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The next morning started rather abruptly, Cash felt a violent shaking all throughout her body and somewhere in the distance someone speaking. "Oh Jesus Christ, Cash wake up." Her mother sighed as she shook her unmoving body. With a few groans she finally rolled over and opened her eyes. "'You're late for school, come on. The school year has already started too you can't afford to miss any days." She lectured her as Cash sat in her bed glaring for waking her up.

"Fine," She snapped, "I'll get ready. Now get out of my room then."

"Okay, hurry up. I'm taking my car that's away in the garage. You take the van. I'm going to leave now for work, so make it to school on time." She repeated one last time before closing the bedroom door behind her and leaving.

Cash slowly pulled her body out of bed and stretched her arms high above her head before standing up. First she opened her dresser drawers and picked out a pair of white skinny jeans and dark orange top. She didn't put much effort into looking good, she cared little to back a good first impression at this school. After that she went into her bathroom, brushed her teeth, washed her face, make up etc.

She put her things away underneath the sink and as she went to stand and leave, the sunlight coming in through the window caught it's light of something shinny. She reached down, far past all her own things, past the plumbing for the sink and felt around till she got her hands on it. It was a bottle of some sort, it was wedged behind the pipes. She tugged and twisted for a few minutes before I popped lose so fast she almost fell backwards.

Perfume. It was perfume. Cash examined it, it was an incredibly old looking bottle. It was covered in a thick layer of dust and grim, the name of it had long since worn of the bottle and it's old fashioned embellished pump had frayed and lost almost all of its cover. Now it was just a big plastic ball of air just used to pump the perfume out. Cash was never much of a perfume girl, she would just always forget she had it and never wear it. But she liked how old it was, something a previous owner must have lost and forgotten under the sink. She pushed down on the pump twice, spraying herself.

It smelt like a walk through an enormous garden. The flower smell was overwhelming, she started feeling a little dizy almost. All of a sudden she was completely nauseas and her vision went black. She fell against the wall trying to support herself with one hand while the other rubbed her eyes furiously trying to get her vision back.

She started to see something underneath the darkness so she stopped. She saw a man. He was holding the perfume bottle, at least that's what Cashlin assumed. It was new, and looking completely different. He handed off the perfume bottle to her, or at least that's how it seemed. He was smiling so much when he was holding the perfume, but after he handed it off his face slowly started to twist and distort. It grew more and more twisted till it looked like a monster. Cash didn't like this anymore, she tried rubbing her eyes again to make it go away but that just made him walk closer. She didn't know when she had started screaming, but at some point she realized she was. His face didn't look human anymore. The features were moved to places that were horrifying, his mouth came off the top of his forhead and his eyes kept swinging back and forth across his face change spots.

She lost her support and fell to the ground with a loud thud. It stopped then, everything was back. She came back to reality slowly, and heard the door bell ringing. She hurriedly stood up and fast walked down the hall to the door. When she swung it open it was the woman from yesterday, Constance, standing at the door.

"Are you alright dear? I heard screaming." She asked with light concern, but it just sounded more like general curiosity to Cash.

Cash was a little stunned. Had she been screaming that much? That loud? What even was all that? She pushed it to the back of her mind and lied, "Oh sorry about that. I saw a pretty ugly spider but one of my cats killed it."

Constance nodded, but she didn't look convinced. She looked down and Cash's eyes followed, interested to see whatever the older woman was fixated on. It was her hand, or the perfume to be more exact, she hadn't put it down. She slowly looked back up and met Cash's gaze, "Well then…. You stay safe in your home" She said with a smile before walking away.

Cash watched the woman walk away and she stood there with the door opening even after she had already gone back into her house. Cash decided she didn't like this woman, she didn't like the way she said things, like everything had a second meaning.

She gave up on staring and closed the door behind her. She looked at the clock placed on the wall, she would be late for school, oh well. She went to the kitchen and through together some kind of food with what they had in their fridge. She put a single binder and one pencil in a large purse and then put her food in as well. Then she grabbed her wallet, her smokes, a lighter and her car keys before she headed out the door.

She had yet to see her new school yet, but it was only about ten minutes away so she managed to drive there without getting lost. The school building was old, she could tell before she had even got into the parking lot. For some reason all the major buildings in this city were made of grey brick and the school seemed to be no exception.

She headed into the building and the halls were completely empty, everyone would be in first period by now. She was only about 15 minutes late she hoped the teacher wouldn't make a big deal when she walked in. She was wrong.

As she opened the door the entire class turned to look at her along with the teacher. An average man in build and size, he wore glasses as well. He looked displeased about being interrupted, "I'm so sorry you couldn't get here to join us on time, is there any reason for that?" He asked as she cocked his head to the side.

Cash's mouth felt dry, she tried not to look at the other students. "Umm… no sorry I'm just new here." Even worse, now people seemed more interested. It was a small town, so no doubt they had all been watching to see if that house sold, and now they all get to see the one of the weird new people.

