June 16th , 2014.
Mount Justice

The Team, having just returned from a successful mission, were all in various position in front of the television.
Ever since Batman had returned to his duty – and the Justice League! - Nightwing had had plenty of time to adjust in his new role as leader of the team. They'd said goodbye to Kid Flash and Artemis and had focused on the training on some of the newer members. Batgirl had been included in the team, by Batmans orders. There had never been any doubt that she would be allowed to stay but she agreed that working with the other young heroes might be a nice break of the mean streets of Gotham from time to time.

They were enjoying the relaxation when Nightwings comelink went off. Not the League, or Team link. The Batlink. The others looked at him, Barbara (she'd outright refused to go by Batgirl when off duty) sat up from he half lying, half sleeping position, suddenly alert.
Nightwing answered, and for a few seconds nothing could be heard. Then Nightwing laughed. Loudly. "We'll come, give us a few minutes." He disconnected the comlink, standing up. "Sorry, gotta go to Gotham. Batgirl, you better follow." he told the team, before heading towards the zeta tubes.

"Was it Batman?" asked Connor, sounding every bit as confused as the two bats prepared to leave. His questions echoed that of the other team members. None of them could ever remember Batman calling about something fun.

"Yes. He's got a little situation in Gotham." Nightwing winked as Batgirl typed in the orders that would take them to their hometown.

"Some kid is trying to steal the tires of the Tumbler."

And that is that! I exchanged batmobile with the tumbler. I've always hated that word: batmobile, ugh! And did you get the last part, eh eh? Enter Jason Todd!

I hope you've enjoyed the story. Thank you all for your lovely reviews – I wouldn't have been able to finish this without your encouragement.

I'll take a break form the superhero writing for now as I'm flying around on top of a Sherlock / Hobbit / Tolkien cloud (Season three in a few days! Desolation of Smaug, OMG!).
I'm very proud of myself for finishing this story – my longest yet. But as much as I've loved writing it, just as much have I dreaded it. Dreading running out of ideas. Dreading not finishing it. So, I'll go back to oneshots for a while.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (jul as we call it Denmark – or english Yule.)
May 2014 be a new year full of adventures, new books and movies.
Happy New Year !