Two bodies stumbled into the hospital room due to Naruto being a little too enthusiastic to pull them inside. Naruto was the one actually falling to the floor, but Sasuke remained standing up. It took a lot of effort, but it was not an Uchiha thing to just fall forward and smack your face on the floor. He straightened out his clothes and then extended a hand to help Naruto up, who was glaring at him for some reason.

'Well, thank you for catching me,' he said accusingly and Sasuke only raised an eyebrow in response. But Naruto wasn't really done and started mumbling stuff under his breath. Of course Sasuke heard everything clearly as he tried hoisting the boy back up. 'If you are really interested you would have fallen before me and caught me mid fall, but instead an arrogant look is of course much better and makes me feel very loved.'

Immediately Sasuke let go of Naruto's hand, not wanting to help the blonde up anymore. 'You would not have fallen down if you had looked where you were going, but instead you decided it would be smart to pull us into this room and almost throw the guy, who you want to keep visiting you, to the floor. I must say that makes me keen on visiting indeed.'

A rough laugh resonates through the room, almost sounding like a dog bark, and the source seems to be right in the corner of the room. Sasuke's eyes shoot up and fall on a tanned looking male with dark eyes and a toothy smile. This must be Naruto's roommate. Another laugh erupts from him as Naruto pulls Sasuke down to the floor without warning.

'You two look like an old married couple with the way you are bickering!' the guy roared with laughter. He was clutching his side as if he was in pain, but he couldn't stop laughing and it made Sasuke feel slightly uncomfortable. Naruto on the other hand started laughing along, suddenly seeing the funny part in it all. 'Right, Akamaru?' he then proceeded and suddenly a big white dog jumped out from under the hospital bed and barked right in Sasuke's face.

What the hell was happening here? 'Why is there a dog trying to lick my face?' Sasuke hissed, trying to avoid the white dog's tongue as much as possible, but still getting a long lick right over his nose.

Both Naruto and the other guy cracked up at this and this definitely did not sit well with Sasuke at all. The two were already bonding over his misfortune. Who was this guy anyway?

'Dude, your boyfriend really needs to lighten up!' Black and blue eyes snap up at him and the mood turns quite uncomfortable. Naruto stars fumbling with the clothes he was supposed to be wearing by now, the pretty gown and Sasuke's eyes look anywhere but the new guy or Naruto. Boyfriends? That was a little too quick. They barely knew each other, although he didn't want Naruto dating anyone else.

'Uh, he is not my boyfriend,' Naruto eventually says, pink dusting his cheeks.

This is the moment where Sasuke dares to look at the other guy and a knowing glint seems to be in his eyes. Sasuke doesn't like it at all. 'Oh, no sweat. We can go on a date instead,' the guy says teasingly and Naruto starts blushing even more, but a small smile finds his face as well. 'Although we do have to do the date here, because I can't leave the hospital anymore. But I promise you, you will have a great time!'

Naruto chuckles softly and then raises his thumb up and points at Sasuke. 'Nah, let's give this guy a chance first. If that doesn't work out I will gladly go on that date with you.' He ends it with a wink.

Sasuke just decided he really does not like this guy and if he doesn't watch his back, Naruto would be out of his reach in no time. This guy was going to spend so much more time with Naruto than Sasuke could. They were roommates for god's sake. How could he even compete with that?! This only meant he really needed to visit every day. All the time off he had, would be used to visit Naruto.

'Suit yourself, man. You have no idea what you are missing out on.' A smirk adorns the guy's face and this just makes Sasuke want to punch him in the face. How could this guy be so arrogant and he wasn't even that good looking.

The blonde shakes his head, still chuckling softly and then walks over to the guy. Why was he even going over to him? Naruto should stay by Sasuke's side and not talk to the guy anymore. Black eyes turned to slits as he glared at the pair. Naruto extends his hand and the guy takes it with that smirk still present on his face. 'Hey, I'm Naruto and I guess we will be roommates from now on.' Naruto then turns around and points at Sasuke, his smile somehow turning to something sweeter and it makes Sasuke's heart skip a beat. 'And that handsome man over there is Sasuke and I wish deep down he had not shown up in my life at this moment, but I am very glad he did.'

No words are spoken for a few minutes and Sasuke can feel his cheeks heat up. Did Naruto really just say that? He couldn't react to that, but somehow it did feel nice. At least he was wanted and Sasuke did want to stay still.

The smile had disappeared off the tanned man's face and he was staring at the sheets covering his legs. 'Yeah, I get that. It's nice to have someone close to you at these moments. That's why I have Akamaru here.' The dog immediately begins to bark, making Sasuke jump up and give it one of his famous glares. 'And I am Kiba by the way. Long cancer,' he simply states and Sasuke's eyes widen a bit.

