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"This place is a desolate wasteland, why would you pick this place, of all places, for us to fucking move to." The auburn haired girl asked from the back seat of her mother's car. She was slouched down in her seat, her feet pushed up against the back of the passenger sides seat. She had a pair of large green headphones down around her neck, and if one strained they would be able to hear music coming from them. She had turned it down to speak to her mother once they started driving into the town.

She had never seen the house they were moving too, or even the town, before now. Her mother had told her they were moving, and she easily accepted it, they was nothing that had kept her attached to her old town. She had no friends too graduate with, so being uprooted from her school in her final year wasn't a problem. But she had assumed they were moving somewhere nice. This place was awful. The grass looked completely dead everywhere and there were barely any trees. It was unsettling.

"Cash please, I know it's not the nicest town, but the real estate was really cheap here and that's why we got a house with so much land on it, for all the animals to roam around on." Her mother said. Cash's head turned to look into the back of the van at the two cats and one dog sitting patiently in their carriers. Both of the cats were outdoor, and Carly, their yellow lab, was very smart and would never wander too far from the property.

She said nothing back to her mother only put her headphones back on and continued staring out the window. It was a grey, overcast day. It set the perfect mood for their move. It's like it was screaming at Cash no matter where they go they can't escape the darkness in their lives. She shook her head after a shudder ran down her spine out of nowhere, and turned her head away from the window. They were now approaching the new house, and she wanted to get a good look at it.

It wasn't that big, it was only a two bedroom, two story house. One story including the basement. The outside was interesting, had a very decorative look to it. All the windows were circular, and the brick work on the walls was an amazing pattern of dark red brick with a light, more salmon coloured brick. The whole property was surrounding by a fairly old wooden fence. It was fallen over in some sections, mostly near the backing into the woods.

The car came to a rolling stop close to the front of the house, they had a very long driveway, there nearest neighbour couldn't be seen from where they were. Cash and her mother both stepped out of the car and took a long look at the house. Cash had to admit, the house was gorgeous.

"Here" Her mother said, throwing the keys into the house over the car. She just caught them, leaning forward a bit to grab them before they made it passed her. "All the bigger stuff has already been moved in by the moving company, we just have these boxes." Her mother started to pull things out of the back, and Cash went and unlocked the front door.

It opened with a light creak, it was a little stiff, and Cash had to give it one solid push to get it out of its frame. After she pushed it the door swung open fast, it blew a bit of dust in its way. The house was dark and cold, it didn't have a very inviting feeling even though it was already furnished with most of their own things. Cash looked back at her mother who was still unloading things from the car before stepping into the house.

The floor was a dark stained hardwood, and the walls were oak paneling. It almost felt like a cottage, but despite the old interiors, all the technology was fully updated. Stepping into the kitchen was almost like stepping into another world, it was in a separate part of the house that was built on much later to accommodate the past owners of the home. In the living room a large television was built into a large stand.

All of a sudden Cash could hear the noise of nails scratching against the floor and it came up quickly behind her, something jumping onto her back. She turned her upper body around a bit to see her dog on his hind legs leaning against her. "Hi Carly, excited to be in your new home?" She asked, bending down next to the dog and petting her head.

"Cash, Honey, Come take the cats please, and then close the door behind me. I'm going to keep unloading stuff and I don't want them going outside until they're settled into the new environment first. Cash stood up and began walking towards the front door, Carly trailing behind.

She got to her mother and she handed her to two crates the cats were in before stepping back out and closing the door behind her. Cash opened the cages and their oldest cat, Oscar, ran away quickly and probably hide somewhere. He didn't like new places. But the other cat, Artemis, his behaviour was a little out of the ordinary for him. He didn't come out of his crate. He was backed up against the wall of it, looking frightened.

He was barely a kitten anymore, a little over a year old, but still held that same confidence and inquisitive nature as most kittens do. Normally in a new place he'd come out sniffing the air in curiosity then would immediately leave to go explore his new home.

Cash leaned down and peered into the cage, trying to coax him out of it but he would not budge. She sighed and closed the gate on the crate before opening the door and calling out to her mother, "Artemis won't get out of his crate!" She screamed half way across the property.

Her mother motioned for her to come down near the car, so closing the door completely behind her she jogged across the front lawn and down the driveway to her mother. She handed her a few duffle bags, "This is some of your stuff. Your room is the one at the end of the hall on the left, just go take Artemis in there and start unpacking, he'll calm down." Cash nodded grabbing the bags with both hands and slowly dragging them back to the house. They were heavy, she could hardly remember what she had packed in them.

