The traitorous heir

Summary: It was all wrong, it wasn't supposed to be like that. Tsunayoshi, her brother, should have become Decimo, he shouldn't have left Vongola, he shouldn't have killed their Mother. AU! Strong Tsuna!

Warnings: OOC!Tsuna; OC!Character(s); Grammar errors; AU!; more serious take on the mafia world

Author Note: There will be no pairings with Tsuna.

Chapter two: And so it begins

Namimori was a strange city, at first glance and really only on the first glance, seemed it like a normal city. In the past, years ago, was it just that, a normal city.

Now it was anything but normal.

The first indication, to an individual with two healthy eyes, may be the lax airport regulations, none of the airport employees cared if you had a dose of deathly poison in your pocket or if you have a functional rocket launcher on your back, hell, even explosives are allowed.

They will just friendly remind you to not use it in neutral places and pay for every damage it causes. On a good day, they will even point you to the perfect places to kill time, literally.

The second and most obvious to the simple everyday man, would be the many and many shady people that walked around the city. It would be of no surprise if most of them are on wanted posters around the world. So, it really shouldn't come to a surprise if the nice man from next door, who cared lovingly for his plants in his garden and can tell the best jokes, has highly efficient torture instruments in his garage for which he cared just as lovingly, not to mention that his highly enjoyable jokes came from his not so enjoyable torture sessions. People tell the obscurest things when they were on the threshold between life and death.

Still, for all that Namimori was open for everybody, many tourist just made a high curve around it, quenched from the aura of utter madness and lunacy that came from the city in a constant nauseous wave.

The lucky and not so lucky tourist that made it to the city, were either having the time of their lives or have mourning family members around their bed in the psychiatric ward. It was a 50/50 chance.

However, the hard seasoned mafiosi and freelance criminals just feel absolutely at home. It's the wet dream of every commonsensical mafioso to spent some time in Namimori. It was a must, right after visiting the Vongola Mansion and getting kicked out for trespassing.

Namimori was a city from criminals for criminals, so being the highly efficient criminal magnet it was, was it only a question of time till various governments send their 'law and order' agents to check out the place. Well, they didn't come far, to put it mildly. That didn't mean that they weren't welcome,




Everybody was welcome in Namimori, as long as they play by the rules of Namimori.

One of the most important rules were the ones to regulate the conflicts of the different mafia groups. The first three were practically holy:

-1. Unregistered fights, battles, murder attempts (etc.) are prohibited. Fights between adversary mafia members are only allowed if they're registered in the ROMS-Office (Regulation Of Mafia Related Subjects Office) and if the involved participants give their consent. Exception to this case are the voices of the bosses, they can give a consent or refusal in the places of their subordinates. The thought of the bosses overrides the ones of the members. Unapproved fight are dealt with strict severity. The rules apply to all organizations, not only the mafia.

-2. If uninvolved are wounded, maimed, killed (etc.) in a conflict, then it's within the right of the police to interfere and adequately punish them or bring them before the court of the city.

-3. Battles, of all kinds (even approved ones) are strictly prohibited in the grounds that are deemed neutral by the law of Namimori. Under this category fall:

-3.2 Third street, the shopping district and all other grocery stores

-3.3 Educational Institutes (School, University, Library, Kindergarten etc.)

-3.4 The offices of the Mafia Groups, Cults, Syndicates (etc.)

-3.5 Sleeping quarters

For information over exceptions for this cases please call the ROMS – Hotline.

(This regulations apply to all organizations, groups (etc.) staying in Namimori, not only the mafia.)

[ [ 2 ] ]

Ienobu stretched herself, happy to be out of the cramped plane. Not only weren't they allowed to fly with the private jet of the Vongola, they were required to fly in the second class of a cheap airline.

Apparently, Reborn wanted to teach her modesty. That was mean, he knew exactly that she knew that not everybody had the luxury she had. She realized it and cherished it, she was always mindful with her things and always tried not to buy unnecessary things.

So really, it was unfair of Reborn to let her and her guardians fly like that.

