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Chapter Thirty Three:

The hoard of sweating bodies moved around her as though they were one pulsing, pounding, gyrating identity. All she had wanted to do was make her way to the bathroom than back to the bar without feeling the slick skin of another person sliding against hers but the Club that some of her work co-workers including Summer had brought her to wasn't made for that. It was made for physical contact and anonymity….something that wormed its way into Alex's mind.

She closed her eyes and tried to block it out as she got to the bar, trying to focus and be…normal. Normal…She was not normal here. The pulsing of the music was drilling into her and people that passed brushed and touched against her scarred skin. Chugging the beer down she finished the trek toward the group and put the empty bottle down on the bar. She couldn't hear the words coming out of her coworkers mouth though she knew they should have been audible. She couldn't focus on any one thing…all she kept seeing were strange things pushed into the normalcy of provocative dance moves: A hand wrapping around a throat, a body bent at a less than human angle, a flash of fire or steel.

She closed her eyes for a moment but it just made her nauseous to feel and hear the atmosphere without seeing it.

"Alex?" Summer asked. Alex opened her eyes to look at her before signaling for the bar tender while licking her dry lips. "Maybe you should lay off hon. You don't look so great."

Alex pulled out a few bills to pay her tab. "I gotta get out of here." Alex told her as the bar tender handed her back her change. His fingers brushed against hers feeling like a million pins sticking into her skin. She shoved the change into the tip jar before turning and saying a quick good night.

Stepping out into the night air she shivered as her slick skin was hit by the night. She took a deep breath before feeling herself shake. Her hands traveled to her arms neck and chest trying desperately to spastically swipe at the invisible hands and bodies she could feel grabbing at hers. Taking a deep breath she decided against the confines of a taxi and instead made her way down the vacant arteries of the city on foot.

Her mind wandered as she walked through the parks and streets to cross the urban terrain. She rubbed her hands over her face and tried to will herself not to sweat in the moist air. She didn't belong here…again. She hadn't since she gotten back from her captivity but she had tried to adjust back, not knowing where else she could be at peace. Now that she knew though it was even harder to push back. She needed to get out of here. Get away from the flashing flicking street lamps and roar of engines. Out Out Out Away.

Mac had only left one word describing the situation and hadn't called or texted since. The word 'Safe' inevitably meant 'end' now and she couldn't shake of the dissolute feeling that if she went back there would be no avoiding him. He didn't want her there than she couldn't go back, couldn't feel at home, couldn't feel safe or at peace.

Making her way up the steps to the apartment she took a deep shaky breath. Her heart hurt worse than her feet after the long walk. She opened the door, not bothering with her light and put her bad down on the floor in a daze before untying her hair and leaning back against the front door with her eyes closed.

"You're locks in this place are a fucking joke."

Her eyes snapped open and looked around the dark confines of the apartment until resting on a figure sitting on her sofa with his feet propped up on the coffee table. "Mac…" She whispered out in surprise. "What are you…how did you…" She stopped and licked her lips as her heart throbbed in her chest.

Mac pushed himself up off the sofa and stubbed his cigarette out in the ash tray. "That phone I got you has GP-" His words were cut off as Alex ran across the room and latched onto him, bringing his lips down to hers with a tug on the back of his head. His hands greedily grabbed at her back and hip pulling her in as his lips and tongue attacked hers punishingly. Tongues and teeth nibbling at each other they quickly started to gasp for breath against the other. "Its real…" He muttered, voice low and rough as his hands pawed at her skin viciously. He had thought she would come back after he said it was safe. When he hadn't he'd called the phone company saying that she had lost her phone and gotten them to tell him where it was. He didn't know what he expected when he had gotten here: call the cops, run away…something but not this.

"I don't care." Alex breathed across his lips. "I don't care if its real or not right now."

Mac grunted before slamming his lips back into hers as she yanked the camo jacket from his shoulders. He waisted no time ripping her shirt over her head and reconnecting to her panting lips, inhaling her into him as she tore at his shirt in desperation.

"Ali-" He growled out trying to keep himself from jerking under his pants. "I want-"

"I know what you want." Alex murmured as she grabbed the waist band of his pants and tugging him towards the bedroom.