She pushed the door of the house back open and began dragging the bags to her room now. It took her a minute, though the house only had the one floor that they used, it was a very long home. When she finally got there she opened the door and was shocked with what she saw. The bedroom was massive, but she should have already figured that out. It was a two bedroom home, but it was huge, so obviously the rooms must be huge. The ceiling was incredibly high and had wooden beams all across the top for support. In the middle of the room sat a queen sized cherry wood canopy bed. Her dark purple sheets were already on them.

She tossed the bags up on the bed then went to go get Artemis. She took a look at him before she picked up his crate and he was still pressed against the back. Slowly and carefully not to shake the crate and scare him more she took him into her bedroom. She closed the door mostly, but left it open just about an inch.

She put him down on the floor and opened the door, she didn't have time to try and get him out now, she wanted to start unpacking. She unzipped the first duffle bag, it was all books. That would explain why it was so heavy. All the major large furniture had been moved into the house already, so all she needed to do was organize and put away all her clothes and belongs.

She pulled the bag off the bed and over to her empty bookcase and began stacking them one by one to fill the shelves. Both of the bags were books, and it took about half an hour because she kept changing her mind on how to organize them, but after that she finally had one finished part in her bedroom. She looked upon the book case happily, having completed something, no matter how small, was always rewarding. She went to go back outside to get more of her stuff, but before she stopped to check if Artemis had left his crate. He had.

When Cash stepped back outside it was a bit chillier and darker than earlier, the sun was slowly beginning to set. When her mother came within her view she saw her speaking with another woman, with a short girl beside her. The closer she got the more she could see of them, The taller older one was very elegant looking. She had on a red skirt, a button down top and a loose red sweater on top. Her hair was up and done nicely, and her makeup was simple but perfect. She looked a little older, but still very young and pretty. The girl beside her was significantly shorted and significantly different looking, not just from the woman beside her, but from most people. The girl clearly had down syndrome or some other similar disorder.

"Cashlin!" her mother called when she noticed her presence come up behind them. She walked quickly to cover the last few steps between her and the rest of them, "This is my daughter Cashlin," her mother said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Cashlin these are our neighbours, Constance and Adelaide."

Cash looked at them both. Adelaide looked at her with an interested smile, and Constance's face stayed the same. "Nice to meet you dear. It's so nice to finally have neighbours again, we thought that house would never sell." Constance commented.

Cash's mother shrugged, "Well it was a good price, and big enough to us and the animals, the history of homes never really concerns me. "

Constance nodded, "Pets? Cats I hope." She said, then quickly looked over at Cash.

"Yes actually… two cats and a dog." Cash's mother said, a little confused by the comment. She changed the subject to something else and then began mindlessly chatting away. Cash began looking around at her surrondings, noticing she could just slightly see through all the trees towards the neighbouring house. They were at the end of the street and only had one neighbour, so the house Cash was looking at must have been Constance's.

As she was staring at the house she almost began to zone out, she was staring, but not focused on anything at all. Something broke her out of it, she saw something go past the window's in Constance's house. Her head turned away and she interrupted their conversation immediately, "Constance, do you have other children?" Cash asked her.

The woman seemed unprepared for the question, and froze a little. Adelaide started laughing and also looking towards the house. "Why would you ask that?" Constance asked, her eyes narrowing a bit as she stared at Cash.

Cash pointed at the window in her house she had been staring into, "I saw someone walk by that window, someone with dirty blonde hair." Cash said, almost willing the person to show back up in the window so she didn't seem crazy.

Constance avoided the question. She looked up towards the sky, at Adelaide, and then back to Cash's mother. "It's getting quite dark. Your eyes must be playing trick on you. I suppose we'll head home for the evening, but please, if you need anything don't hesitate to come over and ask." She said with a smile.

Cash's mother thanked her for her kindness then turned back to pulling things from the car. Constance gave Cash one more strange look before heading back to her home with Adelaide. "Well they're certainly interesting neighbours." Her mother commented with a laugh. Cash laughed too, she pushed away the strange feeling she had helped her mother finish unpacking the car.

When they were done she brought all of her things into her bedroom. Artemis had clearly calmed down as he was curled up on the bottom of her bed sleeping. She collapsed onto her bed, this day had been exhausting even though it was mostly travelling. She could feel her eyelids weighting down on her and she decided she would go to sleep now and get an early start on unpacking tomorrow morning.

She fixed herself up for bed getting changed into a loose t-shirt and a pair of tight back shorts. She turned off the lights and crawled into her bed. As she began to fall asleep she saw the flash of dirty blonde hair again. This time she saw it through her window, whoever it was they were outside.