Tonight… You are mine.

(A Junjou Romantica fanfic. - Usagi x Misaki)

Rated: T

*Warning to readers: This fic contains some shounen-ai / BL, so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read!

Misaki Takahashi cleaned the kitchen, like he did every other morning, in the household of the great Akihiko Usami, or, as Misaki called him: "Usagi-san". As usual, Misaki had been the first of the two to actually get up that morning. He sighed as he picked up another glass to scrub from the sink. Misaki had been having thoughts lately and he wasn't sure what to do about them. Since he had been living with Usagi-san, he had been in a strange sort of relationship with the man.

Of course, being the pervert that he was, Usagi constantly smothered Misaki whenever the moment seemed fit to him. Misaki, on the other hand, was unsure of how he actually felt in response to it. Sure, when the situations came up, he acted as if he did not approve of it at all. He made it perfectly clear that he was not one who would be toyed with and taken advantage of so easily. Lately, however, he had been thinking otherwise…

The fact that it was Usami making him feel this way made it harder for him to believe that he was having such thoughts… When would Misaki come clean with himself and Usami and admit his feelings? Scrubbing the glass more thoroughly, he thought to himself, 'well, certainly not anytime soon…'

Misaki's life consisted of, aside from his college classes, trying to balance his social life and his "relationship", if it could even be called that. Not to mention that given who he was with, it was hard to try to keep it discreet. Not only was Usagi-san a famous author, well-known by most of the people at the university - he imagined - , but he was always the one to pick up Misaki once his classes had ended for the day. Not suspicious in the least, or so Misaki wished.

He hadn't really been asked about it by anyone, but he generally got a few stares coming to and from school, which really did not help the fact that he was already only a freshman to begin with. Getting used to the college life and people would not be as easy as he thought, which sort of upset him. Why can't I just be a college student living a normal life, for God's sake! He thought to himself that day as he walked past the throng of people crowded outside of the school. He could just barely hear the sound of Usagi-san leaving as the engine started up in his red sports car.

"Ohayo, Misaki!" His sempai Keiichi Sumi called from where they usually sat in his first class, Misaki waved back and took his seat next to Sumi.

"I haven't missed anything, have I?" Misaki asked, feeling a bit scatterbrained that particular morning.

"No," Sumi shook his head, "Say, are you alright?" he watched Misaki as he dug through his school bag for a pencil.

"Yeah, I'm great." He pulled one out and set it on the desk, "why do you ask?"

"You seem like you came in a hurry, did you not get any sleep last night?"

Misaki sighed. No, it was too early for this to come up. "Of course, it's just that I woke up late..." Yeah, that's believable.

"Hm…" Sumi blinked, clearly unconvinced.

Misaki felt irritated with himself. He knew he wasn't exactly the best liar, but was he really that transparent? "Fine, I had a late night." He rubbed his forehead with one hand, knowing that was as much of the truth as he was going to give to his sempai, he tried to look focused on writing down notes so that Sumi would stop looking at him, it didn't work though.

"Something that had to do with Usami-san, isn't it?" Sumi asked; sounding like the answer was obvious to him.

According to Sumi-san, Misaki brought him up in their conversations more than Misaki had realized, or liked to realize, so he'd been making it an effort not to do that as much anymore. He wasn't sure if it had been working, but he wasn't about to ask Sumi that.

"It's nothing; he's just his usual lazy, careless self. It gets on my nerves… You know, living with him and all… Maybe it would be best that we change the subject."

Sumi raised his eyebrows, "Okay, because I'm not sure what you've been writing, but you've missed some notes already,"

Misaki flipped to a new page in his notebook, Sumi shook his head, chuckling to himself.

"I can lend you mine later in case you missed anything." Misaki turned to his sempai and nodded.

