Heyyy well here chapter 8

Cammies POV: We were talking in the dining hall when they boys walked in we were going to act all innocent about talking in Latin and pretend we didn't know it was them who did the Goo prank we wanted to see if they would admit it. And if they didn't it was WAR well if they admitted it it would still be war but you know... Liz's POV: I had a feeling Jonas was going to be the one to admit about the goo. So when he came and sat next to me I kept whining about 'some idiot putting goo in our room' he looked ashamed of himself I thought this is it he's going to admit it but NO he didn't. Jonas' POV: I felt so ashamed why did I help the boys poor Liz. I was going to admit we did it but I knew they boys would kill me then I don't know what to go. .. ... ... ... ... ... .. I've made up my mind I'm going to tell her it was us. Wish me luck. Bex's POV: Jonas and Liz went to talk this is it I thought Jonas is going to admit it. ... ... ... Liz is back he admitted It. The boys are DEAD they are not going to know what hit them when we finished... Well they are because there spies but you get the point. We were going to start of with a little prank and they will slowly get bigger *insert evil laughter* Cammies POV: This was the plan: 1. At night we were going to sneak into the boys room. 2. And then set the alarm so they wake up every hour. Its only little but trust me they were going to get much bigger. Time Skip- Night Time in the boys room Maceys POV: Just put 5 bugs near Nick the girls were doing similar to the other boys while Cammie got the Alarm clock and then in Liz's permanent marker so it would NEVER come of we wrote on all their mirrors 'NEVER MESS WITH THE GALLGHER GIRLS!' Take that boys haha Hahaha in your face boys. REVIEWW PLEASEE