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'Just let me have this bit of fun. Who knows when I actually have this much fun again? Maybe never.'

The redhead eyed his friend suspiciously, but let the subject go. He couldn't stop him anyway, so he might as well poor him another drink and let him get as drunk as possible. This didn't mean that the redhead wouldn't keep an eye on his friend, because who knows who might take advantage of him. He was already so vulnerable. No, the redhead certainly wasn't pleased with what his friend wanted right now.

Sasuke arrived alone at the party. The door was open for everyone to just walk in and join the crowd. Sasuke wasn't a fan of this many people in the same place, especially if it wasn't built to hold this many people. Unfortunately it was his friend's birthday and Neji would've killed him if Sasuke hadn't shown up.

The place was stamped with people and most of them Sasuke didn't even know. Not that he ever paid attention to others anyway. All of them were annoying anyway, so why even bother? The girls were always clinging on to him when he entered a place and the guys always stared at him as if he was evil itself. He couldn't help it that women liked him so much. He didn't even like them back. He would rather have those guys clinging on to him. No, scratch that. He doesn't want anyone clinging to him.

Finally he had found Neji, but he was surrounded by people as well. This was going to take such a long time before he could even talk to his friend. And the smug expression on Neji's didn't say anything good. He had a girl hanging on his arm, almost falling down at every little movement Neji made. She was completely wasted, her dark brown buns a total mess on her head. At least his friend was getting laid tonight.

Sasuke eventually decided to just get a drink instead of waiting for Neji to be done with the birthday wishes and whatever. He pushed the swinging door open and entered the kitchen. At least this room was almost empty. Only a couple kissing in the corner, but they weren't paying attention to him anyway. He opened the refrigerator and went for the coldest beer. The opener laid on the counter, so with a flip of his hand, he could finally drink his cold beer. Immediately he set it to his lips, downing half of the bottle. That was just what he needed.

The swinging door opened again, letting in some new people. A laugh filled the room, announcing a happy blonde entering the room. He almost fell to the floor, stumbling over his own feet. A redhead was keeping him up, grumbling something under his breath. Sasuke just watched it all happening. A perfectly sculpted eyebrow was raised at the scene. How could everyone be this drunk already? He hadn't arrived that late, right? Otherwise Neji still might murder him…

The blonde was still laughing as he walked over to the counter, right where Sasuke was standing. The raven was leaning against the counter, setting the bottle against his lips again. He took a sip, his dark eyes still focusing on the blonde. The way the boy was stumbling towards him didn't seem very good. And Sasuke had been right. The blonde stumbled right up against him and leaned over to grab one of the vodka bottles. It was as if the boy didn't even realize they were touching and as far as Sasuke was concerned, he didn't care about it either. The guy was drunk, so what good would it do him to push him away. With his luck he would push the blonde against the kitchen table and got the guy a broken arm or something. No, as long as that hand on his hips didn't move, then he was fine.

The redhead pulled the blonde away from Sasuke and finally the raven felt like relaxing again. He still watched the two smaller males, but now with curiosity. The redhead didn't seem very pleased with his friend, but said friend found everything hilarious. 'Naruto, let's just go home. You can barely stand,' the redhead said.

The blonde, named Naruto, stopped laughing, his face filling with anger. 'No, I am here to have fun and that is what I'm doing right now!' he called out resolute. The blue eyes searched through the room eventually landing on Sasuke who was still right beside them.

Before Sasuke could really react to anything, two tanned arms were wrapped around his neck and he was pulled down in a kiss. His dark eyes widened as he stared deeply into azure blue ones. Those were really beautiful captivating eyes and Sasuke felt like getting lost in them. His own eyes turned half lidded and he could feel his lips responding to the kiss. A pleased hum vibrated through his mouth, the blonde pushing the tip of his tongue through Sasuke's lips.

A smirk formed on the raven's lips, liking how bold Naruto was, but he didn't have long to enjoy this fact. Naruto was pulled away from his lips again and he heard some things fall to the floor. The blonde was sitting on the floor, leaning against a leg of the table, a bewildered look on his face. The redhead was staring up at Sasuke, glaring at him. Sasuke took another sip of his beer, really uncaring of what this boy thought of him. He did have some fierce looking hair.

'Didn't you see how drunk he is?' the redhead spat at Sasuke, making the raven raise an eyebrow. 'How could you just kiss him back like that? Do you really want to take a drunk guy home with you that will vomit all over your carpet?' So that was weird statement and Sasuke really didn't know how to respond to that. He glanced down at Naruto and could already envision him puking all over his bed and bathroom and well everything.

The beer bottle hit his lips again. His tongue slid over his lips to get the little drops of bitter liquid of it. 'He kissed me, so don't go accusing me of wanting to take him home. I don't think I really had much of a choice than kiss back with the way I was attacked.' Not entirely true, but Sasuke really didn't care. This was getting way too annoying to his taste.

The redhead opened his mouth to say something back, but Naruto pulled on his jeans to get his attention. 'Gaara, I told you I wanted to have fun. Stop being so overprotective,' he whined, leaning his head back against the table leg. The blue eyes closed and it seemed that the blonde was falling asleep.