That Friday afternoon, after a long grueling week of notes and exams, Misaki was happy to be away from school, even a break from Sumi wasn't a bad thing once in awhile. He had no opposition to driving home with Usagi-san that day, and actually hadn't shown much emotion at all besides exhaustion. Staying up late and studying did that to him, no matter how much coffee he drank. Misaki stood waiting outside the gates of the school when he spotted Usagi-san's car, given how bright of a shade of red it was, it wasn't hard to spot it. Once he pulled up, Misaki climbed in, tossing his book bag into the back seat.

Usagi-san gave him a questioning look, "eager to leave school, eh? You have no other things to attend with any of your friends?"

Misaki shifted position in his seat, "I'm tired, so of course I'm ready to leave." He ignored the comment about his friends, for some reason whenever they would invite Misaki to go anywhere Usagi-san had an automatic response to it, and it was that he certainly wouldn't let Misaki go anywhere as long as he had a say in it.

Which at times got extremely frustrating, it was yet another thing that made keeping his social life functional very difficult. Leaning against the cold, glass window in the front seat of the car, feeling extremely tired, Misaki began to drift away…

His moment of peace was soon interrupted by the voice of the man sitting beside him, and the sound of the car engine stopping.

"Misaki, are you asleep?"

Might as well be, then you'll leave me alone! He thought to himself as he ignored the other. Next thing he knew he was being nudged on the shoulder.

"Misaki, we've arrived home…" Usagi-san sounded a bit tired as well.

Doing his best to act like he was still asleep, Misaki continued to remain silent. Then he heard the door on Usagi-san's side open for a brief moment, and close. He's really leaving me in the car? Misaki thought to himself.

His question was answered a few seconds later when the door on his side of the car was pulled open, causing him to practically fall out of his seat, but before he could say anything in retort, Usagi-san's arms wrapped around him, taking him out of the car and carrying him into the house. Misaki did not like being man-handled like this, but for once, he said nothing and merely pouted, burying his face in Usagi-san's shoulder.

He breathed in the familiar, sweet scent of the man, letting it fill his nose and overwhelm his senses. This made it much easier for Misaki to relax and feel the anger and stress leave his body. He really was very tired, and almost asleep as Usagi-san laid him gently down on one of the sofas in the living room area of the loft.

He could have sworn there was a pillow under his head that he hadn't remembered putting there that morning, and looked up to see that it was only Suzuki-san, one of Usagi's teddy bears. Misaki rolled onto his side and looked to see Usagi sitting on the couch directly across from him. He blinked, expecting the man to say something, and when he didn't, Misaki spoke.

"You know… I almost fell onto my face because of how you carelessly opened that car door… It's not really polite to scare people like that, you know…" he stretched, yawning softly.

"Well, I'm sorry. I thought you were asleep." Usagi-san shrugged and lit a cigarette. Misaki said nothing more, positioning himself more comfortably on one of Suzuki-san's legs.

"You've been really tired all week… Why are you not getting enough sleep?" Usagi asked him, playing the concerned adult role, yet again.

"School is important..." was all Misaki said.

Usagi blinked. "Yes, I understand that… but so is your wellbeing, Misaki."

"You really need to worry less about me, and more about yourself." He said, eying the lit cigarette in Usagi-san's hand.

Clearly missing the point, Usagi replied with, "I get plenty of sleep; I see no point in worrying otherwise." Misaki snorted, it wasn't like he'd not been the one who was more mature half of the time, and it was tiring. He rubbed his forehead.

"Well, I'm feeling sleepy as well. Want to come to bed with me?" Usagi-san asked in his usual too-casual tone.

"I think I'm fine here with Suzuki-san…" Misaki said, stroking the bear's fur respectively.

Usagi got to his feet. "Is something the matter?"

"No." Misaki lied. Besides having a headache, he really still was conflicted with his feelings; he didn't want to talk about it though. Especially not with Usagi-san.

Ignoring his requests, as usual, Usagi walked over and grabbed Misaki, lifting him off of the sofa.

"You can't just take me anywhere as you please; I'm a person, too! With thoughts, and feelings-

"Just stop talking for now; you're going to make yourself even more tired." Usagi began to march to the back bedroom, cutting Misaki off midway through his rant.

