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Sasuke had practically carried Naruto towards his apartment, the blonde being very drunk still. And the wandering tanned hands didn't help either. Somewhere along the way Sasuke's shirt had come off and he had no idea where it was right now, but he was cold. He stabbed the key into the keyhole and opened the door, grumbling under his breath over the loss of his shirt. Naruto better be worth this, because a drunk guy didn't always make the best lay.

Naruto immediately smashed Sasuke against the wall, starting to ravish his naked skin. Hands lingered all over him, trying to feel everything. He had never seen any guy this desperate to touch him, but Sasuke definitely liked it. He fisted the blonde locks, keeping Naruto as close as possible. The other hand went to a nice round ass, grabbing it tightly. This made Naruto moan, biting down on his pale naked chest. Oh, Sasuke really started liking this guy. Didn't matter how drunk Naruto was, he was still so responsive.

It didn't take them long to get to Sasuke's bedroom, the raven guiding Naruto through the hallway, towards his bedroom door. Sasuke was getting more assertive along the way, ripping pieces of clothing off Naruto and discarding them all over the floor. Of course Naruto wouldn't be out done, fumbling with Sasuke's zipper and yanking his pants down together with Sasuke's boxers. They were really needy by this point and just needed to feel each other's soft bare bodies.

Sasuke pushed Naruto down on the bed. His black eyes hovered all over the tanned skin and how the muscles moved beneath it. Naruto really was a handsome guy and Sasuke was really glad he had decided to take the blonde home.

'Are you just gonna stare or are you actually going to touch me too?' Naruto said seductively, biting his bottom lip and pushing his hips up towards Sasuke.

Now Sasuke certainly couldn't hold back anymore. He crawled on top of Naruto, his lips immediately latching onto Naruto's and starting to ravish his mouth. His tongue swept through the blonde's mouth, making Naruto moan softly. Tanned hands were all over his back, leaving scratch marks where his nails dug into his skin. Their erections brushed against each other, the friction causing Naruto to moan again and when Sasuke brought his own hand down to lift up Naruto's leg, the blonde even started shivering.

The other pale hand went between their bodies and gave Naruto's cock a few rough strokes, loving the noises it caused Naruto to make. He wouldn't last long like this, that was for sure. He leaned away from Naruto, trying to reach his nightstand, but the blonde wasn't making this very easy on him. Plump lips were sucking harshly on his neck and tanned hands were caressing every bit of skin it could reach. It took every bit of concentration to actually reach the nightstand and open the drawer so he could reach the lube.

When blue eyes fell on the tube, Naruto moaned again, spreading his legs so Sasuke could reach easily. The sight of Naruto spread like that right below Sasuke was just so enticing. With a groan Sasuke started kissing Naruto again, not wanting to let go. Without looking he spread the lube over three fingers and got them between Naruto's tanned legs. He put the lube to the side, using his now free hand to lift Naruto's hips up a little. While his tongue wrestled with Naruto's, one finger slowly breached the walls. Naruto was tight and Sasuke loved it. This at least meant that Naruto didn't just go home with anyone he laid his eyes on. Sasuke didn't like the slutty ones.

Another finger slipped in, it needing a little more force than the first one. Naruto groaned a little uncomfortable, but immediately started kissing Sasuke again, as if nothing was wrong. According to Sasuke there was nothing wrong anyway. The two fingers started making scissoring motions, stretching Naruto as best as he could.

Then the final finger entered. Naruto broke the kiss, hissing through gritted teeth until the finger was fully inserted. This shocked Sasuke a bit. Naruto wasn't a virgin right? Because that would definitely make this a lot less fun. His black eyes focused on Naruto's facial expressions while he moved the fingers in and out of the puckered hole. It took some time, but eventually Naruto relaxed and the fingers easily went in and out. Slowly he pulled them out and then stared at Naruto, unsure if he should really continue.

'Naruto, are you sure you want to continue this?' he asked, concern lingering in his voice.

Blue eyes snapped up to his face, something like anger hidden in them. Two legs were wrapped around Sasuke's waist, pulling him as close to the tanned body as possible. 'I want to do this, you want to do this, so we are going to do this,' Naruto said determined, nodding his head at his own words.

Sasuke smirked, liking Naruto's reaction. A strong guy this was… Sasuke's hands went to Naruto's waist, lifting the blonde up a little. He lined up his erection with Naruto's prepared hole and slowly started pushing in. The first ring of muscles was the toughest, but when he got passed that it all went fairly easy. He didn't stop pushing until he was fully sheathed and then just enjoyed the feeling of the walls squeezing around him. This way he gave Naruto some time to get used to his size and he would get used to Naruto's tightness.

