Will You Be My Canary?
By Aquarius Mistress

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"Dagger, wake up!" the purple haired 15-year-old ordered, smacking a pillow on her older sister's face.

"What is it, Eiko? It's only 7 in the morning..." the brunette mumbled, turning her head away from Eiko's attack.

"It's September the 1st. Don't you have a plane to catch?" Eiko Natori asked, hands on her hips.

Dagger sighed. 'Today's the big day...' she thought. She got up from her soft, queen-sized bed, heading towards the bathroom in her bright orange tank-top and pajama bottoms with Tweety patterned on it. "Tell mom I'll be ready in about half an hour."

Eiko nodded and walked off towards her mother's bedroom in the same Tweety pajamas, except in purple. "Mom, I'll go change and get ready. Dag's gonna be out in half an hour." Eiko notified, smiling at her mother and father.

"Alright hun, just make sure you don't take too long, we want to have breakfast before we head to the airport." Jane answered, smiling back.

"Well, I better get ready hun," Travis, Dagger's and Eiko's father, answered, "I don't want to miss out."

The brunette man got up from the bed, and travelled to the washroom attached to their bedroom.

Jane sighed. "That man always takes so long in the bathroom." she giggled, shaking her head slightly.

Eiko giggled and went over to the bed, leaning over and giving her mom a smooch on the cheek.

"I'll go make breakfast first since Dag's in the washroom."

"Thanks hun." Jane thanked while Eiko walked out of the room.

After around half an hour, Dagger stepped out of the washroom, dressed up in a black tank top with a powder pink, see-through, long sleeved, shirt on top. She also wore her indigo jeans, that flared out at the ends. She left her hair down and wore matching pink, butterfly earrings. She walked over to her bedroom, gathering her suitcase and bags while Eiko skipped into the washroom. Travis also knew how important this day was and for once in his life, took less than forty-five minutes in the bathroom.

He stepped out of the steamy bathroom, wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt with an olive green button-up on top, leaving it open. His hair was spiked up with gel. Even as an adult, he couldn't lose that gel habit ever since Junior High. Jane put down her book and walked towards the bathroom. On her way, Travis placed a peck on her cheek. Jane frowned.

"You didn't shave?"

"Well I didn't want to be late." he joked, stepping back inside the bathroom to shave.

Jane once again had to wait outside. She sighed tiredly and returned to her romance novel. In about fifteen minutes, Eiko also stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in a red, sleeveless, shirt with the same indigo jeans as Dagger. She had her long hair tied up in a regular ponytail. For some reason, she really favoured her naturally purple hair. She was born with this hair for some strange reason. For what reason, she didn't care. She adored the purple color and it made her feel more different than everybody else. She stood in the doorway, leaning on the door frame.

"Breakfast's ready Dag." she said.

Dagger nodded, packing the rest of her belongings in her black purse. She got up, hanging the purse on her side. "I'm so nervous..."

Eiko patted her on the back supportively, "Don't worry, you'll do fine." Dagger smiled faintly and walked into the kitchen, sitting down at the table.

"What's for breakfast?"

"Uhh...scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast and I blended some of my infamous fresh orange and mango juice." Eiko said proudly.

Everybody in the family knew that she was a total wiz in the kitchen. She often enjoyed cooking for the family whenever she could and she has been planning to open up her own restaurant someday. Dagger smiled and took a sip of her juice. Travis soon joined them, sitting across from Dagger, chewing his pancakes. Eiko sat on the left of Dagger, also beginning her meal.

Meanwhile, Jane just stepped out of the bathroom in a regular white t-shirt and a long, denim skirt with a pink and green flower patch near her left foot. She quickly brushed her brown hair and tied it with a white scarf. The table greeted her as she sat down, joining her family. Dagger didn't have much of an appetite though. All she's really eaten was her bacon and eggs and drank all her juice.

"Dagger, dear. Aren't you hungry? You'll need the energy for today." Jane told her daughter, taking a bite out of her toast.

