"Okay Rachel walk down stairs and I'll see you in a little while"

"Finn where are you going I thought we were going to watch a movie"

"Nope we are doing something much better but you need to do it by yourself but don't worry love I will see you very soon" he leaned down and kissed her lighting on the lips and he was gone.

Rachel walked down stairs wondering what on earth he was up to.

She walked over to the coffee table and saw an envelope that said "Rachel read me" she opened the note and saw Finn's hand writing Rachel you're now on a scavenger hunt for you boyfriend come find me. Your first clue is the place you love to snuggle up the most. Good luck. ~love your Finn.

God what was Finn up too she had no clue what all of this was. She was going to kill him if this was him just trying to be funny.

Rachel walked up the two flights up to Finn's Room that was for sure Rachel's favorite place to cuddle in his bed.

She walked into his room and it smelled like him she loved it she walked over to his bed and was happy to see she was right. She grabbed the envelope and laid in his bed for a moment and opened it. "Congrats baby you know this is my favorite place to lay too right here with you" Rachel had to admit that this was super cute she loved hand written things from Finn it made her feel so special. "So your next clue is where we really feel in love, where I really realized how we felt about each other. ~love your Finn"

Rachel thought about this most would have said the stage or the choir room but she knew Finn and both of those were wrong.

Rachel walked out of the Hudson-Hummel house hold and got into her car and drove to her house. She walked past the front door and into the back yard. This had to be it they spent the summer before 11th grade here stargazing as well as looking into each other's eyes and falling in love this had to be it.

She walked over to the patio to look for her envelope she saw it sitting on her table and grabbed it. "I loved falling in love with you here good thing your fathers were out of town for most of the summer because this became our place I loved every minute of it and hope to spend a night out here again someday. So this next clue may be a little difficult because I couldn't send you there. Here's your only clue 'take a chance on me' good luck ~love your Finn"

Rachel thought long and hard she knew when he said that to her it was in New York but where on earth would she find the letter that was leading her to her man.

She had to go to the bathroom so she walked into her room and set her phone on the bed and went to the bathroom. She walked out thinking more and more she was really confused on this one. She walked back outside to her car. Thinking of where to go.

Rachel got in her car and drove to the local gift shop and went to the post cards and looked through all the post cards that had to do with New York she came up empty handed she went to her pocket to get her phone to call Kurt to see if he had any ideas. That's when she realized she left it at home when she went to go to the bathroom. She left the shop and drove home. She wasn't getting angry but a little annoyed she just wanted her Finn.

She walked up the stairs and into her room and grabbed her phone and sat on her bed to try and think one more time what Finn could possibly be thinking off.

She was started to give up when her eyes were looking around and came across her New York license plate Finn had bought her while in the city. "Duh Rachel" she said allowed she was so close to the clue before. She knew Finn would probably laugh at her for over thinking the clue.

She walked over to the plate and sure enough there was a piece of paper behind it. She unfolded it and read what it said

"hey baby you were probably all flustered with this clue it probably took you some time to think why keep me waiting baby at this point I am missing you for sure because I can't be without contact for very long" Rachel smiled at her boyfriend's cuteness she felt the same way when they weren't together she was always texting him. "But good job babe you figured it out ;). So for this next clue think strikes and hugging and pizza oh and kissing especially kissing. Ask for Jared. Bye baby you're getting really close ~love your Finny"

Rachel didn't even need to think about this one she grabbed her keys and drove to the bowling alley. She parked her car and walked in when she was greeted by one of the workers that Finn was friends with at the alley.

"Hey Rachel"

"Hey Jared"

"Do you know anything about a note?"

"yes I do I have it right here" he said holding it in front of Rachel"

"Great thanks" she went to reach for the note but Jared pulled it back "Not so fast Finn has instructed me to not let you have it until you bowl a strike."

Rachel sighed "OF course Finn would make me do that" she said walking over to the lane that they always used grabbing her pink ball. This place had so many memories in its self. Rachel's favorite was when they went of their first bowling date and their kiss that they had shared. There were lots of other memories this was one of Finn's favorite places so of course it became Rachel's.

Rachel took the ball and tried to get a strike but failed she pouted all she wanted to do was see her boyfriend they had missed a lot of time together and she wanted to start getting that back.

It wasn't until the 7th try that Rachel finally got a strike she started jumping up and down much like she had when she had done with Finn on their first date.

Rachel walked over to where Jared was watching and he handed her the letter. Rachel was hoping that this one would lead her to her boyfriend

"congrats baby I hope you didn't take too long don't want to keep me waiting now do you so your next clue is the place where I really realized I wanted you back where I knew I was going to fight for you. Good luck and see you soon only one more until you get to see your man again. Love your Finn"

Rachel thought long and hard about this why Finn would send Rachel to the doctor's office. They have talked about this before. When she lost her voice Finn said he would fight for her make her pick him over Jesse. Rachel knew where Finn wanted to go she just wasn't really sure why.

Rachel drove in her car and to the office she went to the front desk "Hi my name is Rachel Berry and I believe my boyfriend left a note here for me"

"Aw so you're the famous Rachel. Your boyfriends request was an odd one but it was really cute he is quite the charmer a really keeper I would say" she said handing the beaming girl her letter.

"Yeah he really is" Rachel said opening her note knowing that her Finn was closer to her now.

She opened the letter

"Tricked you baby you have one more location but I promise then I will be yours. Here is your clue I'm forever yours….. Love your Finny

Rachel knew exactly where to go she raced to the cd store and went right to the journey cds where she found her last letter. This one was special it was more like a card you would get from the card store.

"Congrats baby for getting this far I'm so proud of you now this should be easy. Its where we feel in love danced sang our first kiss our first I love you. Come find me ~your Finny.

Rachel rushed into her car and raced to the school she ran into the doors and ran to the stage. There she saw her Finn in a suit he looked so adorable. "Finny" she ran and jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist "there's my number one boy"

"And there's my number one girl finally" he added in the last part cutely.

"Finn what is all this she saw a present with her name on it and a picnic set up much like the one she set up for them when they had their first kiss.

"Why don't you open this box and find out" he said handing her the box.

"Finn I didn't get anything for you"

"Its okay babe just open it"

Rachel didn't have to be told twice she tore off the paper like crazy she loved presents especially from Finn.

She opened the box that was underneath the paper and pulled out a hoodie it read NYU across the hoddie. Rachel looked at Finn "What is this I go to NYADA"

"Well why don't you look in the pocket for further details

"OKayyyy" Rachel said looking at Finn weirdly

Rachel reached into the pocked and found a typed letter she read it over and screamed and jumped into Finns arms you got in baby."

"Yes I am going to New York with you when you leave in a month"

"I am so fucking proud of you boyfriend"

"Good girlfriend. So is that shoebox apartment still in order"

"Of course always has been" she said looking into her eyes 'You know you can kiss me if you want to"

"I want to said Finn" closing the space between their lips much like they had 4 years ago only this time the kiss had a long future together one spent with one another. Both could say that they were 100 percent happy sure there would be fights to come but they would work them out together. They were in love after all.


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