The sixteen-year-old girl couldn't help but clench her hands on her sides. She was in Japan, in Namimori, she was just a small step of her goal away. It was now five years ago. How did he change? Did he change? Did he regret it? What did he think of her? Of Vongola? Did he grow any stronger? What were his plans? How should she proceed?

A bubbly voice brought her out of her thoughts.

"Ah! Haru is really happy to be in Japan!" The black-haired girl spoke, bouncing in happiness on her toes as her face radiated with excitement. Ienobu chuckled, forgetting all about the gloomy thoughts she had before. Haru Miura was a half-Japanese, with her father being from Japan and her mother from Romania.

"Tch, I don't see what's so great about Japan" A voice spoke darkly and Haru turned around angrily, glaring at the cloud guardian.

"Hahi! Don't be so negative!" The girl admonished.

Kensuke Mochida just glared moodily at her, he was generally always in a bad mood but the closed space of the cramped plane with the many people did not really help him at all.

Ienobu held onto the believe that he was actually happy to be in the country. Then opposites to her, he was not only born in this country but spent most of his childhood here, but maybe after the 'family drama of the Mochida's' as the incident was called, could she understand that he hadn't the best thoughts about Japan. So in the end she didn't know if he was happy or not, but that's the kind of person he was. A cloud that one could and would never catch.

"Don't mind him, Mochi-chan is just shy!" A monotonous voice commented and this time it was Kensuke who turned around angrily.

"Why you little...!" He threatened, moving his hand to the sword on his hip. Why he was allowed to bring it along on the plane, Ienobu didn't know. It was either the killing aura the sword fighter gave off when someone tried to touch his sword or maybe Reborn just took pity in the black-haired teen and blackmailed the airport employees.

"Kensuke, don't cause a scene. You know he just baits you" Bless Lancia, ever the reasonable, always knowing when to interfere. Radiating with the strength of a sun.

Kensuke, happy with having someone he could rant on turned to the twenty-year-old. Insults leaving his mouths like the growls of a berserk dog.

"It was a long flight" A voice commented on her side and Ienobu turned her head to the side. "It's a miracle that no fight broke out on the plane." Basil remarked quietly, holding a sleeping I-pin in his arms. The ten-year-old girl was clearly exhausted and actually tried to mediate her stress and excitement away. It didn't really help as it made her just sleepy.

"Mochi-chan is like a chihuahua, all barking but not useful" Fran commented in his usual monotone voice, making Haru giggle at the comparison and like expected glared 'Mochi-chan' a glare that promised death and pain.

Ienobu sweat-dropped. "Yeah, a miracle" She murmured. The teasing mist never went along with the moody cloud. She was just happy that the rest of her friends were more down to earth.

Unnoticed by them all, watched an amused illusionist the little group.

"Kufufufu, so Fran really joined them, how interesting" He murmured softly, his smirk like smile only widened as he noticed Lancia. Plans were already forming in his mind, not caring that it will displease his boss. Tsunayoshi didn't need to know, didn't he? The Vongola Decimo needed a grand welcoming, it was only right.

For a moment shivered the future boss of Vongola, a bad feeling overcoming her. Was it really a good idea to come here?

[ [ 2 ] ]

In the lecture-hall of Namimori University sat a young brown haired man surrounded by criminals of the underworld.

Namimori was a strange place and Nami-Dai -as the University was affectionate called- fitted right in. It wasn't really that different from a normal University, no fighting in the building, eating and drinking was prohibited in the lap-rooms, the fees were just as high, and so one. Of course there were some rather drastic differences to normal Universities. Like how most of the students were mafia members and of course the particular seminars that were offered. Hacking, the production of high efficient poison, introduction to the history of the mafia, fighting courses, the financial structure of the underworld or how to impersonate a FBI-agent, to name a few.

Still the young brown haired man didn't chose any of these special seminars, he was currently sitting in a course about psychology. The man with the wild, spiky hair tensed for a short second and relaxed a beat later as mist swam before his eyes.

"Mukuro" He breathed out in a whisper and closed his eyes as the illusionist sucked him into his mind-scape.

