The traitorous heir

Summary: It was all wrong, it wasn't supposed to be like that. Tsunayoshi, her brother, should have become Decimo, he shouldn't have left Vongola, he shouldn't have killed their Mother. AU!

Warnings: OOC!Tsuna, I mean really out of character; OC!Character(s); Grammar errors; AU!; more serious take on the mafia world

Chapter one: Once he was beloved family

Dull blue eyes looked around the dark corridor, her steps echoing painfully loud. She could practically hear Reborn scolding her; 'You're moving like an drunk oaf, make your steps lighter,lighter'.

As she came before a mahogany colored door, she gulped hard down, it was an exact replica from the doors in the Vongola Mansion. The girl enclosed a dainty hand around the doorknob, her intuition blaring in her head, but she, for once, ignored it. She needed do to it.

With a deep breath pushed she the door open.

Her whole body froze at the sight before her, a sight she knew, saw so often and it still felt like a dive in ice cold water.

In the room were some men in suits, lying on the ground, red blotches around them.

Dead, dead,death.

Her eyes trailed to the center of the room, not stopping even whenshe knew what she will see.

Dull, lifeless, brown eyes stared at her. The once so joyful, so lively, so kind, pretty eyes, where now empty brown dots. Mouth open in a silent scream, so defenseless, so vulnerable.

Why? Why?!Why!

She looked up, an outstretched hand still holding the smoking gun. A breath left the girl, brown eyes, so like hers. She violentlyflinched, when they turned to her, brown eyes, the eyes she once loved so much, so much.

They mocked her, half hidden behind spiky brown hair, the mocked her, taunted.

"Ni-chan! Ni-chan play with me!" A young, oh so young, innocent voice shouted in her head.

A small sigh was heard, "My dear imoto, I'm sorry but I'm busy, another time" He spoke gently, so gently, so deceitful kind. If only she knew, if she just knew what would happen.

If only she knew.

Ienobu's eyes shot open and she fought for breath. A dream, only a dream, nothing more, nothing less. She brought a trembling hand to her face and wiped away the sweat.

She will not forgive him. He will pay!

A groan left her as she sat up, her dirty blonde hair falling in her face, which reminded her that she really needed to cut it. Her gaze shifted to the side and she sighed as the numbers 6:20 glared brightly at her. Well, now it would be useless to go back to sleeping.

With a gloomy air around her stood she up and dressed for the day, a simple shirt with black pants. She always went for functionality then fashion.

She brushed her blonde waist length hair, her blue eyes, that she inherited from her grandfather from her father's side, reflected in the mirror.

The girl was happy that she looked more like her father than her mother orthat man. Because if she had the same eyes like them; she would never again look in a mirror.

On her way around the maze like corridors of the Vongola Mansion, thought she back on that dream,memory. It was not the first time she dreamed about that day, but the last time she dreamed about it was years ago and she thought she put it behind her. It didn't seem like it, the wounds were still as raw as on the first day.

The worst was that she didn't even know whyhe did it. Her mother was an innocent soul who couldn't hurt a fly, he was a kind person. So why, why did he do it?

She squawked as she crashed into something hard.

"Look were you're walking, brat" A voice growled at her and she smiled sheepishly at the older man.

"Sorry Xanxus" She apologized, not fearing one of the most violent man of the underground world, she grew up with him and practically saw him as an honorary older brother, well maybe not brother, but a cousin. He was family, even if he had a bad temper.

The scared man snorted and moved along, Ienobu followed him.

"Wait! Xanxus what are you doing here?" She asked him, easily keeping up with his long strides.

"The old geezer called me her" He answered, the adopted son of Vongola Nono glanced at the small girl. "I think it would interest you too" Xanxus added, something glinting in his eyes.

"What do you mean?" She asked him but he already turned around. Ignoring her completely, as his face set in an annoyed mask.

The successor candidate huffed, but followed the assassin quietly, intrigued about what Nono wanted, that it would even bring Xanxus to meet him. It was a known fact that the relationship between father and son was strained at best.

