Neferet stood with her back faced to the wall, her hand ran along the damp dripping wall and breathed in the scent of the old brick. She wore a long white robe that was stained with mud from the tunnels. Her hair flowed down her smooth back and she placed one hand on her hip and rubbed it down her thigh. I turned my lip up in disgust and hissed. Immediately, sensing my present she turned round, and ignoring my sneer she looked at me. Her gaze was so cold it frosted my eyes up and I couldn't blink.

"Would you like to explain to me what happened there, fledgling?"

I could feel my heart beating fast, I had to produce the right answers or she would sacrifice me

"Why did you miss the shot? Tell me how that is possible, did you lie about your gift?"

She was louder now, and my throat was drying up. Her piercing gaze was impossible to look away from. I couldn't see what the other fledglings saw in her.

"You wanted me to aim for her heart? You never specified." I retorted

"Oh, were being all witty now are we? How would you like it if I put that on your dog's grave?"

What was she getting at? She wanted to kill Sandy now? As if that was going to help her get what she wanted.

"I would have thought that you wanted the girl to die slowly, am I mistaken?"

"Then WHY is she not dead yet?"

"I would have thought you wanted her alive anyway, for a sacrifice"

She pursed her lips and turned away.

"I don't know whose side you're on, I could kill you with a thought right now, if I wanted to -"

"And -"

"I won't because it would be a waste of my breath."

I smiled, she didn't know what i was capable of, and thats always a good thing

"You're in love with Zoey and that will forever weaken you."

I closed my fists and clenched my jaw. How DARE she say her name, how DARE she! I closed my fingers around my bow. And all of a sudden he appeared. In all his white and evil aura, the white bull stood in front of me, snorting out of his nose.

"So it's true" I said, and stood up tall.

Then the ceiling came crashing down.