A/N: There's something that I just love about Steve. It's not just his beautiful, chiseled, fantabulous body (although that totally helps!), but also his personality. He's like a little lost puppy that you just want to pick up and cuddle with…*sigh*

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Mustard, lettuce, pickles, ham, tomatoes, pepper, and onions. Steve scans the items on the counter with a content smile, pulls out a loaf of bread, and adds it to the pile of food that spans the kitchen island in its entirety.

There's nothing better than a post-workout snack, he thinks to himself as he assembles his sandwich creation. New York outside the window and the rest of Stark Tower is dark and quiet from the type of stillness that comes when the rest of the world is slumbering, just the way Steve likes it.

He sits down with a tall glass of milk and his meal, and as he chews, he lets his mind drift to that night's dinner.

He frowns suddenly. Come to think of it, he hadn't seen Tony at all for the past couple of days. Bruce had been acting as a sort of messenger, telling them wearily that Tony was this close to perfecting some contraption, but Steve realized that he had never assured them that the man was actually still alive.

A furrow in his forehead, Steve speaks up. "Jarvis?"

"Yes, sir?"

"How long has it been since Tony has eaten?"

There's a pause before Jarvis answers. "By my calculations sir...37 hours."

Steve nearly falls off the chair in shock before he's up on his feet, muttering curses under his breath. Tony Stark is an idiot.

He marches back to the counter and begins assembling another sandwich, bigger than one he's made ever before. He adds turkey, chicken, and beef (for protein), and tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and broccoli (for vitamins). He even adds peppers because he knows that Tony likes them, even though they set his own mouth on fire.

Balancing his monstrosity along with a tall glass of lemonade, Steve carefully carries the meal down to Tony's lab, where Jarvis kindly overrides the locks and opens the doors for him.

He enters the room to find Tony already in hysterics at him for breaking his concentration, and even though he tries to explain to the man that everybody needs food and drink, regardless of whether they can fly a magic metal suit, Tony throws a hammer at him.

They end up screaming at each other for eighteen minutes (Steve lecturing Tony about his health, Tony screeching out euphemisms and swears) before Tony starts laughing madly to himself about sex and drugs and Steve storms out the door muttering about stupid scientists.

He leaves behind the sandwich though.