"No, mom. I don't feel very hungry... Can I be excuse?" Dagger asked, head down.

Jane swallowed her food and sighed. "Alright."

Dagger thanked her and got up from the table, running into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. She quickly got out her silver-plated cell phone from her black purse and dialed the number to her friend's cell phone.


"Mmmm...hello?" a girl's voice asked. She sounds like she's just woken up.

"Hey Harumi. Did I wake you?"

"Daaaag? Izzat you? Yeah...I just woke up...*yawn*"

"Sorry, maybe I'll call you later."

"No, no. No trouble at all. After all, today's the big day, right? Well...good luck, Dag. I know you'll do great and you'll be a great actress. After all, you're obsessed with it anyway."

Dagger secretly smiled at the other line.

"...Thanks Harumi. I'm gonna miss you guys..."

"And we're gonna miss you too. Hey! I also heard that Karen's gonna go there too. Maybe you'll run into each other. Heard that she made it through the cut."

Dagger's eyes lit up. "Really? Oh...at least I know one person who's going."

"Yeah. Listen. I'll go change and get ready. I'll meetcha at the airport around 9, okay?"

"Alright. Thanks Harumi."

"No probs. Bye!"



"Dagger, are you gonna finish breakfast? You're leaving today. It's your last homemade meal for a while." Eiko said, standing by the doorway.

"I'm coming. Just needed to call Harumi." Dagger said solemnly, stuffing her cell in her purse and swiftly sitting back down at the breakfast table.

The Natori family all sat at the table, finishing up their meal silently. Once they were finished, Jane and Eiko cleaned up the table and washed the dishes while Travis helped pack Dagger's suitcase in the trunk of their family car, a yellow Suzuki Aerio.

Dagger ran back inside the house, gathering her bags and placing them in the trunk also. She climbed into the backseat, sitting behind the driver's seat and strapped on her seat belt. Travis turned the key and the engine softly roared to life. Eiko and Jane soon came out, locking the door behind them. Eiko sat beside Dagger while Jane sat at the remaining front seat. The rest of the family strapped on their seat belts and setting the handle to 'D', the Natoris made their way to Pearson's airport. The drive was long and sad. Dagger was gonna leave the family today and she wouldn't be back in about four years. Of course, she always had dreamed of being an actress, being famous and be able to see her face on posters, but she now wonders if it's worth leaving her family for...

After a long half-an-hour drive, the family made it to the airport. Travis helped carry the suitcase while Dagger carried her bags. The family made their way inside the large building, and Dagger squealed when she saw Harumi there. She dropped her bags and ran up to hug her friend.

"Oh my god, Harumi. I don't think I can go through with this..." Dagger sniffled. Harumi patted her friend on the back.

"Don't worry, Dagger. You'll do great! You're an awesome actress, y'know. You'll do fine! Not a lot of people are as good as you are and you got into the school you wanted!"

Dagger sniffed, wiping her tears away with her right hand. She nodded and Harumi smiled at her.

"You'll do great."

//Attention. All passengers boarding flight number 828 to Quebec City is to board the plane. I repeat. All passengers boarding flight number 828 to Quebec City is to board the plane.//

Dagger almost bursted into tears again. The Natoris hugged Dagger, one by one.

"You go out there and make your dreams come true, darling." Travis said with a proud smile.

Dagger smiled and nodded, holding back her tears. She picked up her suitcase and bags, shouted out a 'bye!' to her family and her best friend. She soon reached the escalator that was heading up. But before she stepped on, Harumi shouted out her name. Dagger turned around.

"Don't forget to e-mail me and tell me if you get yourself a boyfriend!"

Dagger laughed and nodded. "Don't worry! I will! I'm gonna miss you guys. Bye!"

The Natoris and Harumi all waved at her. Dagger smiled and got on the escalator, heading towards her plane. She took a deep breath, feeling uncomfortable at the thought of being in a different province than her family and friends. But, this was a once in a lifetime chance to get into this school and she wasn't going to do something stupid and let it go.


