Hey lovely readers! Thank you for the reviews and the help, although it didn't really get me anywhere... Some of you wanted just the fluffy sex scene, some of you wanted just the moving in, but most of you wanted both, so you actually got both, sort of.

It will start out with the slow and soft lemon, really it's just mostly fluff and not quite as long, but still fitting in my opinion. And then the second part comes with some plot. I'm not going to spoil anything here, but I am sure you will all understand sort of what is going on, although it's not exactly how you think it will be...



The evening had been rather short since Naruto was just too tired to stay up any longer and Sasuke didn't want him to go to bed alone. But first the raven got his lover into the shower, thinking he would appreciate it. Naruto hadn't had a normal shower in months, so this must be a lovely change. And of course Sasuke saw this as a moment to join him as well. Washing his back, his hands sliding places he really shouldn't be touching right now and kissing, a lot of kissing.

So it wasn't strange that when they finally had found their bed, they were both very turned on and Naruto even found himself completely prepped already. Even if he was too tired to actually do something, he couldn't help but respond to those soft touches, luring him in more and more. And Sasuke was so gentle with him. Helping him walk towards the bed, his legs almost giving out already as he was that tired. Carefully help him lay down on the bed and then slowly laying down next to him. But what would happen next?

'Do you still want to continue?' Sasuke murmured into Naruto's ear, his hand sliding up and down Naruto's stomach, teasing the soft blond hairs right above his crotch. Of course Naruto wanted this, but wouldn't it hurt? He still was recovering and his stitches did feel a little sore still. But with the way Sasuke was touching him, he couldn't say no. So he nodded slowly, his blue eyes blinking lazily as he stared up at the raven. 'Okay, then go lay on your side,' Sasuke said softly, pushing him up softly and turning him slightly. He then shifted closer until his erection was pressed against Naruto's butt cheeks, letting the blonde know what the position would be. 'This way you won't really have to move and you won't feel the recoil of my thrusts much. So just focus on the pleasure of it and when it hurts, please tell me.'

And with that said, Sasuke spread Naruto's ass cheeks and slowly started pushing in, a groan spilling from his lips. It had been so long since they last did this and they hadn't really done this a lot in the first place, so it still all felt so new and tight.

Naruto shivered, trying to keep his body as still as possible, but god did it feel good to be filled like this again. Of course it still stung, but he had been through far worse. Waking up after the surgery had been the worst. The morphine hadn't kicked in just yet. So he could handle this. As long as Sasuke would go slow and soft and make him feel wonderful.

One arm was pushed under Naruto's neck and the other wrapped around the blonde's waist, pulling him as close as possible as Sasuke slowly started to thrust in and out. The raven laid his head on top of Naruto's, their breathing evening out as they both relished in the feeling of the other. It may take a little longer when they moved so soft and slow, but the tingling feeling still spread through both of their bodies. This was not just having sex, this was really making love, or at least that is what Naruto thought of it. He was never treated this way before and he still liked it a little rough and hard sometimes, this was definitely a welcoming change. He just felt different. As if they really became on. That sounded way too sappy though.

Lips were pressed against his collarbone, kissing a path over Naruto's shoulder and neck and then stilling when a soft groan spilled from Sasuke's lips. His thrusts were shallow, keeping himself inside as deep as possible to not shake Naruto's body too much when he pulled out, but those walls kept clenching around him, making Naruto even tighter than he already was. It felt good and he wanted to move a little faster, but all in good time. He would keep Naruto by his side, so he planned on doing this a lot more. He could be patient and this still felt really good.

Blue eyes were closed and Naruto let out soft breaths, moans mixed in from time to time. He just felt so incredibly loved and he couldn't move, didn't want to move, afraid he would lose this. And then suddenly a hand was wrapped around his hardened length, pulling a breathy moan from his lips and making him flinch when his stomach hurt a little. But it just felt too good to stop doing this. And Sasuke's hand moved just as he thrust in, so it wasn't that bad. And he really wanted this, he wanted to come.

A tanned hand gripped the sheets tightly, his orgasm creeping closer and closer as Sasuke swiped his thumb over the head of his cock, teasing the underside is his hand slid down again. And then still his own hardened length deep inside of him, stretching him, filling him, massaging his walls in the best way possible. And it had been such a long time as well, so it wasn't strange he couldn't keep it in any longer. He just had to come, right now. With a choked out moan, his body thrusting up into Sasuke's hand he came, hissing when it caused his stomach to hurt again. But it didn't matter, his body felt amazing, tingling with the aftermath of his orgasm as he fell limp against the bed. Breathing heavily he laid there on the bed, surprised when Sasuke suddenly pulled out and leave the warmth of his body.

Turning around to face Sasuke, Naruto saw that his lover was now jerking himself off, his dark eyes roaming over the blonde's naked body. 'Why are you doing that?' Naruto questioned tiredly, snuggling close to Sasuke again.

'Because I didn't want you to hurt even more,' Sasuke replied plainly, a soft groan escaping his lips as he thrust up into his hand. But that wouldn't do for Naruto. Sasuke had made him come, so he would make the raven come as well. So he slid his hand down over Sasuke's stomach towards his goal, pushing the raven's hand away and taking over the task. A bit surprised Sasuke wanted to move away first, but slowly relaxed, gasping softly when Naruto squeezed his length. 'You don't have to do this,' he said softly, blinking his eyes lazily.