As they were on the door she looked up nervously to Xanxus.

"Is it really ok, if I come with you?"

Xanxus, like expected, ignored her and opened the door without knocking, stepping into the spacious office.

"Ah, Xanxus, we were waiting for you" The older man behind the desk spoke, smiling kindly. His smiled dimmed as he noticed the tag-along.

"And together with Ienobu-chan" He said.

Ienobu bowed. "I'm sorry for the intrusion, but Xanxus said that it would be of interest to me" She said as she stood up straight, noticing Reborn and her father in the room.

The Vongola boss turned to his son, which prompted said son to snort.

"Tch, she has a right to know. It will bring nothing to cuddle her" He said gratingly as he settled down on the couch, jamming his feet on the coffee table.

Reborn, who's appearance was that of a teenager, shifted his head to cover his eyes. Her father just sighed tiredly and sat down on the couch opposite of Xanxus'.

"I see" The boss spoke and nodded to his successor, which she took as an affirmation to remains here and sat down besides Xanxus, looking expectantly at the adults.

"It's about Tsunayoshi" The Vongola head began and Ienobu tensed, shooting up to her feet.

"What!?" She hissed out, her eyes flashing orange. The adults remained unimpressed and a hand on her shoulder threw her back on the couch.

"Calm the fuck down" The Varia leader spoke gruff.

Nono sighed, not even trying to admonish Xanxu's language "As you know after that day he left Vongola and pretty much vanished from our radar. There were small movements from his side that we picked up, but nothing drastic or of consequences of us. It seemed like he left the mafia world for good."

The sixteen year old balled her hands on her knees. Memories she would rather forget flashed before her eyes.

"Now we have solid evidence that he didn't left the mafia, but built up a group, residing in-"

"What kind of group?" Xanxus interrupted harshly.

"A group of very special Individuals. I would say that it's a new Mafia famiglia, but I'm not sure if that's really what Tsunayoshi planned, there are called Innominato" He explained, and Ienobu blinked why are they called Nameless?

"Apparently they don't call themselves anything, so people began to call them that" The older man explained further, sensing the girls confusion. "Which only strengthen the believe that it's not a mafia famiglia Tsunayoshi built himself but maybe something different." He trailed off, lost in thought for a moment but shook his head seconds later.

"Well, back to the point. Tsunayoshi currently resides in Japan"

Ienobu narrowed her eyes, Japan? In her home country?

"He is registered as student in Namimori's University" Timotheo stated further.

"Namimori?" Ienobu asked aloud, the name sounding familiar.

"It's a neutral mafia city in Japan, it's the core of the mafia world in Asia." Reborn explained patiently to her, which was surprisingly. Reborn didn't do patient.

"Well and good, but what does it bring us?" She demanded her patience ending.

"There is the possibility that Tsuna plans a revolt against Vongola" Her father said, face grim, staring at the coffee table.

Xanxus snorted. "Don't tell me you really believe that, the trash wouldn't do that"

"That's what you believe, but we too didn't thought that he would kill his own mother and betray Vongola didn't we?" Reborn added irritated, not caring how Ienobu flinched or Iemitsu tensed.

The Varia boss glared at the former arcobaleon.

"Xanxus! Reborn! Enough" Nono admonished sternly "I must say that I agree with Reborn, we have no idea what that boy is thinking and I'm afraid we should be prepared for anything" He said calmer, was that nervousness that flashed in his eyes?

"When Tsunayoshi left and we didn't pick up any activity from his site, I must admit that we were a bit lenient with him, not searching actively for him" He glanced shortly at Iemitsu. "And now it's going back to bite us."

Ienobu's thoughts were a mess. "B-but he wouldn't go against the Vongola, that's pure suicide" She spoke aloud.

Nono smiled softly at her. "Yes, normally such a little group like that of Tsunayoshi would have been no problem. However, Tsunayoshi has many inside information. Significant information. He was, like yourself, a candidate for the boss position, a favorite even. As such he has many information that could turn to dangerous weapons against us, he knows the inner work of Vongola and how charming he was had he many dealings with our allies, like the chiavarone famiglia and many others." At the end of his speech turned his face grim.