"Where'd they say to go?" the red-headed boy asked.

"Uhh...I think the lady said to go to Gate 5..." the blonde boy replied, doubtfully.

"You think? Zidane, if we don't get on the right plane, we'll probably end up in some other country!" the boy with the orange bandanna pointed, frustrated at his friend.

"Hey, calm down Marcus, geez. Look, there's Gate 5. Let's just go ask that guy over there." Zidane claimed, pointing to the entrance.

The three teenage boys dragged along their belongings, over to the security guard.

"Excuse me, but does this gate lead to the plane for Quebec City?" Zidane asked.

The security guard nodded and pointed to the end of the line. The trio lugged the suitcases and bags with them, exchanging looks at each other.

"What a line..." Marcus noticed, looking around.

"Hope I can find a cute chick in here somewhere..." Zidane smirked, scanning the line.

"And then what? You probably won't even see her anymore." the redhead, Blank, answered.

Zidane shrugged, "You never know."

Zidane walked on ahead with his luggage to join the line. "Somebody needs a reality check." Marcus stated, dragging behind.

Blank chuckled and dragged his luggage towards the line as well.


"Gate 5... Gate 5... Where the hell is it?" Dagger muttered to herself, looking around.

She looked up at a sign that signalled Gates 1-10 to the left, and Gates 11-20 to the right. She smiled to herself and dragged her luggage to the left. After walking around randomly, she stumbled onto the main hallway, where there were 5 lines on each side of the hall. She looked around for the number five to stick out somewhere and luckily found it. She pulled her luggage with her and stood behind a redhead around her age.

As the line shortened, the more uncomfortable Dagger felt. There was always this uneasy feeling that she's had since the time she found out she got into Lord Avon's School of Drama but she couldn't tell what it was.

She blanked out for a sec, lost in thought and jumped when the lady near the entrance tapped her shoulder.

"Excuse me, miss. Are you okay?" the lady asked, concerned.

"Oh. Yeah, I'm fine. Here's the ticket." Dagger said sheepishly, flashing her ticket.

Without another word, Dagger quickly pulled her luggage over to the station where she dropped her belongings off. She stepped into the line where everybody were being scanned with the metal detector. Unfortunately, she forgot to take off her jewelery and the beeper clicked. The two security guards immediately took smaller ones and scanned her.

"Uhh...ma'am. You forgot to remove your valuables." one of the security guards notified, pointing to her necklace, ring and bracelet.

Dagger blushed and she could hear a couple of teenage boys snickering quietly. She quickly took them off and stepped through the metal detector again. She quickly snatched her jewelery and stepped into the plane. She found a free spot near the front and placed her black purse in the overhead compartment. She sat down before anybody got to it. Besides, she didn't want to sit near the back where the washroom was.


"Ha ha! Did you see that chick blush?" Zidane yucked up.

"Not that funny, Zidane. You wouldn't like it if the metal detector started flashing lights at you and beeping." Blank said, as if he wasn't amused by the incident.

"C'mon Blank. Loosen up. 'Sides, that chick was cute. Wonder if I can get her number?" Zidane asked himself.

"Pfft... after hearing us laughing? Sure she would!"

Zidane glared humourously at Marcus. "And you had to be so sarcastic?"


"C'mon. That chick was cute and you two know it." Zidane teased, trying to draw some confessions out.

"Ehh... she doesn't really seem my type." Blank pointed out.

"Uhh... I really have no comment. She doesn't really seem like my kinda girl either." Marcus said, uninterested.

"Pfft... you guys have no taste." Zidane remarked.

"Hey, there's a few empty spots right there!" Blank pointed.

"At least they're nowhere near the back. Let's---hey! Isn't that the chick?" Zidane asked, surprised.

"Who cares. Who wants to sit at the back where you hear people taking dumps? Ask her if that seat's taken. Blank and I'll sit just behind you guys. There's some guy who just moved from that spot." Marcus said, quickly claiming the window seat.

