The Power of Love and Hate

By Ice Climbers Nano and Popa

Inspired by Aynaki Hayami

Disclaimer: We don't own SSBM or the characters.

WHAM! I slammed the door behind me. After locking it, I ran over to my bed and collapsed. What caused everyone to dislike me so suddenly? Was it something I did? I stuffed my head into a pillow. Tears streaked down my face, adding on to my undying pain.

Maybe I should just put an end to this.

Before I entered the Super Smash Brothers tournaments, I had been in a game of my own. Earthbound. After that, nothing really happened...except the cancellation of Earthbound 2.

Why must I endure so much pain? Why I am forced to be beaten?

"Because, Ness, that is the Influence of Hatred."

I lifted my head from the pillow and turned towards the source of the voice. Some one was in the room with me. I saw the outlines of two people. I called out, "Nana and Popo?"

"No, we are Nano and Popa."

My heart skipped a beat. Two strangers were in the room. I whimpered, "Don't hurt me." There was silence...then laughter.

"Why would we harm you?"

I was taken back. These people didn't want to hurt me. They walked over to me and sat on the bed. A gasp came from my mouth; they looked like the Ice Climbers! Nano embraced me, which caught me off-guard. Popa only smiled.

"Ness, some people are mean to you due to the Influence of Hatred."

"But it isn't my fault -"

"No one said it was. The Influence of Hatred is made up by opinions."

"Then why would so many people hate me?"

"Part of it has to do with you; People have a hard time controlling you in Super Smash Brothers and in Super Smash Brothers Melee. You are powerful, but only in the hands of an expert. The other something we cannot answer."

Nano held me closer in her arms, and Popa placed a hand on my shoulder. Both of them gave me warm smiles. Some people actually care about me! Nano wiped my tears away with a mitten.

"But, there are fans of yours all over the world. This is caused by the Influence of Love, which is also made up of opinions."

Popa nodded.

"Whenever you feel sad, just remember that there are people who love you."

"People who care about me..."

Nano giggled.

"That is correct. Many people have faith in you and respect you. Just believe in yourself, and you can do it. You can fight. Do notlet anyone tell you otherwise."

Nano kissed me on the cheek. Popa laughed as I blushed.

"You...You're right..."

I smiled and Nano let me go.

"Thanks, Nano! Thanks, Popa!"

They nodded. I turned towards the door.

"Remember...we are here for you."

I turned around...they were gone. I turned back to the door and smiled.

I'm gonna win this time.