This Is Love

By: TheWildFool2011

(I do not own any of the characters, nor do I own the video game Persona 4.)

Chapter 1: You Froze Me Silent

Again and again, I ask myself 'What am I afraid of?'

I see you now, so different from then. Our high school days are gone. I have yet to fallen in love. Somehow, somehow…you've manage to capture my heart.

I've loved you since high school. But, I've put my job first, always first. Maybe to protect you? To have glory to the Shirogane name? Maybe, or maybe not…

I wish I could tell you,

How much you mean to me,

Forever my love,

Forever my pain…

If I cannot bypass this barrier, I fear I will die. From my fear of rejection? Or fear of society?

I wish I knew,

Guess I'm not really that 2000 IQ Kill-joy Detective,

Now am I? No….

But, I must say your beauty has struck me awe,

As your smile has frozen me with happiness,

But when you left it left me silent…

Naoto woke to the sound of her alarm going off. Just as she reached out to hit the button, she realized that she was going to be late.

12:00p.m? I'm gonna be late for our first meet up!

Yes, the investigation teams' first meet up in a quiet some time. When I first got the call from Kanji, I was very excited. Not only, do I get to see my good friends, but I get to see the one I love.

Naoto dressed in a pair of dress pants and shirt. Her pants were a dark blue color, with her shirt being snow white. Like always she threw on her favorite hat and a pendant, given to her by Rise during graduation.

Deciding to skip out on breakfast, she washed up and left in a hurry. Her butler looked over at her with a small smile, "Today is the day, hm?"

"Yes, yes it is Kearney. Keys?" Naoto said with a matching smile. Kearney gracefully tossed her the keys. "Thank you, good sir."

"As always master Shirogane-san." Kearney waved to her as she pulled off. Naoto fixed the rear-view mirror.

As she drove down the street she found herself sinking deeper and deeper into her darkest thoughts. She never really liked being alone, it was one of the main reason's she hired Kearney Matsumoto.

Matsumoto's family was well known to be the best butlers of all time. They were very well trusted and stayed loyal to those they served. Kearney lived up to this since the very day he was hired.

Naoto felt as if she could practically tell Matsumoto everything. He was very trust worthy, even though he was a bit young. He was about twenty-seven when he was hired, and was determined to do his best for Shirogane.

'Well hopefully, I'm not late.' Naoto twisted the car wheel to the left. Pulling into the Samegawa Plains parking lot, she spotted Yosuke along with Chie, Yukiko and the others.

Teddie jumped up from bench he was sitting at. He ran full speed towards Naoto as she exited her. He hooked both arms around her neck, "Nao-chan! It's so nice to see you! I blame Yosuke for not letting me visit…"

"Shut up Ted, you took too many days off, spending them all with Nanako-chan. Not my fault your dumbass had to work hard." Yosuke shifted all his weight to his left foot, with his arms crossed.

Rise waved at the small detective. Naoto in response waved back quickly without a smile. She formally greeted all of her comrades. "So, Kanji-kun told me that we would be heading somewhere?"

"Oh yeah!" Seta pulled out an invitation to a famous resort. "We, thanks to my Uncle, are going to Yakushima." The others eagerly grabbed the slip of paper. Yosuke grinned widely, "Partner….your uncle is AMAZING. A freakin' vacation! To Yakushima?! I feel a top of the world!"

"Yeah! This is gonna be awesome! Eh…what's a Y-yaku? Yakushima?" Teddie asked with a puzzled look. Kanji threw his fist in the air, "Hell to the god damn yeah! I've always wanted to go to this place!"

"I've heard that Yakushima has the most luxurious hotels, pools, restuaraunts and many other things. This for sure will be the most memorable trip we've taken together." Yukiko gleamed happily as she read through the resort slip.

Naoto looked through the resort slip, "Seems…interesting enough." Rise walked over to her and pointed out a few things, "I think these might interest you more Naoto-kun. Plus they fit you great!"