'Stomach cancer,' Naruto then responds as if it was the most normal thing to say and Sasuke's eyes widen even further. He hadn't even known that yet and he just simply tells this new guy they just met.

There wasn't really any time to react, because then the woman, apparently called Tsunade, decided to step inside and stir things up a bit. She was looking at a chart in her hand and then glanced up first at Sasuke who was standing by the bed Naruto was supposed to be in and then shot an angry look into the corner where Kiba's bed was and Naruto was standing as well.

'Didn't I tell you to get changed, Naruto? Now hurry up before I do it myself,' the woman calls out angrily and quickly Naruto scrambles towards his bed and closes the paper curtain, giving himself enough privacy to get changed.

Sasuke remained standing right outside of it, getting quite uncomfortable, but Tsunade doesn't even give him a second glance, immediately focusing on Kiba and making small talk with him while she writes some stuff down in probably his chart. Suddenly a hand shoots out from behind the curtain and Sasuke gets yanked inside, coming eye to eye with Naruto.

The blonde gives him a quick kiss and smiles up at him, sliding a hand over Sasuke's pale face. 'Sorry Kiba flirted like that. I didn't want to tell him off since I will be rooming with him, but I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I really do like you and I hope this doesn't make you not want to come anymore,' Naruto ends softly, keeping hold off Sasuke's collar now just to keep him right there behind the curtain with him.

'Like I would let a cute little blonde like yourself get away with a dog like him,' Sasuke responds teasingly, letting his hands slide over Naruto's ass. 'And let's get you out of these clothes now, shall we?' A giggle erupts from Naruto's throat as Sasuke slowly starts undressing the blonde, letting his hands linger in places longer than they should.

'Naruto, are you in that gown yet?!' Tsunade suddenly yells again and that certainly sped things up. In mere seconds Naruto was out of his normal clothes and in that gorgeous blue paper sheet thing. At least Sasuke got a nice glimpse of Naruto's ass when the blonde climbed into his bed.

As soon as Naruto sat down, the curtain slid open and Tsunade stepped in, flipping through some papers on her chart. 'Alright, I have some private questions for you, so can your boyfriend step out now.' They both didn't respond, also not to the boyfriend part, and Sasuke stepped out without a fight. The curtain was closed again and Sasuke now felt like he was alone with the weird dog and its owner. Great.

Sasuke kept his back turned towards Kiba, not interested in talking to him at all. The guy had flirted with Naruto and that was enough to make Sasuke not like him at all. They may not be boyfriends, but he could've seen they were interested in each other. He should just have backed out and shut up. Play with his dog or something. Why was that thing here anyway?

'You better be ready for everything that is about to come, because what Naruto will be going through as of today won't be sunshine and rainbows,' Kiba suddenly spoke up and Sasuke felt his eyes narrow. How dare the guy talk to him like that? As if Sasuke didn't know this would be a hard time. 'I can tell the guy really likes you,' Kiba continues, not waiting for Sasuke to respond. 'And we all need someone during these times. I have Akamaru and I am grateful that Tsunade let him stay here with me, but sometimes I wished I had a person to share these moments with. You really need to be ready or otherwise get the hell out of here right now.'

Sasuke then turned, raising an eyebrow at Kiba. The dog boy seemed sad and angry, but mostly frustrated. He had been alone through all of this most of the time it seemed. 'Where's your family?'

A chuckle ripples off Kiba's lips. 'It's not the same, man. My family stops by every week, but a lover is just something else. I don't know why, but it feels differently to the heart.' They both stay silent for a moment, deep in thought. Sasuke really doesn't want to leave Naruto's side, but Kiba's speech did make him feel funny. 'So I really do hope you decide to stay, because I can see you really like him as well.'

Some weird screeches come from behind the curtain and Naruto starts talking about something that is cold and shouldn't be felt in places like that. Kind of a strange moment to break the silence between Sasuke and Kiba, but it did in a certain way.

Sasuke sat down in the chair beside Kiba's bed and thought for a moment longer, before opening his mouth to say something. 'If times get rough is it okay if I come to you for advice? You've been going through this far longer than I have.' Somehow it felt right to ask and Kiba did seem to care about his and Naruto's relationship, wherever that even stood right now. This didn't mean Sasuke really liked the guy since he still flirted with the guy he liked, but at least he had something to share with that knew what this was like. He just needed the support.

The curtain slid open again and Tsunade stepped out, not even giving them a second glance before leaving the room. Naruto smiled at them both and raised his eyebrows at Sasuke in a question.

'Sure, he is worth it and I think you are worth it as well, so if this is what will make you stay than you can talk about whatever you want and ask whatever you want.'

The both kept staring at Naruto, not returning the smile at all and then all three of them realised how tough this will be for all of them.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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