"We don't know what kind of goal Tsunayoshi aims, and that's what dangerous. Tsunayoshi is without a question someone we need to threat with caution. A born leader and talented fighter. And it makes our allies restless that we let him just do what he wants. Letting someone roam free who turned traitor."

"Get to the point, not everybody has so much free time as you" Xanxus growled sounding annoyed, but Ienobu, just for a small moment, saw something like worry flashing before his eyes. Not worry for them, but for him. Even if there was an age gap between Xanxus and him. They where good friends, something that surprised many, they were like brothers. Their bond stronger than the one she had with Xanxus.

"I wanted the Varia to go to Japan and mediate with Tsunayoshi. Killing him would just anger his friends and at the moment we have no idea what their real strength is, or how much influence they had outside the circle of Vongola."

"Wait,Wait Wait!" The blonde girl rushed out as she stood up. "You want to negotiate with that murder?!" She asked disbelieving and it was only the presence of the others that stopped her from screaming.

For a moment blared her intuition and she watched as her boss evaded her eyes in guilt?

Something in her snapped.

"Let me go to Japan" She said suddenly, her eyes burning it her dying will.

"Nobu-chan" She heard her father say, but she paid no attention to him, only concentrating on the man she saw as a grandfather.

"Why?" He asked her calmly back and she knew she couldn't say what she wanted to say.

"Namimori is a mafia city, I and my guardians could learn many things there. Not to mention that I always wanted to visit my birth country" She stated.

There was silence for a moment, till a barking laughter tore into it. Xanxus seemed to find the situation amusing.

"Do you want revenge that much?" Nono asked her, looking old.

"He killed my mother, and men of Vongola. If I'm not allowed to kill him than I want answers" She didn't need the permission of Nono to kill him, at the first change she get, she will make him pay.

"I see" The current boss said and exchanged a glance with Reborn.

"Then I congratulate you to your admission to Namimori-High" He told her, looking somewhat pained. Ienobu, for once, didn't care.

[ 1]

Xanxus stared after the girl as she left the office with her father, then turned back to his father.

"There was something more between you and Tsuna, wasn't there?" He demanded, somehow sounding soft despite the gruffness of his voice

"What do you mean, Xanxus?" The old man asked him.

"Don't play innocent. Traitors have a short live, but you let him go" He drawled, narrowing his eyes.

"Xanxus, that has nothing to do with you" Reborn warned.

"What? Playing loyal lap-dog, arcobaleno trash!?" He replied angrily, glaring at the Hitman. "Don't tell me you,you who knew Tsuna best, believe this shit?" He grumbled. "There is something more. I never liked you and I never liked the way you handled things." He said to the Vongola boss. "Tsunayoshi was a sniveling pacifist, he wouldn't kill someone without a reason, he hadn't it it him and it's only a question of time when it will all come out and the Varia will not be part of the sinking ship"

He stated and stormed out of the office, his hand twitching to bash something, preferable his vice's head.

[ 1 ]

"Boss?" A gray haired man called, observing his silent leader who stared thoughtfully at the sky.

"Vongola moved" He spoke a bit hesitantly, walking up to his boss "They sent Vongola Decimo and her Guardians. Well that's if you trust Pineapple-head." He murmured softly, he never liked the former vendicare prisoner.

The brown haired man remained for a moment silent.

"That was expected" He answered at least "It doesn't matter" He spoke with finality.

A soft breeze flowed across the rooftop and orange eyes flashed behind brown tresses.

Author Note:

Well, don't expect me to update fast, it was just a plot bunnies that hopped around in my head. It's actually more of a small experiment as it's the first time that I will work with OC Character.

Romance will not play a big role, only if people really want it, can I include some scenes but it won't be the main point. I try to write it with a more serious take on the mafia world of the Reborn-verse, but I'm not sure if that will be really the direction it will be going to.

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