching you and giving advise." Me on the other hand couldn't play worth poo. Everytime James ever handed me a controller, I would either end up dying after three or four minutes or I would kill myself by falling off a cliff or drowning in water. In short, the games James played were not for me. "Okay, Take a seat. I have to go feed the cats." As James went off to his kitchen, I looked down at my Pocket after noticing that 6 hadn't made any movement. "PPSSTT. 6. You okay in there?" Placing my hand inside my pocket I was met with a horrific fact. 6 wasn't in my pocket any more. "6?!" Trying my best not to shout, I started to look around the floor for him. But he was no where to be seen. "6, where are you?"

(6's P.O.V)
This was the place, This is truly it. I was standing next to a large building that looked like a human house but it was smaller then them. This place was the one from the picture i drew with 2 and 5 in it. It even had the tree near by it just like the drawing. I don't know how ,but I knew that this was the place where 2 and 5 were. Walking closer, I saw an opening between the doors and walked in.

This place is scary, it's so dark in here that I can barely see what's in front of -"Ooft!" Landing head first into the floor, I coughed as the dust entered my robotic lungs. Picking myself up I saw that I had tripped on a Large pole. Brushing the dust off, I started to wish I had eyes like the twins so i could project light for me to see. Following the pole, I saw that it ended up at a large box. The pole was leaning on the box, holding down the lid which was slightly open. As I was just about to walk away, I heard something. Turning back around, I heard it again. It sounded like something was moving, Moving around in the box. "H-hello. Is s-someone there?" The sounds stopped and it went quiet for a moment. What I heard next was so wonderful that I nearly shout out in surprise. "6 m'boy? Is that you?" 2! It was 2! "6? 6 is out there? 6!" And 5! I found them! I found my friends!

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