Gaara sighed and then the soft green eyes looked back up at Sasuke. 'Can you help me get him to his feet?' he asked. Sasuke just shrugged and leaned down to pick up Naruto. Such a fun party taking care of some drunk dude. At least he got a nice kiss out of it, but it had been much too short to his taste. 'Thanks,' Gaara mumbled, letting Naruto lean on his shoulders. 'I will take him home now.'

And that was when Naruto started protesting again. 'No! I want to stay and have fun.' He ripped himself of Gaara's body and fell right into Sasuke's chest. Why was this all happening to him? He wrapped an arm around the blonde's waist just to keep him upright. Gaara sighed again, knowing this was a battle he wouldn't win.

Naruto seemed to be falling asleep again, his arms wrapping around Sasuke and leaning his head against the raven's chest. Naruto did feel nice against his body, but he wasn't sure how to respond to this, except laying a hand against the blonde's back. Gaara's and his eyes met and stared at each other for quite some time. 'Can I leave him with you for a moment? I really need to go to the bathroom and he's been keeping me away from it all night.' Sasuke didn't like this request, but felt him nod. Gaara was out the door before he could protest.

Now he had a drunken blonde in his arms and he was pretty sure Naruto was snoring right now. His dark eyes flickered to the kissing couple in the corner, them still being completely lost in each other. Wait, they weren't only kissing now… Okay, time to get out of here, because that moan didn't mean anything good. Sasuke shook Naruto by his shoulders, waking the blonde up again. 'Let's move. That couple is having sex,' he hissed at Naruto and the blonde curiously looked back.

A giggle erupted from the plump lips. Naruto looked back up at Sasuke, a sudden naughty gleam in the azure blue eyes. The tanned hands started unbuttoning Sasuke's shirt as he bit his lip, still staring up at the raven. Sasuke wasn't sure if he liked the hands all over him or if he rather just leave and go home right now. He had to admit that Naruto was pretty good looking. Actually, the blonde was rather beautiful. Still, he didn't want to be the second couple having sex in this room.

Sasuke started guiding Naruto out of the kitchen, which wasn't easy since Naruto was still stumbling over his own feet and trying to undress Sasuke at the same time. It was nice to be undressed, but not in the midst of a party with way too many people and the judging lavender eyes of his friend. It was his own fault that Sasuke hadn't reached him yet. Still he offered his friend an apologetic smile, pointing down at the drunk Naruto. The lavender eyes narrowed slightly and glanced away. That had been a weird reaction and Sasuke didn't really get it. He would need to talk to his friend about this later.

Gaara came stamping towards him, glaring at Sasuke. 'Why the hell did you take him out of kitchen and brought him to this chaotic place?' the redhead asked accusingly.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at Gaara. 'Maybe you haven't noticed your friend here trying to get me naked as quick as possible.' And while he was saying that, Naruto had suddenly leaned down to undo Sasuke's jeans. Quickly Sasuke pulled the blonde up by his hair. 'But he got like this when he noticed another couple having sex in the kitchen.'

'People are having sex in my kitchen?' Neji asked angrily, apparently overhearing the conversation. 'Oh, hell no!' he exclaimed, stalking towards the kitchen with a determined look on his face. The girl with the buns was still following him, so she was definitely staying around. Sasuke watched his friend leave, shrugging his shoulders. Well, he could go home now. He made his appearance.

A pair of hips was rubbed against Sasuke's and he could definitely feel something hard there. 'What's your name?' Naruto asked huskily. Shocked Sasuke stared down at the blonde who was still rubbing his hard on against Sasuke's leg. Never had anyone come on to him this needy and apparently Naruto didn't usually act like this according to the look Gaara had on his face.

'Uhh, Sasuke,' he eventually responded, still a bit confused. Sasuke shot a look at Gaara, hoping he could get him out of this situation. Sasuke couldn't deny that the rubbing hips were getting to him and the blonde was still really handsome. This shouldn't take too long or he actually might take Naruto home. It had been a while since he last had taken someone home.

Gaara shrugged his shoulders, really not knowing what to do about this. Naruto said he had wanted some fun, but Gaara had no idea he also meant this kind of fun. The redhead looked Sasuke up and down, deciding that Sasuke seem to be a good guy. He had been taking care of Naruto while he had been to the bathroom.

Suddenly a hand was rubbing on Sasuke's crotch, trying to get him hard and it was definitely working. Naruto pulled Sasuke into a kiss again and the raven greedily responded, his tongue sliding in Naruto's mouth. Yeah, he had definitely lost this fight, but he was only giving Naruto what he wanted.

He had no idea how long they had been standing there, just kissing and Naruto feeling him up as much as possible, but when he opened his eyes again, Gaara was gone. Apparently the redhead trusted him enough to leave him alone with the blonde. Well, Sasuke would definitely not oblige to that right now. He leaned down to whisper in Naruto's ear. 'Want to come home with me?'

'What do you think?' Naruto answered, a big smile on his face.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto


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