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Regina nervously watched herself in the mirror as she put in her earrings.

"You look beautiful Regina, don't worry." Ashley said with a smile as she put on the heels that went with her bridesmaid's dress. Regina turned around to face the blonde.

"I feel so nervous. I don't understand why. It's not like I'm not sure about Daniel or something." She said.

Ashley walked over to Regina and took her hands in hers. "It's perfectly normal to feel nervous at your wedding day." She said with a smile. "I felt like I was dying on mine. I think you're still handling it pretty well up until now. Don't worry, when you'll walk down the aisle all worries and doubts will disappear and it will just feel right."

Regina nodded. "It all just seems too good to be true. I mean..we've waited so long for this, and so much has happened. I'm half expecting someone to barge in and ruin everything."

"Believe me Regina. You sure have had your deal of crap, you deserve this, nothing will go wrong, I'll make sure of that if I'll have to." Ruby now said not looking up from her phone. She had been sitting in a chair with her bridesmaid's dress on texting for the last fifteen minutes.

"Thanks Ruby." Regina smiled. "Who are you texting with?" She then asked.

"That Ethan boy you brought here for the wedding. He's pretty cute."

"You're horrible." Ashley stated, effectively avoiding a pillow that was thrown her way by Ruby in response. "But seriously Regina." Ashley continued. "There is nothing to be worried about. Gold is locked up safely behind bars, Collin and his father are far away, your mother has changed into one of the people who support this marriage the most, and I don't think we will see this Monica here any time soon. All your demons are either gone or taken care of. Nothing stands your happiness in the way anymore."

Regina smiled as she hugged Ashley thankfully, the blonde's words really helped her to put things back in perspective again.

"And, are you ready dear?" Cora now asked as she and Henry entered Regina's bedroom. They had decided to get married in Regina's beautiful garden under the apple tree she had spent so much time with Daniel back in their land that now was growing behind the house.

"I guess I am." Regina said as she let out a shaking breath. "You look beautiful dear. Everything is ready if you are." Cora answered as she pulled Regina in for a hug.

"Ok. Then let's do this." Ruby said as she jumped up from her chair.

As the music started to play Daniel was having a really hard time trying not to turn around to look at Regina walking down the aisle. The bridegroom was not supposed to do so, but Henry, who was his best man could – and was very proud to be so as he felt really important and grown up - and his whispering that Regina looked absolutely amazing didn't help. But when Regina finally stood next to him under the apple tree as her father let her go and he looked to his right he saw Henry was right. She looked stunning. She wore a dress that was a soft tone of off-white, several silk leafs and flowers formed the top of the dress and were held together by tulle that went over her right shoulder. The leafs eventually fused into the skirt of the dress that fell narrowly down her legs hugging her every curve, a split started halfway the thigh of her left leg revealing simple white stilettos. Her dark curls were loosely falling down her back, only a few strands of hair were pulled back from her face with a small white flower in the same color of her dress. Her lips where a bright classy shade of red and Daniel just wanted to kiss those lips right there in that moment.

He gave Regina a reassuring smile as she put her hand in his and he felt how her hand was slightly trembling. When it was time to speak their wedding vows it first was his turn.

"My dearest Regina, " he started. "if I'm honest, I still can't believe I am standing here with you today here, on our wedding day. There most definitely were some bumps in the road to this day but yet here I am, with you. And after all this time I still love you just as much as I did when I first fell in love with you all these many, many, many years ago. I might even love you more now; everything that has happened to us, it brought us closer in the end. And now we have a child together, you gave me the most beautiful daughter I could wish and everyday again I'm so grateful that I can form a family with the two of you. And I am so very happy that after all this time you still want to become my wife. I don't know why or how I deserved this but I promise you that I will try to be to you and our daughter everything that you need me to be….because I love you…You mean everything to me and I am never leaving you alone again."

From the corner of his eye he could see how Snow was desperately trying to find a tissue in her purse while tears were ruining her make-up and when he looked back at Regina again he saw she had tears in her eyes too while she also wore the brightest smile he had ever seen from her.

Regina cleared her throat and let out a small laugh. "Well," She said as she looked down at their hands and fingers that were still intertwined. "I don't know if I'll still be able to give you my weddings vows as well as I wanted to after this. But I'll try." And he felt how she took her hands out of his and set a step back. He saw her chest rise as she took in a deep breath and then softly started to sing while there was complete silence around her.


Daniel instantly felt tears appear in his eyes as he listened to how she beautifully sang the words to him. When she started the third couplet he suddenly heard the sound of an acoustic guitar coming from behind Regina and as he looked up he saw Oliver had started to accompany her on his guitar.


When Regina had finished Daniel saw how Snow was once again searching for a tissue, David, this time prepared, handed her one and she thankfully took it. Daniel was having a hard time keeping the tears at bay himself too, the words of the song seemed to fit so well to their situation, and she had sung it to him so beautifully with so much love and feeling.

Daniel now turned to Henry who handed him the rings and with trembling hands he put the ring on her finger saying the words everyone knew were said at this moment but suddenly seemed so hard for him to remember. After both rings were exchanged Daniel was finally given the green light to kiss his bride and so he did. Gently he cupped her face with his hands and brought her head closer to his after which he locked their lips in a passionate kiss under the loud cheering of their audience.

When they broke their kiss and turned around, Daniel still having his arms around Regina, they saw how Cora now carried their daughter towards them. The little girl smiled as she recognized her parents and Regina happily took the child from her mother and hugged her.

They were complete. She finally had her happy ending.


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