Well, since there was only one review that answered my question and I thought since it was Sasuke's birthday this week, I put in a short lemon. At the end there is a bit of interesting plot though, so I hope that makes up for something :)

Enjoy the bit of sexiness and also dirty talking.


Curtains were closed again and soft pleased noises could be heard from behind them. How he had gotten himself in this position again? Well, Sasuke just walked in and noticed that Kiba's bed was empty, probably gone for chemo or some other testing, so Naruto was alone and there was this gleam in his eyes that said he was up to something. Of course Sasuke had been suspicious and slowly walked over to Naruto, who conveniently was out of bed, standing just beside the curtain.

As soon as Sasuke was next to him, Naruto pushed him on the bed and quickly closed the curtain and after spending some time kissing and touching and whatever else you could imagine, they were now naked under the thin sheet, Sasuke on top of Naruto. Lips of course still attached to each other, but add three fingers buried deep inside of Naruto, stretching him as best as he could.

This was definitely something that Sasuke normally wouldn't do. He didn't find anything appealing to the thought of being caught. But there was just something about Naruto that made him do these things. He rather did have sex with the blonde and have the possibility to be caught than refuse and go without sex for a long time. And god, he had also found out that Naruto was great at giving blowjobs, expertly having his lips slide down his erection.

It wouldn't be long before they certainly couldn't do anything like this anymore, Naruto too tired due to the chemo, so they made the best of it. They would be alone for about an hour and a half Naruto guessed, so they took their time, Sasuke still slowly pumping his fingers in and out of Naruto, teasing the bundle of nerves lightly. At this point Naruto was already a moaning mess, begging for more, begging to be filled up by something bigger. But Sasuke stopped the words from leaving Naruto's lips, claiming them with his own and smirking at the thought of Naruto wanting him this badly.

Hips were thrusting down, forcing the three fingers deeper inside Naruto's body, brushing the prostate a little more effectively. A loud moan left the blonde's lips and hungrily Sasuke drank it all up. The lovely sounds and begging words.

It wasn't long until the raven couldn't hold back anymore. Carefully he pulled his fingers back and out of Naruto, lifting the blonde's legs up and automatically Naruto wrapped them around Sasuke's waist, a needy moan leaving his lips as he anticipated on what was about to come. Sasuke aligned his cock with Naruto's quivering hole, it begging to be filled as soon as possible and slowly Sasuke started pushing in the head.

Naruto was so tight around him and a low groan escaped his lips when the walls started squeezing around him, trying to get a feel of what was intruding him. It took him some time before Sasuke was completely in, the tightness preventing him from easily sliding in and the experience just felt amazing as well. If this was what Naruto would feel like every time, then he would definitely want to do this a lot more and also for a very long time. Too bad he would have to wait for a while now, but it would definitely be worth it.

He had kept still too long and Naruto was moving his hips down, pushing him to move as the soft plump lips were kissing all along the pale skin of Sasuke's neck. With another soft groan he started to move, sliding almost completely out and then thrusting back in, setting in a slow pace to have them both get used to the feeling again.

With every thrust Sasuke delivered he could feel Naruto's hole sucking him in further, wanting to be touched more and at a certain spot. It was always hard to find this way, but he would do his best, angling his pushes as best as he could. He also quickened his pace a little, making their breathing become more rapid and Naruto's hands clawing lightly on Sasuke's back, soft moans mingling in.

Teeth nibbling at the soft skin of his neck and then a rough suck let Sasuke know he was marked, claimed by the lovely blonde below him. Oh, how hot Naruto really was. And then those walls clamped down again, making Naruto even tighter than he already was. Naruto knew exactly what to do to drive him crazy. Another groan left Sasuke's lips as he started slamming in, wanting to reach as deep as possible.

And then he heard that lovely loud moan, drawn out until Naruto had to breathe again. He had found the spot he was looking for. With that he aimed every hard delivered thrust at that spot, abusing Naruto's prostate as much as he could just to hear that lovely sound more and more.

Naruto threw his head back, lips parted to let out sound after sound, opening his legs as far as possible to create more room. Sasuke could see Naruto lose control over his body, the eyes fluttering shut and drool slowly dribbling out of the corner of his mouth. And then at the tightening of the muscles Sasuke noticed Naruto wouldn't be long anymore, so he reached between their bodies and grabbed Naruto's erection and as soon as he started stroking it, the head trashing started, moving from left to right.

Walls clamped down around Sasuke's cock, keeping him still like a vice and then a loud moan, almost scream, left Naruto's lips as the blonde came over Sasuke's hand and his own abdomen. It took some time before the blonde came down from his high and the raven made sure he would keep completely still until Naruto did. And then slowly arms were wrapped around his neck and he was pulled down for a kiss, signalling Sasuke could move again. He hadn't come yet and he wasn't about to just stop.

