A red light. Somehow they had come across many red lights. Lengthening their time together. Occasionally Sasuke looked to the side, watching Naruto's expressionless face. Apparently no one was taking him to the hospital at all and Sasuke didn't want him to go through all of this alone. Why wasn't his friend here? That guy named Gaara or something. Even if Sasuke was just a one night stand, he didn't want Naruto to go alone.

Naruto shifted a bit in his chair and Sasuke glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, sure the blonde was about to say something, anything. But it stayed silent and Sasuke sighed in defeat. He had hoped this wouldn't be so awkward.

His hand went up and put a stray lock of black hair behind his ear. Great, now he got fidgety as well. He had never cared about his hair before. He could already see the tall building and the huge parking lot right next to it. It was always so busy there. How many people could really be hurt or sick in this city?

Sasuke wasn't sure if he should just drop Naruto off at the front door or actually park the car and get him inside. He felt like he should come inside with Naruto. Black eyes glanced to the side again as he pulled up onto the parking lot. Would Naruto comment on it? The blue eyes narrowed a bit in confusion, but the blonde didn't say anything. He found a spot somewhere way in the back since the lot was pretty full. It would take them a few minutes before they were actually inside.

The car was turned off and Sasuke took his time gathering his stuff. He could feel Naruto's eyes burning on the side of his face, but he didn't dare look back. He turned to open the door and that was when Naruto spoke up. 'What are you doing?'

Sasuke was frozen in place, his hand still on the lever. 'Taking you to the hospital,' he murmured, trying to sound like he was only stating a fact and not how certain feelings might have gotten in the way. He still didn't turn, but he did sit back in his chair, glancing through the windshield. He could see cars driving by just outside of the parking lot.

'Well, you got me here, so why not let me get out and leave. As you said you were only taking me to the hospital. I can take it from here.' Sasuke then did look back at Naruto and was only met with an empty look on the blonde's face.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and shot Naruto a challenging look. 'Then who will meet you once you are inside. If you are in a hospital bed, who will arrange the rest?'

Naruto narrowed his eyes at Sasuke, really not pleased with the way he was spoken to. But he didn't have a good comeback. 'Fine, you can come in.' Quickly he threw the door open and slammed it closed, stalking towards the hospital. Sasuke had to get out fast and run to catch up with Naruto. Suddenly he was in such a hurry.

The doors slid open before them and Naruto just kept on walking, already knowing where he was headed. He got in the elevator and waited for Sasuke to step in, his foot impatiently tapping on the floor. He pressed a button and the elevator doors closed. Sasuke noted that they had to go up many floors and this meant a lot of stops along the way. Every floor they passed by someone had to either get in or get out. Eventually it got so crowded that Naruto's back was pressed against Sasuke's chest and he could feel a shiver run down his spine. He had really enjoyed last night and only the feeling of Sasuke's body brought the memories back. Maybe it wasn't so bad that Sasuke went up with him.

The elevator emptied again and eventually they got to their floor, only them getting out. Sasuke had no idea where to go from there, but Naruto saved him by taking his hand and guiding him through the long hallway. Somewhere along the way they stumbled upon a reception and a young nurse greeted them.

'Naruto, glad you finally made it. And I see you brought someone as well. Was about time you didn't come here alone anymore,' she said with a smile. She was now staring at Sasuke and he could see this gleam in her eye that meant nothing good.

The blonde rolled his eyes at the nurse. 'Sakura, stop staring at him. You are creeping him out. Anyway this is Sasuke. Sasuke, this is Sakura.' He pointed at both of them and reluctantly Sasuke shook the woman's hand. She was still staring at him and Naruto was right, it did creep him out.

A giggle erupted from her mouth as if to appear cute. A bit afraid Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand and held it tightly. Sakura then got the hint. The hottie wasn't straight… 'Okay, Naruto. Your room is all set. You'll share your room with one other person. He has been here for a while already and he is really nice, so I'm sure you two will get along. Just keep on walking. Your room number is 1307.' She handed him his blue hospital gown which was opened in the back. 'Get this on and the doctor will be with you shortly.' Sakura turned back to her papers, suddenly really busy with work.