Blank shrugged and trudged along and sat down beside Marcus. The two peeked from above the seats, watching Zidane perform his act. Zidane walked up to Dagger, who didn't notice since she was staring out the window. He cleared his throat, trying to get her attention... but that only worked in the movies. Dagger didn't even flinch. He arched an eyebrow.

"Excuse me." he said with a more 'gentleman-ish' voice.

She didn't budge.

Zidane assumed that she heard him. "I was wondering if..."

She still didn't budge.

"Yo, little lady!" Dagger turned her gaze on Zidane.

"What?" Being called on with such an informal statement lead her to believe that he was just another immature asshole.

"This seat taken?" he asked, flashing a grin.


Zidane just helped himself, assuming that she allowed him. Dagger rolled her eyes and stared at him, quite cross with him.

"Excuse me, but nobody said you could sit here."

"I don't need permission," Zidane teased, "I know you want me to sit here."

'What a jerk!' she thought. She quickly pushed Zidane off the seat, making him almost fall on the floor. Blank and Marcus snickered quietly behind her, laughing at Zidane's failed attempt.

"Nobody needs you to sit here. Go somewhere else, jerk!" she ordered, glaring at Zidane fiercely.

"Well, maybe I wouldn't be such a jerk if you weren't deaf!" Zidane snapped.

He quickly pulled Blank off his seat and sat down.

"What the hell...? Hey, that's mine." Blank said with a serious tone.

"Mine now." Zidane muttered.

Blank shrugged. "Uhh...excuse me, but umm..."

Dagger just merely shrugged and Blank sat down stiffly. He shifted around uncomfortably though, not wanting to sit beside a girl who's ready to kill him any minute.

"You sure?"

A shrug.

He sighed and got out his discman, listening to some music. The flight seemed long and nauseous. Passengers were becoming restless, and Dagger was getting tired of hearing Blank snore whenever he decided to take a nap. Zidane and Marcus keeps laughing at some unknown joke every now and then and pretty much... the flight was just... boring.

//Attention passengers. Please put your seatbelts on. We are arriving at Quebec City. I repeat, please put your seatbelts on. We will be arriving soon.//

Dagger locked the two pieces together, giving out a great sigh, knowing that she would arrive at Lord Avon's soon. She pulled up the window cover and looked out. She was almost there, she could see the airport. After a slightly, bumpy landing. Dagger unlocked her seatbelt and woke up Blank. She shook his hand a little bit and he snorted.


"They landed."


He muttered something sleepily under his breath and allowed Dagger to get her purse from the overhead compartment. She quickly walked off the plane, in search of her luggage. She went over to the luggage delivery and as soon as a bright yellow one slid its way down, she grabbed it and grabbed her bags that have been twirling around the machine. After a few passport confirmations and security scannings, she quickly stepped out of the airport, looking for the charter bus to Lord Avon's. It was very difficult, considering the fact that the airport was so immense. She looked around hopelessly, feeling out of place and feeling lost.

"Hey! Dagger!"

Dagger turned her head and smiled happily, she ran up to hug her friend.

"Karen! Oh my God, I didn't even know you were going to Lord Avon's until Harumi told me!" Dagger squealed, delighted to see her friend.

"Yup. I decided that I liked acting a lot better than playing hockey." Karen said with a proud smile on her face.

Dagger arched an eyebrow, "Really? I never would've guessed."

Karen giggled. "Yeah, I thought I liked sports better than acting too."

The two friends shared giggles and suddenly, Karen pointed to a doorway.

"The bus is here! Hurry!" she barked out, running towards the bus.

Dagger ran behind, dragging everything along with her. Luckily, the bus has just arrived and they made it. The two friends sat near the front. Like on an airplane, you didn't want to be too close the the washroom. During the next hour and a half of waiting, the two gossiped and giggled throughout. Finally, the bus was full and the driver started up the engine. There was a beeping sound, and Dagger could feel the bus rise up. Then, they were on their way to Lord Avon's School of Drama...


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