"Couldn't you just call me by phone?" He asked, the you-know-like-normal-people was left unsaid but heavily implied. The rustling of leaves stole his attention to the peaceful scenery. Green grass, colorful trees and a blue sky that enveloped it all. A harmonic clearing that betrayed the twisted mind of Rokudo Mukuro but maybe it was exactly this contrast that just undermined the bordering insanity of the illusionist.

"Kufufu" A voice chuckled darkly. "That would have been kind of bring, don't you think so Sawada Tsunayoshi-kun?"

Said male suppressed the rolling of his eyes at the dramatics of the mist user, not surprised as the blue haired man slowly materialized before him.

"Please come to the point. I have a lecture to listen to and I don't want to fail my exams" He said in a soft and steady voice.

"What a quaint lie" The illusionist stated. "I thought it would interest you, if I told you that Vongola Decimo and her guardians are here" Mukuro replied, gauging the reaction of the other, unsurprised to see no change in the expression of the other but still somewhat disappointed. He always enjoyed it when the weak side of Tsunayoshi came to light.

"Why should that interest me?" Tsunayoshi asked back in the same unchanging voice of before.

"She is your sister and blood is thicker than water, isn't it?" He retorted, his voice sounding as amused as his face looked. "Her guardians are now complete" He tacked on offhanded without waiting for a reply. "Apparently she managed to make Fran join" Mukurou sounded for a moment almost wistful.

"Fran?" Tsuna asked, tilting his head slightly to the side. "Is he of a problem to you?"

Mukurou laughed aloud a chilling smile which had nothing to do with happiness.

"Of course not" He scoffed, feeling insulted by the mere idea. "The is no stronger illusionist than me." He stated not with arrogance but knowledge.

"Even the former arcobaleno Viper?" The brown haired man inquired after a moment of silence.

"Why such questions, Tsunayoshi-kun?" He asked as he walked to the other, coming to a halt before the former Vongola. He looked down at the shorter male.

"Wasn't the reason you chose me because I'm the best?" He asked with a fake hurt tone, holding a hand to his chest in a mocking move.

"You're the one who began, not me" The sky flame holder defended himself without raising his voice, not all intimidated by his comrade, having long ago gotten used to the dramatic flare of the former prisoner.

"He is stronger than my dear Chrome, that's for sure, and he has the talent to overcome that mist arcobaleno" He said, content in the personal space of the other.

Tsunayoshi sighed.

"I see, well, if that's all, can you send me back to my lecture?" He requested dryly. "I don't want to-"

"fail your exams" Mukuro ended for him dully, sounding a bit exasperated. Mist began to form around them and Tsunayoshi blinked as he was back in the lecture-hall, no one noticed his short unconscious.

He stared at his notes, his face betraying nothing of the emotions he was feeling inside or maybe the man really just didn't feel anything at all.

[ 2 ]

Ienobu blinked at the big two story house. It will be the first time that she would live alone, well of course together with her friend but without her father, Reborn and the rest of Vongola.

When she was about to open the door with a slight giddy feeling, it opened seemingly from alone and she felt how her guardians tensed behind her.

She didn't know if she should felt relieved or frightened as the smirking face of the number one hitman stared at her. With her emotions in turmoil did she that at what she was best, being dotty.

"Kyiiie!" She shrieked, flailing her hands, tripping backward and thankfully getting caught by Lancia before she could hit the ground.

"Reborn-dono, what are you doing here?" Basil asked respectful in Japanese.

The hitman didn't answer right away, staring with obvious amusement at the future Vongola boss as she tried to calm down her racing heart.

"Do I need a reason?" He asked them with a chilly smirk, moving to the side to let them trough.

The former arcobaleno remained in the background as the group scattered around the place. The only noteworthy thing was that Mochida went immediately to a bedroom, shutting the door close behind him. It would become a problem if the boy became lost in his own past and neglects his duty as the cloud guardian.

Speaking of past, he caught the eye of Ienobu and jerked his head to the kitchen, signaling that he wanted to speak with her alone.