Naruto leaned over for a kiss, smiling against Sasuke's lips. 'But I want to.' And with that he claimed Sasuke's lips once more, feeling the raven respond passionately when Naruto moved his hand up and down a little rougher, picking up a steady pace. It wasn't long before Sasuke also came, groaning harshly as he spilled his cum all over his abdomen and Naruto's hand.

They stayed there in silence for a moment longer, just staring at each other as Sasuke tried to catch his breath. They had both felt the difference between this time and other times they ever had sex. Sasuke certainly had never felt like this before. Slowly a smile creeped up on his lips, making Naruto respond with an even brighter one.

'I'll be right back,' Sasuke suddenly said, jumping up out of bed and disappearing into the bathroom. Coming back with a wet washcloth, he cleaned up himself and after that also Naruto, making sure there wasn't anything left of their love making. It was time to finally rest and with the way Naruto kept closing his eyes, it wouldn't be long before he actually fell asleep.

Uncaring Sasuke threw the cloth to the side and crawled into bed again, throwing the sheets over both of them and tugging the already sleeping blonde close, his arms wrapping around him, his dark eyes drooping as well as sleep took over.

Naruto had no idea what time he wake up at, but he did know that Sasuke was already out of the bed and too much light was filtering through the curtains. Must be pretty late then… But he did feel a lot better this morning. Sasuke's matrass is so soft and it feels so nice… He snuggled in a little deeper, but figured he should really get out and see where Sasuke was. So slowly he crawled towards the edge of the bed, not feeling like to put more effort in it and stepped out. Searching through the room his eyes eventually fell on Sasuke's robe. That would be perfect since he didn't have his clothes here yet.

Climbing down the stairs the smell of food hit him pretty soon and quickly he made his way to the kitchen, seeing Sasuke behind the stove and stirring in a pan. No idea what he was making, but it smelled delicious and Naruto soon found himself standing right next to Sasuke, looking down into the pan. Bacon… Eggs… Sausages… Toasted bread… This looked pretty good.

'I wanted to bring you breakfast in bed, stupid,' Sasuke said, bumping him lightly with his hip.

Naruto just rolled his eyes and then wrapped his arms around Sasuke's waist, probably bothering him a lot while he was still cooking. 'Morning to you too, bastard,' he said sweetly, leaning up for a kiss once Sasuke looked over at him.

A soft smile formed on Sasuke's lips just for a second before he focused on stirring again. 'Go take a seat at the bar. Dinner will be finished soon.' He pointed towards it with his spatula, everything already plated out for Naruto as if he had been expected. Breakfast in bed my ass… 'Do you want coffee?' Sasuke then asked, turning off the pan and putting everything on the plate in front of Naruto. He really would have enough to last until dinner or something. Sasuke had seriously made way too much.

'Can't have coffee. It will upset my stomach. I can't have too much bacon either, but let's just forget about that for a moment,' Naruto said with a wink and Sasuke just rolled his eyes and placed Naruto's medication in front of him.

'Then at least make sure you take these. Tsunade said you need them. And you'll get milk,' Sasuke stated, placing the glass in front of him. He was certain Naruto would otherwise have forgotten about his pills, but he did need to take them. The surgery had done enough to his stomach and couldn't quite digest everything yet. This just made his stomach a little calmer and not have acid irritate the wound. It really wasn't the most pleasant thing.

Sitting down next to Naruto after he was done cleaning the kitchen and made everything tidy again, he started stealing food off the blonde's plate. It wasn't like Naruto could eat it all anyway and he was hungry as well. Bacon was much better for his stomach anyway and what about those fried tomatoes. Delicious…

Dark eyes moved over to Naruto's face, studying him for a minute and seeing the happy smile curling around his lips. At least he was very satisfied with what Sasuke had cooked for him. 'So where are your things exactly? I only have a few days off, so we need to get them today if we want to get you settled in before I have to get back to work,' Sasuke asked casually. He was exactly pretty curious since they hadn't talked about this yet. Never once had he wondered where Naruto was going to live if it hadn't been for him. He had always just thought Naruto would come home with him, but that couldn't have been the original plan.

Mouth filled with food Naruto looked up at Sasuke, blue eyes blinking at him in confusion. As if he had forgotten where his things were. 'Oh!' he called out, spitting half of what was inside his mouth out. 'It's at Gaara's place. I had my own apartment before, but obviously couldn't keep it as I was staying in the hospital, so Gaara agreed he would look after it and that I could stay with him once I got out.' He took another bite of food, taking his sweet time over eating it before he noticed the raised eyebrow. 'Yes, Gaara knew plans had changed,' he said with a roll of the eyes. 'Although he wasn't very happy with the fact that I moved in with you. But that doesn't matter. We can get my stuff from there and move it into your place. I don't have much furniture anyway, so it's mostly clothes and other things.'

This didn't sit right with Sasuke. Why wouldn't Gaara think it's okay for Naruto to move in with him? 'What are Gaara's objections?' he asked casually, taking another piece of bacon off Naruto's plate.

'I don't know. Something about how you didn't know me as well as he did and how he didn't trust you or something. I usually tune him out once he starts ranting over my life. He's quite protective.' It didn't seem to bother Naruto at all that Gaara was acting so strange. Maybe he would force Naruto to stay with him now that he had his stuff over there. Sasuke just wasn't comfortable with this whole situation and something told him that this wasn't going to end easy. Not when two personalities clashed over protecting Naruto.

Sasuke already had Naruto, so he didn't want to fight all over again.

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