A/N: This is just some joke/sketch I remembered suddenly, and I wanted to make it as a TMNT fanfic. It's very short, I know, but I think it's good enough :D Enjoy!


Raph was sitting on the edge of a cliff. The wind was blowing smoothly.
"98, 98, 98, 98..." he was counting. His mind was partly elsewhere.
Mikey saw his brother and went closer. "Raph, what are you doing?" he asked joyfully.
"98, 98, 98, 98..."
"What are you counting? Huh, tell me! Raph?!" Mikey went closer to see. He was extremely near the edge when Raph pushed the younger brother a little bit. Mikey lost his foothold and fell the whole way screaming.
And when there wasn't any sound left: "99, 99, 99, 99..."