With another roll of his eyes Naruto started pulling Sasuke towards his room. Sakura could be so desperate when it came to men. And Naruto really didn't like how she was ogling Sasuke. The raven was here for him, so why would he even be interested in her? Women could be so stupid.

He was pulling a bit too hard on Sasuke's hand, so eventually the raven needed to complain. 'Are you in a hurry to get to your room and get that ugly gown on?'

Naruto blinked up at him. 'Oh, sorry,' he said, rubbing the back of his head with his hand and a slight blush adorning his cheeks. 'I'm just a little nervous I guess.' He was lying. He wasn't even thinking about what was about to happen. He was just jealous of the way Sakura was looking at Sasuke, the guy that was just a one night stand which he couldn't get rid of.

Sasuke was unsure of how to respond back to that. Of course Naruto was nervous, but he didn't even really know what was going on. Okay, so he had cancer. What kind of cancer? Was it curable? Had it spread already? Maybe Sasuke was even a little nervous about it all. He just nodded in response, giving Naruto's hand a squeeze.

The room got closer and closer and Naruto got this feeling that he really didn't want to be here. He felt like running away now, because when he stepped into that room, it would all be so real. He would really be the cancer kid. Outside he could at least pretend he wasn't sick. Just when Sasuke was about to open the door, Naruto stopped him, the blue eyes widened a bit as he stared up at the raven. 'Will you kiss me one last time? I'm sure you won't want to kiss me once the chemo kicks in and you'll probably be gone by then as well, so I would really appreciate it.' A soft pink dusted his cheeks again and shyly he looked down, waiting for Sasuke to respond.

It was not a question Sasuke had expected and he knew he had been quiet for way too long. There was only one thing he could really do now as a response. So he slowly lifted Naruto's chin up, forcing Naruto to look him in the eye. His own eyes turned half lidded as he leaned down and captured Naruto's lips in a soft kiss. He could feel the lips responding to the kiss immediately, encouraging him to do more.

Teasingly his tongue slid over Naruto's bottom lip and as soon as the blonde opened his mouth, he plunged it in, deepening the kiss. He could feel a moan vibrating through his body. Naruto apparently really liked the kiss which made Sasuke smirk. He started massaging Naruto's tongue with his own and he then remembered how Naruto had caught his attention by actually kissing him. It had been all worth it. Then he kind of lost himself in the kiss, pressing Naruto against the wall, his hips flush against the blonde's. A hand slowly descended down to give Naruto's ass a squeeze and that was when a chuckle left the other.

'You do remember we are in a hallway of the hospital and a doctor could be showing up any minute, right?' Naruto said teasingly and only that made Sasuke really stop trying to kiss Naruto.

His dark eyes looked back into blue ones and he let the words settle in. 'Oh, right. Sorry,' he stammered, taking a step back to give Naruto some space.

Naruto smiled up at him and grabbed him by the front of his shirt. He pulled Sasuke in for another quick kiss. 'I'm kind of glad you are here with me now,' he said softly. He kept Sasuke close this time, not wanting him to step back. He was actually really really glad Sasuke was still here. It felt less lonely and somehow he really liked Sasuke's company.

Sasuke wanted to say something back, but he wasn't sure how to start this. He just kept staring into those bright blue eyes. Sasuke just wasn't good with words. He never really knew what to say in moments like this and most of the times when he did say something, he would only hurt others. Sometimes it was just best to keep your mouth shut. But he could see that Naruto wanted an answer. The smile faded from his face and the bright blue eyes slowly started looking down.

'I'll visit you as many times as you want me to,' he blurted out.

Blue eyes widened a bit as Naruto looked up again and then a teasing crooked smile formed on his lips. 'You know I will keep you to that promise,' he responded, poking Sasuke against his chest.

Sasuke wanted to respond in a way, but was interrupted by a woman coming their way. 'Naruto, are you still not ready. Get in that room and change your outfit right now!' the woman called out and hurriedly Naruto dragged Sasuke into the room. While mumbling something like 'yes, lady Tsunade. Right away, lady Tsunade.'

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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