The teachers face changed, he actually got a little red in the face, and apologized, "Oh I'm sorry, Ms. Green, correct?" Cash nodded. "Okay, Class, this is our new student, Cashlin Green. Everyone please make her feel welcome, and um, Ms. Rite please raise your hand," a dirty blonde haired girl raised her hand, "So you can go take a seat of there with Ms. Rite then." He said with a smile, gesturing in the direction of her.

As Cash walked too her seat she tried to look down as much as possible to avoid eye contact with any of them. She took her seat next to the girl, and she looked over at her with a smile before looking back at the board, she seemed nice enough. For that first period Cash paid little attention to the actual lesson, she was staring out the windows, doodling on her binder and look at the other students.

Near the end of the class as everyone was just waiting out the last few minutes for the bell to ring she noticed here was someone who sat two people in front of her too the left. She couldn't see his face, but for some reason something about him felt familiar. She sat their staring at him for so long before she got it. He was the one you saw walk by the window, She realized.

She was brought out of her creepy staring by a female voice, the girl next to her. "Hey, I'm Alexias." She had said with a smile. She was a pretty girl, a tiny bit paler then Cash with such dark black hair it was clearly a dye job, but it suited her. She had a small dark purple gem stud in her nose.

"Oh, Hi. I'm Cashlin, but most people call me Cash for short." She responded to the girl, Alexias. Such an interesting name. Cash and met many Alexas but never any Alexias, it was a cute spin on what was fast becoming an overused name.

"Oooh, Cash, I love that!" She said almost mimicking Cash's thoughts and also complimenting her name. "I heard you had just moved her from pretty far away, I came here in grade ten so I know what it's like being the new girl. If you need any help finding a class or something just track me down and I'd love to help you." Cash already liked this girl. The way she had said that was so casual, she hadn't said it in an over the top nice tone, but it still had all the sincerity of truth in it. Just hearing her say that made Cash feel a little better and more comfortable about being in this strange new town. She'd had to get Alexias alone later and talk to her to see if she noticed all the strange things in this town when she first moved her as well.

With a light, almost embarrassed smile Cash thanked her and they both went back to their own things waiting for the bell to ring. Cash slowly started packing the few things she had actually brought with her into her purse and then began observing the class again, eventually turning her attention back to the dirty blonde boy.

She stared at the back of his head for a while, she knew it had to be him, because that's all she had seen, was the back/side of his head. He seemed about the same height, and the hair was definitely an exact match. It was the same length, and same colour. As if he could feel her eyes on his back his head slowly turned around and looked in her direction. She turned her head from side to side looking to see if it was perhaps someone else he was trying to make eye contact with, but everyone else had their eyes straight on the board. He was definitely looking right at her. For some reason her heart began to pound quite rapidly in her chest. It was a combination of fear and anxiety, but why?

He stared directly at her, he was staring past her eyes trying to see more, she could tell, but since the tragedy in her family she had become quite well and hiding all emotion, even in her eyes. He didn't stare with a smile or a menacing look; he just stared with a blank face.

The bell rang, it seemed to knock Cash out of the trance she had been stuck in staring at him. After one last second of staring, he smiled at her, or more of a half smirk really, before turning to walk out of the class. Cash watched him walk away till he went out the door and then through her bag over her shoulder and followed into the crowded halls of teenagers.

The rest of the day seemed to follow the same pattern, go to class, get introduced as the new girl, have a few people make some small conversation with her, one extending a lunch invitation and she spent her time in the cafeteria with her during her lunch break. No sign of the blonde boy again, although Cash wasn't even really sure why she was keeping an eye out for him.

It was almost the end of the day, there was one period left, and although Cash didn't have a class scheduled for that period she decided to spend it in the library instead of going home. Her mom wouldn't be home till four, and she didn't want to have to spend any more than any hour in that house by herself. There was something just… off about it. Her mother had mentioned the house had a bit of a darker past, but nothing specific.

She browsed through the library aisle for about twenty minutes before picking two interesting books to flip through to kill time. One was an autobiography about David Bowie, and another was a travel book. The library was fairly empty but she still decided to go find herself the most isolated space to be, she didn't like to be around people while reading.

Taking a seat she started flipping through the autobiography on David Bowie. She had read it once before, so she was more just skimming through and re-reading her more favorite parts, David Bowie had always been her favorite musician, even though her love for him sprang from a movie. As a child, Cash's favorite movie was Labyrinth. After purchasing the sound track for the movie and seeing all the songs were sung by David Bowie, she then proceeded to start listening to his self-released albums.

During one particularly interesting part of the book, Cash was so distracted by the book she didn't realize the presence of another person until it was too late. A book was dropped on the table right in front of her; it was fairly large and made a fairly loud noise. "You should read that." Said a voice from behind her.

She swung her head around, hair flying behind her, to glare at the person who had come into her reading space and startled her. Her glare fell away to shock which she quickly had to cover up when she saw who it was. The blonde boy. He walked around to the other side of the library table and took a seat across from Cash he looked at her with a bit of a smirk and a raised eyebrow,

"Sorry, Did I scare you?"