Misaki frowned, "You really need to work on thinking of the right thing to say as a response before you open your mouth…"

Usagi said nothing to that, pushing the door open to the dimly lighted room, dropping Misaki onto the bed.

"Just listen, for one second!" Misaki demanded, sitting up as Usagi sat down next to him.

"Mm-hmm, go on." He nudged Misaki's shoulder.

As he sat there alone with Usagi, Misaki realized that he seemed to suddenly have nothing to say. It was as if all of the angry thoughts buzzing around in his mind had just vanished.

"I-I…" he bit his lip. Why did this always happen to him? WHY?! He blamed it on Usagi-san…

Crossing his arms, Usagi-san said; "I'm listening."

Misaki shrugged, avoiding the other man's gaze. "I guess I'm not sure of what I want to say after all…" he laid down on his back, his arm over his forehead.

Usagi sighed, "This is bound to happen when you get yourself all worked up like that. I'm surprised you haven't already figured that out."

Misaki huffed, his sarcasm was not helping. He noticed Usagi move across the bed and looked up to see that Usagi-san was positioned just above him; and looked up into his face.

"I don't want you to think that I don't listen, but sometimes I'm unsure of what to say back."

Misaki chuckled, "Oh, so that's it?"

Usagi reached his hand down slowly and held Misaki's wrist in his hand. "Well, I suppose. Some of the time…" Misaki had nothing to say to that, so he just stared.

"Mm, well, it can't be helped." Usagi said flatly, and Misaki was sure he was telling the truth. At that moment Misaki decided that it would do no good to say anything more. He exhaled, feeling Usagi's warm hand against his cheek.

"I love you, Misaki…" he whispered to him, his voice giving Misaki a ticklish feeling in his ear. He shivered, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Part of him wanted to say that he loved Usagi back, but the words refused to come out. He sighed in frustration, why couldn't he just say it?

He wrapped his arms around Usagi's neck, pulling him closer and allowing him more access to his face and neck area. Usagi-san did not hesitate, and began kissing softly down the side of Misaki's neck. Misaki bit down onto his lip, Usagi seemed to know all of the places he was most sensitive. Damn him!

Continuing to tease him, Usagi went on to lightly suck the skin, making it harder for Misaki to suppress the sounds he felt coming on. He hated how vulnerable he felt at moments like this, but at the same time, he enjoyed it. Misaki tightened his arms around Usagi's neck, just as Usagi moved back up and kissed Misaki lovingly on the lips. Misaki kissed back, hoping to show as much affection and love as Usagi always had to him through his kisses.

He enjoyed the taste of Usagi very much; it was almost as good as his scent. He assumed that he had been successful when he felt Usagi hold him closer. He felt safe and secure in Usagi's arms, and warm. Oh so warm…

Misaki continued holding onto Usagi, feeling a bit childish, but also trying to trust him. Trusting is one of the first steps he felt that he should take if he was to really come clean about his feelings…

"I love you…" Usagi-san said to him.

Misaki swallowed, hiding his face as he felt his cheeks burn a bright scarlet.

"Why so red?" Usagi carefully cupped his hand under Misaki's chin, lifting his face so that they could look at each other.

"I-I blame you..." Misaki surprised himself by saying this successfully without stuttering as much as he usually would do.

"I'll take the blame, but surely you must expect me to make up for it." He grinned at Misaki, his signature look that told Misaki if he didn't surrender now, it would be too late to escape, and Misaki knew for a fact that this was also true.

"U-Usagi…" he began to say, but Usagi had pinned him down in two seconds flat. The pace of his heartbeat increased at how quickly Usagi did so. He looked into Usagi's eyes, as he broke the kiss for a moment. He could see the hunger in Usagi's eyes that was gnawing ceaselessly within him.

Misaki experienced a strange mix of fear and excitement at realizing what that meant…

"Misaki..." Usagi spoke softly to him, in a voice seeming so gentle. "Mmh?" Misaki didn't dare close his eyes. "Tonight, you are mine…"