Sasuke set a pace that felt the best for him, not too fast and not too slow. And then suddenly Naruto's lips were right next to his ear, his hot breath teasing the soft skin. Then the murmuring started and god, those words drove him crazy. Where did this Naruto come from?

'Once I get out of the hospital we will be doing this a lot more,' Naruto began, just a nice promise, but then it got better. 'Because you have no idea how high my libido really is. I need to have sex at least once a day and just the thought of your cock buried deep inside of me would get me hard again.' A shiver ran down Sasuke's spine at the thought, his thrusts becoming a little more erratic. But then it got good. Naruto was excellent at this dirty talking.

'But don't worry, I will make sure you will crave me every day. I would dress up for you in the nicest outfits and buy toys that we could use in varies ways. And what about tying me up?' That was it. Sasuke couldn't go any further now. Those thoughts running through his mind.

He was already picturing Naruto in a nurse outfit, taking care of him instead and then the treatment he needed was sex. Yes, a bad porn movie idea, but would it work. 'F-fuck, Naruto-o,' Sasuke groaned out, slamming in his cock a bit more rapidly. Or what about having Naruto tied to the bed, blindfolded as well, and then Sasuke could tease him as much as he pleased and then eventually just slide into that tight hole again.

'But you know what I want to do the most with you?' Oh, god, yes Sasuke wanted to know badly. 'Make a movie and then watch it over and over again just so I can perfectly see how you fuck me hard.'

And then Sasuke came and he was loud, which he never was. He didn't even like the idea of being filmed while he had sex, but it did the trick. Just the thought of watching himself fucking Naruto was a dream come true. How could he be so much more adventurous with Naruto? He was never one to experiment, but now he definitely was.

Riding out his orgasm he stared deep into those blue orbs, them holding some sort of knowing glint. Naruto knew exactly how to pull him over the line. Even if the blonde looked so innocent, he knew exactly what he wanted and when he wanted it.

Slowly he pulled out his softening cock, hissing lightly when Naruto teasingly squeezed his walls down again. Such a bastard he was. With a soft sigh Sasuke laid his head on Naruto's chest, his breathing slowly calming down again. 'You are really the biggest pervert I have ever met,' Sasuke murmured and he could hear the tired chuckle leaving Naruto's lips. Yeah, he agreed.

'At least it will never get boring with me and I am not lying. I do like that stuff you know, so you better know what you're getting yourself into,' Naruto teased, a smirk on his lips as he softly stroked through the soft raven locks.

Well, that made Sasuke's heart flutter. So they were actually going to do all those things and the more surprising part, he didn't mind at all. 'I am looking forward to it,' he said softly and then got off Naruto, lying down next to him as he pulled the blonde close again.

They just stayed there in a comfortable silence and Sasuke could feel his eyelids getting heavier and heavier, but he would have to leave soon. Why couldn't he just spend the night? It was even Sunday tomorrow, so no need to hurry home. But Naruto would be checked upon again and then Sasuke would be in the way. It was all just so annoying…

And then suddenly the door flipped open, signalling Kiba was back. Both held their breath, waiting for the comments the brunette would make about their session. It definitely smelled like sex here and the closed curtains should say enough as well. But they never came. Not even when they heard the other bed dip under Kiba's weight and settling under the blankets. Why was the dog lover so silent? And then Sasuke also realised that Akamaru hadn't been around for a few days already. What was going on with Kiba? Maybe he should have a talk with the brunette tomorrow or something.

With the way Naruto shifted in Sasuke's arms and glanced over to wear Kiba would be lying through the curtain, he knew that the blonde found it strange as well. There was something that Kiba wasn't sharing with them and it bothered Sasuke. But he couldn't question him right now, being naked and all.

And then the door opened, silencing them anyway, because someone else was coming in as well. Apparently they came to check up on Kiba some more and as the clicking of the heels told them it was a woman, they started talking in hushed voices. They couldn't really make out what was being said, but the woman's voice sounded soothing and Kiba's voice quite… dead somehow.

Heels clicked towards them again, moving over to the door and then the woman spoke up to them. 'Naruto,' Tsunade said annoyed. 'I think I have told you many times before that you were not allowed to have sex in the hospital.' She fell silent for a moment as she stood still, right outside their curtain and Sasuke prayed she wouldn't come in. 'Don't let it happen again.'

'Yes, ma'am!' Naruto called out, resisting the urge of raising his hand against his forehead. 'Just needed to try it once, ma'am!'

A soft sigh was heard outside of the curtain. 'Stop joking around, Naruto. And if it does happen again, Sasuke won't be visiting you alone ever again.' The heels stared clicking again, leaving the threat hanging in the air. There was no way Sasuke wanted company every time he came here and then with his luck it would be the nurse that seemed to love their relationship. 'And visiting hours are over in ten minutes, Sasuke. So I suggest putting on some clothes.'

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