First fanfic ... Wish me luck... give me way to improve if you dont like it hope you do! :)

Hey my names Cammie Morgan... Well its Cameron but PLEASE do not call me that and I go to Gallagher academy it may look like a posh school for stuck up kids but its not I swear its actually a school for spies.

'Cammieee get up or ill...' Bex my room mate and best friend said I quickly woke up Bex is LETHAL well her real name is Rebecca but I recommend you don't call her that. I woke up and stumbled into the bathroom where I took a quick shower and I forgot my towel ... Some spy I am..

well my other room mate and friend Liz Sutton... Okay Elizabeth Sutton the worlds BEST hacker who can hack ANYTHING and I mean anything she's the nicest of my friends and the most clumsiest with her southern accent ...

then there's Macy McHenry... Yes the senators daughter my 3rd best friend and room mate and our living boy expert ;) and she is VERY deadly with make up after I got out of the shower I was attacked...

Yes I was attacked by my blood thirsty friends Bex and Liz attacking my hair and Macey my face when the finished The Torture that I have to go through every morning Macey gave me some clothes that I had to wear today... I hear you asking she's a spy and can't even get changes... Trust me I've tried and ended up in hospital No one comes between Macey and her clothes and her makeup so we were ready and started walking down to the dining hall.

When I walked in I could tell something was wrong Mr Solomon was not there and my mum looked a bit tense like she had a hard dilemma in her head. I ignored that and went to my usual space next to my room mates as soon as I sat down I heard Tina gossiping to the other girls about a brother school I didn't believe her but no harm in knowing more information right .
"Hey Tina what's this about 'a brother school'?" I asked.
She quickly swallowed her pancakes,
"Oh have you not heard apparently its called Blackthorne and is exactly like Gallagher but for boys" She quickly said in one breath.
*mental notes-Get Liz to research Blackthorne.*

Okay i know its short but come on its my first one anyway like it or dont revieewwww! Thankss LUV YA ! XX