Mac growl came from deep in his chest. Yeah, he definitely wanted that but he wanted her to come back with him too…those thoughts were getting farther and farther away as the scared skin of his fantasies came into view. His hands slid along the skin of her stomach and sides. The moment they passed the door he took a firm grip on her and pushed against her small body, wedging her in between him and the wall. Her breasts hitched with a quick breath against his chest as he forced a knee in between her thighs and nipped at her neck and shoulders.

"Mac…" Alex whined, her nerve endings on fire as his knee rubbed against her and under her skirt. Forcing her chin up, he brought his lips back to hers in a savage desperation as her small fingers gripped into his hair and tugged at it.

His hand snaked to his belt and pant buttons, yanking them open before pushing her panties to the side, unable to wait. He'd been faking other woman were her for over a month, remembering the feel of her skin and the clenching of her fingers on his skin.

He pushed into her fast and deliciously hard, his desperation evident as he growled against her lips. Alex felt her back hit the wall and arch as she clenched at his shoulders.

"You belong with me." His voice hissed before his lips and teeth buried into her neck.

Alex couldn't help but smile as she watched Mac's strong body flailing around the dark confines of the cave, grunting as he tore into the items and flipped over tables. He was panting by the end, body glistening with sweat and anger lighting his eyes as he rubbed his nose and looked at her standing by the cave wall.

He wouldn't do the same shit now that Walter and Devon were gone. Now that she was there and that they evened each other out with their mutual crazy. He didn't needed this place anymore, didn't want it…had never wanted it. It wasn't going to change who he was or what she was but being here calmed her and having her calmed him…at least a bit.

She had come back after he had gone to see her in Colorado. She needed this place like he needed to destroy this cave. The desert was unforgiving, non judgmental, what she needed in her soul. It was nothing and it made her calm. She was a photographer…she could do her job anywhere she said cause everything was either beautiful or sickly; both perfect for a lens she said. He didn't know if she would stay forever but right now the moment was enough.

Standing up by the old mattress Alex picked up one of the gas cans that they had brought with them. Pulling the cap she handed one over to him before taking one herself and yanking the cap off with her teeth when it wouldn't give right away. Together they started to pour the gas over the fallen tables and chairs, over all of the supplies.

Mac reached out and grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her lips over to him, the smell of spilled gasoline mixed with the taste of years worth of cigarettes deadly and explosive. His teeth latched onto her bottom lip as he pulled away slowly. "Go." He told her against the red flesh.

Alex licked her battered bottom lip, looking into his clear blue eyes before giving a little nod. "Take all the time you want." She murmured. She knew what he needed, what she'd been depraved of.

Mac gave her a stiff nod as she turned, picking up a new can and trailing a steady stream of liquid behind her as she made her way out of and threw the dark and rocky tunnels towards the light of the outside.

Mac ran both hands through his hair, his elbows over his head as he looked around the foul smelling room, pacing like a caged animal. Bringing a hand down he rubbed his lower lip and closed his eyes as a million voices, screaming and volatile moved through him. The images were even worse, made even worse by the constant existence of this place…the place that had changed and warped them all. He was going to get rid of it right now. There was a gorgeous woman waiting outside…for HIM. Someone so damaged that she needed him just as much as he was addicted to her. His asshole father and bastard brother were dead.

Picking up the last gas can hurled it as hard as he could against the wall.

Alex sat on the tail gate of his truck when he finally came out of the wide mouth of the cave, squinting his eyes up at the sun and shielding them with his hand for a brief moment. Alex pulled herself from the tailgate and stood but didn't move as his sure hard steps brought him past the last splash of gas. Turning his back to her he brought a box of matches out of his pocket and slowly lit one with a flick of his wrist.

The moment the flame touched the gas it shot through the line that Alex had left and disappeared in a flaming wall into the dark tunnel. Seconds later it burst up into a wild explosion that echoed through the canyon and burst out of the mouth. Alex turned her head as her hair flew from the force of burning air while Mac stayed focused forward, stepping back only after he knew that the fire had demolished everything.

Alex let herself move forward, resting her head on the outside of his biceps as they watched. She wished she could see her own torture chamber burn but watching his gave her a certain amount of catharsis. Slowly his hand covered the small of her back. "Never again Mac."

Mac nodded slowly, his hand moving to grip her. "Lets go home crazy."