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When Misaki awoke the next morning, he was in a bit of a daze. The memory of the previous night was quite vague, and his entire body felt numb. In the midst of the dark room, he could hear Usagi breathing next to him as he slept heavily.

Is he really still asleep? He wondered, though he decided that it was probably best he didn't bug him.

Yeah, I'll just let him sleep; I don't really want to be dealing with a sleep-deprived Usagi right now. Or ever, for that matter…

Misaki yawned, stretching his arms out towards the wall he was facing. Usagi stirred in his sleep and pulled the blanket more towards his side of the bed. For once Misaki didn't pull it back, he lacked the energy to do much but lay there, so he continued to lay there.

Even though he wasn't exactly sure of the time, he knew that it was the afternoon by the sun that shone through the partially open curtains across the room. Well, it could be four o' clock for all he cared; he wasn't going to disturb Usagi, much less move from where he was.

He carefully shifted his position, moving cautiously so that he wouldn't wake the other. For a moment, he felt like he was going to fall asleep again, he curled up a bit and fixed the sheet that was coming off of the mattress, and then he closed his eyes.

Soon after, a familiar pair of arms made their way around him, feeling very warm and strong. Misaki gasped, startled, and opened his eyes as Usagi hugged him tightly. A small shiver passed through the boy's body at the feeling of Usagi's arms around his cold skin.

"Usagi-san…" he held onto the other's arms, hoping that his endeavor of a moment ago hadn't been what woke Usagi up. He swallowed nervously.

"Yes?" his breath was warm on the back of Misaki's neck.

"You were just asleep, I didn't wake you did I?" he blinked hopefully.

"I've been awake, actually."

Somehow Misaki could tell that the man behind him was grinning, even though he wasn't looking at him. He grunted.

"You jerk… So scaring me like that was on purpose?"

"It worked, didn't it?"

Misaki huffed angrily, and Usagi chuckled.

"You know, I was going to apologize for waking you, but you should be the one apologizing." Misaki said to him, deciding that if he would have been able to – he would have had his arms crossed right now.

"I don't think so." Usagi replied stubbornly, playing with Misaki's hair.

He sighed, and went to sit up but found that he was barely able to move. One thing he learned to never doubt with Usagi-san was his strength. However, sometimes he wondered if Usagi himself was conscious of just how much stronger he was than Misaki.

"Um, Usagi-san…"


"You know you don't have to hold me so tightly." He frowned, unable to budge.

"But if I don't you're going to leave, aren't you?"

Misaki stopped struggling for a moment, noticing the change in the tone of Usagi's voice. He hated to make anyone upset, especially Usagi. But at times, he could be a bit… selfish.

"Well, it appears to be past noon already, and I'm not sure about you, but I think that most people don't spend the whole day in bed. You know, there are more productive things you could do with your time, and-

"Why rush?"

"It's not that, really… It's just that-

"Just that what?" Usagi asked him as he grabbed onto Misaki, rolling him over so that they were facing each other.

Misaki gasped, conscious of the fact that he was still naked, and he went to cover himself.

"Why can't you just relax for awhile and stay with me?"

Usagi gave Misaki a look that made him most uncomfortable. Misaki rubbed the back of his neck, feeling awkward.

"I think you're entirely too eager to get things done, all the time. I think that you should just rest for awhile."

He moved closer to Misaki.


"It will be good for you and for me… Just be a normal person for once and put things off. Wait awhile and live the moment while it still remains."

Misaki struggled to put words to the many thoughts buzzing around in his mind, and sputtering he managed to respond to Usagi's last comment:

"Put things off, like a normal person you say? Well maybe when you're talking about yourself – yeah, you definitely put things off. Quite often, actually… But some people actually act their age you know! Mature, and aware of responsibilities, and… obligations!"

He could feel his face getting hot. Although he knew that he probably seemed ridiculous coming at Usagi like this – sometimes he just needed to yell. He always felt better afterwards, anyways, and… Usagi didn't ever retaliate. It was like he knew sometimes Misaki just needed to vent. Even if his way of doing so was acting completely irrationally…

Just as he had predicted – being very unaffected by his sudden change in mood, Usagi gently took Misaki's face in his hands, and kissed him softly. The boy relaxed, exhaling deeply and Usagi smiled.

"Alright…" Misaki agreed, feeling that maybe he was overreacting a bit... Maybe he didn't need to be on top of everything all of the time. Or some of the time, at least. Definitely not after he realized how ignorant he must have seemed just now.

"You know, I think that some of the time, everyone should just take time to relax and do nothing. Just take a break from their lives, and have time to get some space, and clear their heads."

Misaki looked up at the silver-haired man,

"So, what you're saying is that you think more people should act like you?"

He could feel his eye twitch in irritation at his lover's obvious self-absorption. It wasn't the first time he had said something so blatant, but the fact remained that it annoyed Misaki.

Usagi nodded, "Well, something like that. Life gets stressful sometimes, no one likes that. But when it does happen, I'm glad that I have someone around to make me feel better." he ruffled Misaki's hair playfully.

Misaki blushed, giving Usagi a small grin, which he returned following suit.

That smile still makes me feel like I'm melting on the inside…

"Let's just nap for a little while more, okay?"

"Uh…" Misaki began, "actually, I-

"Did I say you had a choice?"

Usagi grinned, pulling Misaki closer, ignoring his struggle to get free. He simply pulled the blanket over both of them and made sure that Misaki wasn't going anywhere. When he must have realized it himself – he heard the boy sigh. But he knew that it was alright, because just when he was about to doze off, he felt a tight squeeze around his waist as Misaki rolled over towards him.

At least right here I know that I can trust him… and he will love me no matter what. I don't have to be worried, or anxious…

He looked down at the brunette, who stared back up at him, as if he had just been thinking to himself. Which, he probably was.


Usagi just smiled. A sense of relief washed over him as he remembered that Misaki had been the one who was first to reach out to Usagi, he had been there, and he was happy and confident in knowing that he could be certain he wouldn't leave.

Sure, Misaki could be a pain in the ass and act like a kid sometimes, but without him – Usagi knew that he would be truly lost.

They say that when love is truest – they will not only tell each other, but they will know it in their hearts. When this happens, you can be certain that there is nothing that will ever change it.