Naoto chuckled slightly, "Yes. True this things may interest me." As everyone conversed with each other, Seta pulled out the tickets and stepped to the side.

Everyone looked over at him quickly taking the tickets. None of them seemed to notice that Seta had another guest with them.

He calmly cleared his throat to gather everyone's attention. This seemed to have not been such a good move on his end as the others ignored him. He only chuckled slightly, "Guess I'll have to figure out how to get you smuggled on board the ship, eh fox?"

The fox yipped happily as she laid down next to Seta's legs. "Ahem, if I could please have everyone's attention!" Seta raised his hand. His attempt to grab at least one of his friends' attention was a slight fail. He sighed to himself.

A quick tap on his shoulder caused him to jolt up. There Naoto stood next to him as prompt as ever. She bowed politely, "I'll be sure to thank your Uncle formally."

"It's okay Naoto no need to be so formal." Seta rubbed the back of his neck. He looked back at the others, "It's like they opened a Christmas present…I'm glad to see you all happy."

Naoto smiled sadly, "Yeah…me too…"

Something was continuously nagging at Naoto, telling her to look down. Finally giving in to her senses, she stole a quick glance at Seta's legs. "Well, well, well….would you look at this."

The others finally dropped the excitement of the trip and looked at Seta and Naoto. All together their gazes dropped to the ground, where a happy fox with a red neck apron resided.

"Hey, is that the thing from the shrine?" Kanji asked with no care in the world. Chie punched him in his arm, "Can't you be nicer?! That 'thing' is the sweet fox that helped up during Inaba's Murders…"

Yosuke watched a slightly pained Kanji rub his arm. He snickered slightly, 'Glad that wasn't me.' Kanji glared at him, "Whatcha lookin' at eh? Want an ass whoppin'?!"

Before Kanji could lift a finger, both boys were interrupted by Rise. She pulled both their ears, "Will you boys chill for a second? You're finally seeing each other for the first time in like forever, geez."

"I didn't do anything though!" Yosuke exclaimed in hopes that Rise would let go. Kanji only winced and muttered curse words. Teddie walked over to Yosuke, "Tsk, tsk Yosuke. You've been a bear-y bad boy."

"You dumb-!" Rise pulled on Yosuke's ear again. The only thing he could do was cry silently and plead for Rise to let his ear go.

The others laughed at the two captured boys. "Not funny….come on partner seriously? Are you really gonna laugh at me like this?" Yosuke asked with an annoyed look. Seta nodded with a blank expression.

"Jackass…" Yosuke muttered as he was finally released from the pop stars grip.

"Alright, I need you undivided, and stress that word for you Hanamura-san…" Yosuke cursed under his breath as Seta winked at him. "We'll be needing a vehicle to take aboard the ship."

"What for?" Chie tilted her head to the side slightly confused. Yosuke rolled his eyes, "Quiet obvious stupid! To get around, duh."

Yukiko intervened before Chie could punt kick him to America, "But why do that, when we could just rent a vehicle?"

"Because, if one of us wrecks it…then we are going to be in big trouble…?" Rise answered slightly uncertain if she was right. Naoto backed her up quickly, "Yes, so the logical thing is to bring a vehicle of our own."

Yosuke thought for a moment, "Eh, makes since I guess…"

"Alright! Then hunk-o-junk on wheels it is!' Teddie jumped up and down with a smirk on his face.

"It's called a vehicle Teddie…" Rise snickered slightly at the blonde boy. He smiled all the same, "Yes a piece of junk on wheels."

"Looks like this is going to be a long day…" Seta whispered to himself.

A/N: I thought up of this, and typed chapter one within less than an hour. I need a good description though…time think up one! The description may or may not change. It deals with Naoto and the others, but more of Naoto. There will be strange happenings and all that sorts. Other than that peace out peeps! (Also, title may change, just a F.Y.I)