Everyone knows the age-old battle between mother and child. They've all got their tricks. This is Susan's.

Eat Your Vegetables

"Broccoli? Ew!" Tim shoved the steaming pile of green and yellow to the edge of his plate, as far from his real food as he could get it.

"Honey, just try it. It's good, I promise!" Getting nowhere, Tim's mom tried a different tactic. "Broccoli and Cheese is your dad's favorite and you want to grow up to be big and strong like him, don't you?"

"If he likes it so much, why doesn't he eat it?" Tim pouted.

Exasperated, Tim's mother threw up her hands and returned to her own meal. It was always a fight with her son, and with so few victories under her belt, the situation seemed impossible. Yet again.

She continued to puzzle over the quandary as she enjoyed her own broccoli as visibly as possible. The soft, velvety cheese; the tender, tangy stems and sharp, flavorful blossoms. Such a simple dish and yet her tongue was rocking out in a laser show of flavors! If only Tim would just give new foods a chance, she knew he'd like them. But he turned up his nose at anything that wasn't Mac 'n' Cheese or pizza.

A low rumbling outside broke her from her reverie. Was her husband home? No, it wasn't even six thirty yet and Mark had already called to say seven was the earliest he could come home. Susan got up from the table and strode over to the window to see what the problem was.

A loud crash startled her as the wall leapt out and attacked! Large chunks of drywall and wood showered her and the dinner table. Tim shrieked. Instinct kicked in and she darted instantly for her little boy, checking him thoroughly for wounds and injuries. Next she turned back to the window. It was Superman! He was hovering in midair, five stories over the street below. In her wall she noticed an arm extricate itself from the twisted mess of wallpaper and drywall still hanging over the hole and someone in a metal suit jetted straight for Superman. Superman dodged in a flash and sped off, leading the battle far out of view.

Susan turned back to her son, too stunned for words, and noticed his eyes were as wide as saucers.

"Wow. That was Superman! How's he do that, mom?"

Just as she was about to answer, a lightbulb went off in her mind. A golden opportunity had just presented itself.

"Well, Tim, he's just like daddy. He eats his vegetables. Lots and lots of them."

Tim's eyes grew even wider and Susan smiled as her son turned his plate around and began gobbling up his cheesy broccoli like he hadn't eaten in days. That night, he ate both his vegetables and the rest of hers!