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Chapter 4: False Alarm

It was December 21, 2012, 5:58 PM. Adam had arrived at the school, because he knew Derby would be there. However, he didn't expect to see Echo there.

"Echo!" he exclaimed, happy to see his crush. "You came for me!" She stared at him, confused. Adam realized his mistake and corrected himself. "I mean for Derby."

She shrugged. "Well, he is our friend."

"Finally!" Mrs. Byrne, the elderly history teacher, walked up behind them. Her skin was green! "I've been looking for my students for five minutes! Have you ever heard of the war of 1812?"

Echo ignored her question and asked one of her own. "Mrs. Byrne, why are you green? Are you still sick?"

Mrs. Byrne chucked. "I was never sick. I just took yesterday off, so I could buy this new tablet." She held up a miniature chalkboard, with a piece of chalk-on-a-string attached to it. "And then I took today off to buy this iPad." She held up an Etch-a-Sketch. "I don't usually go for modern gadgets, but I don't know how I ever lived without these!"

"But why are you green?" Adam asked.

"Oh," the teacher said, now remembering the question. "It's because I got Ivy's cheap jewels on me, then I took a shower. I guess they changed my skin color." She stomped her foot in frustration. "Dang!"

"You called?" Dang and Derby appeared. Everyone but Dang screamed.

"How did we get here?" Derby asked, looking around.

"No time for that," the janitor answered, pointing at Mrs. Byrne. "Look! A zombie!"

Derby gasped. "The zombie apocalypse has begun! Look at its green, rotting flesh. Its cold, soulless eyes..."

"ATTACK!" Dang screamed. He and Derby ran to Mrs. Byrne.

Adam rushed in front of them. "Wait!" They stopped. "This is Mrs. Byrne."

"By the way, Mr. Young," she began. "Did the substitute teach the assigned lesson on...oh, what was it called? That war? That happened in 1812?"

Adam ignored her. "Dang, Derby. It's 6:01, now. The world didn't end."

Derby looked around. "You're right." He jumped up and down with excitement. "We're alive!"

"I don't understand," Dang said, confused. "I was told the apocalypse would happen at six PM today."

"Who told you that?" Echo asked.

"My father, Heck."

"You called?" An elderly man with a gray beard and gray hair appeared.

Everyone but Mrs. Byrne screamed. "World War I!" she exclaimed, thinking she remembered the name of the war.

The End

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