Naruto was breathing heavily and when Sasuke looked down at him again, he could see that the blue eyes were closed shut. It still worried him, but when Naruto's eyes opened again, the blonde actually smiled. 'This doesn't feel so bad as I first thought it would,' Naruto said softly. Carefully the blonde moved his hips a little, pulling a groan from Sasuke's mouth.

'And I didn't think it would actually feel this good,' Sasuke responded, gasping when Naruto clamped down his walls again. This made the blonde chuckle and actually got Naruto moving as well. He pulled himself off Sasuke's cock and then thrust back down again. He looked a bit uncomfortable at first, but the way Sasuke looked on top of him made him continue what he was doing.

Sasuke didn't like the pace anymore at some point, wanting to go faster. Gradually he took over the thrusting from Naruto, steadying the blonde on the bed. He pulled out much further than Naruto had done and then slammed back in. It was all to find a certain spot inside of Naruto that would make this experience a lot more pleasurable for the blonde. After a few more thrusts he had finally found it. The blue eyes snapped open and Naruto's back bucked up from the bed. A loud moan escaped those plump lips and it was just pure music to Sasuke's ears. He really started to like this beautiful blonde guy.

He picked up a pace, thrusting in and out of Naruto. Moans dripped of those luscious lips and Sasuke couldn't help but kiss him again, drinking up all those sounds. Arms coiled around his neck, pulling Sasuke closer to Naruto's body.

Naruto threw his head back in delight, the blue eyes closed shut. The walls clamped down around Sasuke's cock again and he couldn't keep the groans in anymore. With every thrust he groaned now, loving how Naruto felt snuggled around him. 'You feel so good,' he murmured, thrusting in especially hard. Naruto could only moan back in response, but Sasuke knew the blonde felt the same way. This just felt amazing. He had never felt this good while having sex with someone.

A tanned hand reached between their bodies and Naruto started stroking his cock in time with Sasuke's thrusts. This could only mean one thing. Naruto was about to come. With a smirk on his face he slammed hard into Naruto with every thrust. Long loud moans were now leaving Naruto's lips, signaling he was really close now. Sasuke roughly started kissing Naruto again right when the blonde was about to come and muffled all the loud noises Naruto made. Cum splattered all over their stomachs, but Sasuke didn't stop moving. He wasn't done yet, but now that those walls seriously kept clamping down, he could feel his own orgasm building.

One hand went up to Naruto's short blond hair, grabbing it tightly. The other grabbed onto Naruto's hip, digging his fingers into the soft skin. He would definitely leave bruises, but he didn't care at this point. He groaned loudly, his own release spilling inside of Naruto.

Sasuke stayed on top of Naruto for a while, trying to catch his breath. Somehow their eyes had met at some point and Sasuke couldn't stop staring into those deep blue eyes. There was something about this guy that Sasuke really liked, but he couldn't point it out. 'You are really beautiful,' he heard himself whisper and those blue eyes widened at him.

Naruto never reacted and suddenly the mood got very uncomfortable. Sasuke got himself off Naruto and laid down beside him. His black eyes were staring at the ceiling, thinking about where he had gone wrong. He probably shouldn't have said that since they didn't even really know each other, but he just didn't want this to be a one night thing.

The weight shifted on the bed and suddenly Sasuke saw Naruto getting of the bed. Was he really just leaving right after they had sex? He wouldn't even stay the night? Maybe he should offer. 'You can spend the night here if you want,' he murmured, making Naruto stop dressing himself again.

'I have an appointment really early in the morning tomorrow and I don't want to wake you up,' Naruto said back plainly, every emotion out of his voice. Suddenly the blonde seemed like a whole other person and Sasuke didn't get why.

The black eyes went to the bed sheets for a moment, thinking this through. He really wanted Naruto to spend the night here. 'That's okay. I need to get to work tomorrow morning. I can even drive you to your appointment if you want to. Where is it?' He didn't want to sound too desperate, so this would be a good excuse, right? He could even spend more time with Naruto if he drove him there.

Naruto sighed, turning towards Sasuke and looking deep into his eyes. 'I need to go to the hospital.'

Sasuke's eyes widened. 'Why?' he asked confused. 'Is someone sick?'

Naruto fumbled with his fingers for a moment, staring down at them. 'Yeah, I'm sick. I have cancer and as of tomorrow I'll be admitted to the hospital.'

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto