This Is Love

By: TheWildFool2011

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Chapter 3: I Sink Ships

The whole group looked astounded. Yosuke was slightly nervous, complaining the day before that he didn't really think it'd be a good idea for him to be aboard.

Kanji was able to talk Daisuke into letting them borrow his vehicle, but not without receiving several threats. Yukiko had about twelve roller suit cases, and Chie looked as if she was ready to go mountain climbing. Souji was able to smuggle the fox aboard the boat with little confrontation.

To the whole groups surprise Dojima had also brought Nanako a ticket, so she could have a vacation of her own. "Woah! Look at the ocean, it's so big! And the ship too!"

Teddie ran around the boat looking over the edge, "This…it can be called…the magical thing that floats."

Rise looked at him and shook her head. "Teddie…it's a ship, let's just leave it at that."

Yukiko had already found herself relaxing on one of the folding chairs on the opposite side of the ship. Yosuke was sitting next to her with his knees against his chest.

"What's wrong Yosuke-kun?" Yukiko tipped her sunglasses down. Yosuke had a sickening look on his face as he groaned.

"Ahh, sea sick? I can tell just from that groan. I can see if I have something in my purse to spare."

"Please do…" Yosuke muttered and buried his head in his arms.

"This is sure to be an awesome trip, but I wish we could have taken the plane instead…" Chie exclaimed.

Naoto looked over at her, "You too?"

They both laugh silently to themselves. Today had seemed a great start, though Yosuke was reluctant to board the boat claiming he would get sick within a second (turning out to be true). Souji approached Yosuke and Yukiko.

"Hanamura, how's everything going?" Souji asked with a straight face. Yosuke looked up to see Souji standing over him. "Listen you son of a-"

Before Yosuke could finish his insult, he was sent to edge of the ship, throwing up. Kanji cringed and punched Yosuke in his side, "The fuck you come near me for!"

Kanji walked away muttering curses under his breath. He stormed right past Naoto and Chie who was staring in Yosuke's direction. Chie laughed before she went to go check on him.

"Ooh, that looks like that hurts…" Chie walked over to Yosuke with Naoto close behind. Naoto being a good friend checked on him.

Yosuke groaned and held his side. "I seriously hate life right now…" he accepted Naoto's helping hand, standing tall over Chie.

"Thanks Naoto, and Chie…" Yosuke turned around to walk back over to Yukiko, "Fuck off if you're not gonna be of any help."

"Whatever Hanamura." Chie rolled her eyes. She looked over the railing again, "I feel bad for the sea…"

Naoto looked over to her. She proceeded to look over the railing, "How so…?"

Chie placed a finger on her chin and thought for a moment. "Um, because it has Hanamura's innards floating within."

Naoto shook her head, "I think oil spills would be much more concerning that Hanamura's…insides."

Chie raised an eyebrow at the small detective. She shrugged her shoulders, "Eh, suit yourself with all the fancy stuff. I was thinking a little smaller, ya know in 'our' world."

"That could work too, thought processing's of Yosuke isn't to…" Naoto paused and stayed silent. Chie continued to stare at her and nudged her, "C'mon tell!"

Naoto shook her head in a refusing notation. Chie prodded and poked Naoto in her side and shoulder, "C'mon can't be too bad. I mean it's not like it'll disrupted the balance of the whole universe and kill us all within 30 days."

Naoto stared at her like she was insane. "You…aren't far off. It will probably disrupt the balance in something…but not the world."

Souji watched the whole scene unfold and shook his head. Yukiko tipped her sunglasses down once more. "Hanamura?"

Souji nodded instinctively, "You know it."

"What did he do this time?" Yukiko stared up at Souji as he walked towards the direction Teddie and Nanako was at.

"Long story short, he got sick and came to close to Kanji." Souji said as if he had no problem with what happened. Yukiko busted out into one of her laughing fits.

Teddie who was down below deck with Nanako and Souji by his side was amazed. "Sensei…woah. What a beary amazing place! This…is a desk right?"

Nanako giggled at Teddie, "I think you mean 'deck'. A desk is something that can be spotted in a school or work office." Teddie looked confused for several minutes but then shrugged off the confusion.

He gave Nanako a bear hug, in which she readily melted into, "Thank you Nana-chan for being you."

Souji took a seat at one of the bars nearby. He browsed a menu that was sitting in front of him. 'Strawberry cocktail sounds nice. I wonder if they have lobster legs…'

"Hey big bro!" Nanako came running towards him with Teddie in hand. Souji glanced at the two and smiled, he looked back down at the menu.

"Yes, how may I help the both of you?"

"You sound like a bank teller sensei!"

Souji snorted slightly, but managed not to burst out into a laughing fit. "Eh, thanks maybe? Anyway, what's really needed?"

Teddie stepped a little closer to Souji and snatched the menu from his hands. Souji looked from the empty space in his hands to the blonde boy in front of him. "We're hungry…" both Nanako and Teddie chimed together.

Souji nodded silently and tapped the table with a shot glass. A tall man with long hair with the sides of his head shaved came over. "S'up?"

"Um, can I have a large set of lobster legs with peas and mashed potatoes please? With one strawberry cocktail."

"Can do, sir. Hey, Frankie! Gotta large order of lobster legs with regular sides and a large strawberry cocktail." The young adult slid the piece of paper under the glass window area to the chef in the back.

"I'll be gettin' your order for ya in a bit sir…" just before the guy could walk over to the other side of the long table, Souji caught him off guard with a question.

"So, you don't really seem like you're from here."

The guy turned around a glared at Souji. In a defensive demeanor he puffed his chest out slightly, "So what of lad?"

Souji shrugged and looked over at Teddie and Nanako who sat at a table close to one of the windows.

"What about yourself? What are ya doin' on a ship like this? I heard that there was not supposed to be no more than two hundred and eighty people aboard."

"Vacation, with friends and my little cousin. We're all hittin' up on Yakushima." Souji answered without turning to look at him.

The young man raised an eyebrow as he leaned more into the conversation, "Yakushima huh? Ahh, I remember my first time bein' there. A lot of sexy women…good drinks, food and did I mention the fancy hotels they've got? The Kirijo family has it real good, I wish I was born and bred into a family like that…"

"Yeah…the Kirijo's are pretty damn amazing. But I'm sure they have a lot of publicity and shit to worry about." Souji exclaimed with a smirk on his face.

The bartender nodded, "Yes, true lad. Very true. Oh, friendly reminder this one is, your food should be ready in a bit."

Souji just smiled slightly. He lifted from off the barstool and walked towards Teddie and Nanako, "You two shall be receiving your meals shortly, okay?"

"Sweet sensei!" Teddie swung his legs back and forth like a kid. Nanako began to mimic his moves.

Souji tapped Teddie on the shoulder, "I'll be on deck."

Teddie smiled and nodded. Just as Souji began to walk towards the steps he remembered something. "Oh, and Ted, please bring my drink above on deck okay?"

"Gotcha sensei!" Teddie gave him two thumbs up. Nanako waved at him, "See you big bro!"

As Souji came above deck, he spotted Kanji playing battle ships with an old lady. Kanji slammed his fist against the table and cursed loudly.

"Dammit! You've gotta be cheatin' or somethin' I never lose this game!" Kanji glared at the little old lady. She shushed him, "Hush, now dearie and let's play the game."

"We've been playin' this damn thing for close to an hour!"

"And each and every one of them, you've lost. So, how's about another for the road?"

Kanji grunted and mumbled, "Damn, stupid fuckin' game…" he looked out of the corner of his eye to see Souji standing on the opposite side with a smirk on his face.

"Whatchu smirkin' at, eh?!" Kanji gritted his teeth, "Ahh, FUCK THIS GAME!" He slammed his head against the table in defeat.

"Ah, you lose again dearie!" the old lady stood up and start dancing happily, "Go, little ol' me, go little ol' me!"

"Nothing much Kanji nothing at all…" Souji made his way to an open area and sat down in one of the folding chairs. Sighing he looked up at the bright shining sun.

"Hey, Souji!"

Souji turned his attention from the sky to look behind him. "Hey, Yosuke."

Yosuke sat down next to him on the empty chair. He laid back and closed his eyes. Silence passed between the two, even as the ships horn sounded off.

"Jesus…can't I get any peace…?" Yosuke muttered and turned onto his side facing Souji. "What are you smirking about?"

Souji froze for a moment and looked back at the sky. He shook his head and ignored Yosuke's complaints. Yosuke groaned loudly and curled up.

"You should go below deck and get some rest." Souji stated as he relaxed his tensed leg muscles.

"I don't wanna walk pass Kanji. I've been through enough today…" Yosuke huffed. "This is the first time being on a boat, definitely my last…for sure."

