Prince of the Grasslands

Hey guy this is my first fan fiction so be nice and different color font means the persons think it.

A letter drops from Marceline's chimney with the OOO royalty seal on it.

Marceline picks it up and opens it and gasps.

Finn wakes up and smiles just another normal day in something good Finn walks downstairs to see Jake making an everything Burrito. (Stuffed with extra Bacon) Good Finn doesn't seem to realize what today is. Morning man! Morning .So whats the special occasion pointing at the burrito. Nothing! I just wanted a everything burrito ok! Soo… you ready to go adventuring today?

Yeah man! I got a new bone sword from Choose Goose I want to try out. Good Bubblegum said there was a cave with a giant Snake we should clear out. Meanwhile at the grand hall of Ooo royalty all the unmarried princess had gathered except for one. Marceline burst in oh crap I'm late, I hope they haven't started without me! She ran in and sat down. Now that every one is here we can start Bubblegum said. Now as everybody knows today is Finn's 18th Birthday which means the oath of Restraint is gone! Yaaaa! The girls screamed. Some started getting up a few ran to the door. Order! Order! Screamed Bubblegum. When thing settled down Bubblegum said Now we all know the oath of Restraint was put in to effect 8 years ago which forbid the sexual pursuit of Finn the Human. Now that he is of age we need to decide who will go and when. I have myself made a list. Everybody groans then LSP shouts No fucking way! I'm not waiting especially when your names properly at the top! Yeah the said in unison. 'Besides it doesn't matter because Flame Princess all ready has her hooks in him ever sense she mastered her powers! Flame princess screamed Your just mad because no one finds you attractive! Hell your so ugly the Ice king won't even kidnap you She said smugly. Marceline had enough of this and said Look where not here to debate LSP where here to discuses who gets Finn's virginity. I for one think it should be first come first served . Everybody murmured in agreement . "Then its been decided Bubblegum said angrily "It will be a free for all meeting adjourned. As Marceline walks back to her house she couldn't help but think "so Finns finally turned 18 I can't wait to take his innocents. That reminds me I need to shave.