Seated in the kitchen, Reborn stared blankly at the girl who shifted somewhat guiltily on her chair opposites from him.

"Doesn't...doesn't Nono-ojisan trust me?" Ienobu asked quietly.

Reborn tilted his fedora down, shadowing some part of his face. "That's not it, he's worried about you" He explained short.

The blonde glared at him. "I'm sixteen and I'm not that weak. I can look after myself" She defended herself.

The hitman sighed soundless. "That's not what he's worried about. It's your obsession about your brother. " He spoke. "It's not healthy" He added almost absently.

"Don't call him my brother!" She yelled out springing to her feet and glared, really glared, at him with a poisonous gaze.

Reborn stared dispassionate back and Ienobu's expression faltered. Heavily, she fell back on the chair, looking tired and moments before crying. The knowledge that her brother was in the same city she was, left her in an emotional strain.

"Are you saying.." She began in a whisper, staring at the shiny surface of the table. "..that I should just forget about it? To forgive... and forget... that... that he killed my mother?"

Her eyes blazed and she looked up at the blank, dark eyes of the other. How can he stay so calm? That man was once his student; shouldn't he feel indignantly that he betrayed them like that? That he killed? That he lied to them the whole time?

"Dotty-Nobu" Reborn began in an unreadable voice, using that annoying childhood-nickname people gave her at school. "A mafia boss should always stay calm and analyze the situation."

The girl crossed her arm petulantly. "That's not the kind of mafia boss I want to be" He always stayed calm. She isn't like him, she won't become like him.

[ 2 ]

He was currently sipping peacefully on his coffee, staring at his computer screen in thought.

"Trade 6" He murmured softly, a relative new mafia group which wants to form an alliance with the Vongola. "Russian, huh?" He narrowed his eyes, scanning the information. That sounded like trouble.

"Hey, Tsuna" A voice greeted him as the door opened. A man with short black hair and smiling face entered the office.

"You know, it's not healthy sitting all day before the computer" The man commented, walking to his friend.

Tsuna sighed softly. "I know, trust me, I know "He whispered softly as he took a short break and massaged his forehead. Yamamoto Takeshi's cheerful smile dimmed and he stared worriedly at his friend.

"Are you alright? Maybe you should take a break" He offered, knowing how stubborn his friend can get.

Tsuna shook his head. "No, it's alright. What do you think of Trade 6?" The brown haired man suddenly changed the topic.

The tall Japanese scratched his head. "That new family from Russia? I heard they were pretty talented in the intimidation department, and ruthless" He added. "Are they making problems?" He asked, moving his hand to the shoulder strap that held his sword.

Tsuna shook his head. "At the moment not, but they want to join up with Vongola and what's a better present than the head of the turned traitor Decimo candidate" He stated with a small smile and Yamamoto frowned but chose not to say anything.

"I'll have Hibari's men observing them, that should be enough" Tsunayoshi decided after a moment of silence and shot a last glance at the bright screen.

"Where is Hayato?" He then asked as he stood up, suppressing a wince as his joints cracked.

Yamamoto laughed, eyes shining with amusement "He went to pick up Lambo from school" He beamed cheerfully.

"Eh? How did it come to that?" Tsuna asked lightly. Gokudera transformed in the presence of the ten year old to a peeved child, they usually didn't get along. That he chose to pick up Lambo, was surprising if not a miracle.

Yamamoto rubbed his head, his eyes twinkling in amusement "Well, you see it began with a bet..." He began as they walked out off the office.

*Chapter End*

Nami-Dai : Namimori Daigaku : Namimori University

Author Note²: Like I said at the beginning, there wil be no pairings with Tsuna. I don't have anything against it but it would destroy the balance that I try to make.

For those who are wondering about the name Ienobu. Ienobu is actually a boy's name and it's the name of the shogun who came after Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. I thought it would be a fresh breath of air from names like Tsunami, Tsunahime etc. and because Ienobu isn't a female version of Tsuna, I didn't want to give her a name that resembled Tsuna's.

Thoughts, Critic, wishes, opinions, reviews are always welcomed with open arms.