"Don't worry too much Hanamura, I'm not too keen on boats either."

Yosuke and Souji looked up to see the small detective. Naoto for the first time had on a different type of hat.

"That a visor your wearing detective?" Yosuke smirked. Naoto rolled her eyes and sat down at the end of Yosuke's folding chair.

"Yes, yes now live your moment up. Yukiko sure did…" Naoto muttered. Souji rolled over onto his side, now coming face to face with Yosuke. "So, how are you liking the boat ride detective?"

"Relaxing…" Naoto looked down at her sandals. "It's kinda hot out, slightly wishing that we would have gone somewhere…cooler."

"Like that one snow trip? No, way man. You and Souji both got locked out of the cabin that time." Yosuke groaned at the memories of the harsh winter snow. Naoto shrugged him off, "So?"

"So? What do you mean so? Why are you seemingly so careless all the time Naoto?" Yosuke sat upright. He was getting worked up as usual, so this action was nothing different to Souji and Naoto. "You'd have me and Ted walk the damn wintery paths, to go searching for you and Souji?"

Naoto thought for a moment. She then nodded thoughtfully. Yosuke swung his legs over the edge of the chair, "You're seriously insane. You know that dude? Like seriously…"

"Hopefully, there wouldn't be too much complaining next time you come looking for me…" Naoto muttered as she faced the other direction. Yosuke nudged Naoto in her side, causing her to grunt.

"H-hey!" Naoto blushed slightly, "W-what're you doing…?"

Yosuke held up a piece of paper into between his slim fingers. "You actually took my advice?! The great detective took Junes boys' advice? This is like seriously a tale to tell!"

"Give that back!" Naoto reached out for the paper as Yosuke stood tall over top of her. "Come on Hanamura! Stop shitting around with me!"

Yosuke winked at her and drew one finger to his lips. "Shh, I'll keep your little love note secret. Just let me read it real quick, I've been wanting to see what you'd come up with!"

Naoto stood up against him and jumped for the paper. Yosuke watched as Naoto desperately reached out for the piece paper. Yosuke awkwardly ran the paper under his nose, "Smells good, what cologne you use?"

"None. Of. Your. Business!" Naoto panted out as she jumped. Yosuke put one hand on her head, holding her in place. "H-hey! Not fair! Cut it out Hanamura!"

Souji watched as all of this drama played out before him. He, too, was now interested in what the paper said. Being as that Naoto never came to him for advice on love, and would come to Yosuke. What did Yosuke tell her to do anyway?

"Ah, now this is a vacation..." Souji laid his head on top of his forearms. He then heard loud shuffling noises coming his way. He smiled to himself, "So, how was the game?"

"FUCK THE GAME!" Kanji walked around Souji's seat and sat down in Yosuke's spot. Kanji looked angrily at Yosuke and Naoto's small quarrel, "S'up with them?! Yosuke fuckin' around with Naoto?!"

Kanji stood from his spot and cracked his knuckles. After those board games with the old lady he was ready beat the living shit out of something or someone. Yosuke turned around. His dull expression then turned into a defensive panic.

"Woah! Whoa, whoa, whoa there Kanji…." Yosuke kept a tight grip on the letter that Naoto also had a grasp of. He slowly backed up causing Naoto to do the same.

"What are you doing you-?" Naoto peered from his side looking up at Yosuke, she then looked straight-ahead and spot Kanji. He was stepping closer and closer with his fist balled up. "Um, hey there Kanji-kun."

Yosuke looked down at Naoto. He then quickly looked at Kanji, "C'mon Naoto, be a pal and tell Kanji whatever he's thinking he's wrong!" he narrowly dodged a right hook.

Naoto snatched the letter from Yosuke's now sweaty hands. She then took a circle around the two men and sat down calmly next to Souji.

"Oh, a new scene already?" Souji asked with a blank look. Naoto could tell he was enjoying the whole scene as it was his only form of entertainment.

"Yep…" Naoto grumbled. She shoved the letter back into her pocket. Yosuke gave her a pleading look, which she easily discarded.

The first day ended with ease and confusion for the ex-investigation team. Naoto avoided talking to Rise and Yosuke the rest of the day. Kanji had one more game of battle ship with the old lady he met.

Chie and Yukiko, along with Nanako looked at the gift shop they had below deck. Teddie was roaming the whole ship causing all kinds of trouble for the crew. They all spent most of the day laughing around and joking. At the end of the day, the girls shared one room, while the guys had one across from them.

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