Mr. Apocalypse

Chapter 1: History Class

Derby spotted his science teacher/best friend, Adam Young, heading towards his classroom.

"Hey, Adam!" he greeted.

"Oh, hi Derby!" Adam greeted back. "Did you remember to do your science homework?"

Derby burst out laughing. "'Do your science homework! That's a good one!" He continued laughing, not realizing-or completely ignoring-that Adam was being serious.

Then, their friend, Echo, walked by and saw Derby laughing. "What's so funny?" she asked.

Derby answered, finally recovering from his fit of laughter. "Adam asked if I did my science homework!"

Now it was Echo's turn to start laughing. Then, Slab walked by and asked what was so funny. Echo told Slab about Adam's question, and he started laughing, too!

Adam rolled his eyes-he was used to his students' shared opinion of science class by now. "Well," he said. "See you all third period." He walked away.

Echo caught up to him. "Uh, Adam, we have you for fourth period," she corrected.

"I know," he said. "But Mrs. Byrne called in sick, so Principal Tater wants me to fill in for her. I'm assuming that he can't hire a real substitute because of the recent budget cuts."

"Mrs. Byrne's sick?"

"Uh huh." Adam handed her a large, yellow paper. "Read the telegram she sent-it'll tell you what's wrong."

It was third period, and Adam welcomed his students and explained why Mrs. Byrne wasn't there. "Today," he began after his explanation. "We were suppose to discuss the War of 1812, but I figured that you guys probably know a lot about that by now."

The students murmured in agreement. Mrs. Byrne taught the exact same lesson on the War of 1812 every day.

"So, I thought we'd discuss something new-the Mayans."

"Wait," Derby interrupted. "Is this going to be as boring as science class? If so, can I go get my pillow from my locker?"

Adam was a little annoyed-but not surprised-at his friend's questions. "This is actually pretty interesting. The Mayans accomplished many things, like inventing the calendar. In fact, they predicted that, on December 21, 2012, at exactly 6:00 PM, this 'World Age' would come to an end, and it would transition into an entirely new one!"

Derby gasped. "December 21!? That's tomorrow!"

"Yes, it is tomorrow," the teacher agreed. "But that doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to die tomorrow."

"We're gonna die!?" Derby exclaimed. He ran out of the classroom, screaming.

"Look on the bright side," Echo told Adam, trying to put a positive spin on the situation. "At least he didn't fall asleep in your class."

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