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Like Father, Like Son, Like Hell

Chapter One

Just Another Day?

"Four birthdays, two transfers,

a celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights,

two chess tournaments, one secondary school play,

and four promotions. Overall it's an ordinary day."

Data's Day

( July 29, 2366)

It was an ordinary day on the Enterprise- D, but it was a special for one Wesley Robert Crusher. It was his 18th birthday and to say that he was excited was an understatement. He wondered what his friends would do for him.

But those thoughts didn't occupy his mind at the current moment.

"Wes! Hurry up! You're going to be late for your shift!" shouted Beverly outside his door. Wesley was only half paying attention to his mother; he had his jacket unzipped and was working hard on an invention that could hopefully help the Enterprise and her crew in the not-so-distant future.

"Wesley come on!"

"Coming mom!" answered Wesley setting down the device that was really no bigger than a holly berry, into a dark hardwood box. The box had blue satin in it, and four spaces filled with the copies of the same device that Wesley was perfecting. He then pulled a ribbon on the inside of the box which revealed a secret compartment. Wesley had a pre-written letter. He'd spent many hours pouring his heart into making it as perfect as he could, and then took out a pen and wrote:

"To Capt. Picard" in cursive.

He shoved the letter into the compartment, quickly sealing its contents from view.

His door swooshed open to reveal his mother. She had an angry scowl on her face and her fingers tapped on her folded arms. Wesley quickly shoved the card under the wooden box. He turned to face his mother and smiled sweetly at her. Beverly sighed and came toward her son and put her hands on the sides of his face.

"Wesley you are almost out of uniform." She zipped Wesley's uniform jacket, he looked so handsome.

"Thanks, mom." He hugged his mother.

"Happy birthday, Wes." Beverly whispered softly to Wesley and planted two kisses on his cheeks.

"You young man," pointing a finger to his nose so close that her nail almost touched him "Are going to be late for Bridge duty and you are going to disappoint a lot of people who are waiting for you."

"OK. Mom."

He jogged out of his room into the dining room area of their quarters. He went over to the replicator and ordered a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, completely ignoring the already replicated breakfast on the table that looked absolutely delicious. He then started to head out the door.

Once Beverly saw that Wesley had skipped his large time consuming favorite breakfast, she began to panic. She quickly rose to her feet and blocked his path to the door.

"Wes! You have an…." Called Beverly to Wesley, but he already had his two feet out the door. Wesley cut her off.

"Bye, mom! I love you!" He yelled as he went out the door with a 1,000 volt smile and waved.

And he was gone. She knew that it was her job to keep Wesley occupied. After all, Picard had given him an extra hour to get ready because she told him that she was going to fix Wes a big birthday breakfast for him. He was going to arrive early when he didn't need to.

On the bridge . . .

"So, let me get this straight. We are not going to surprise him on the Bridge, but once we get back from the Messier Observation Station. Am I right Commander?"

"Yes, Geordi that is correct." Riker, clasped a hand on Geordi's shoulder. They walked down the slope toward navigation and OPS. The whole main bridge was for a lack of words giddy to celebrate the youngest member of their crew's 18th birthday.

"So what flavor is the cake?" Asked LaForge. Counselor Troi came over toward the two who were around Data's station.

"Yes, Commander, what flavor is the cake?" Beamed Troi hoping it was chocolate. She was a pure-blooded chocoholic who loved anything that had any kind of chocolate in it. But it was Data who answered her.

Data spun his chair 180º to face his friends.

"It is a double layer round chocolate cake with white vanilla royal icing. It is decorated with piped red royal icing roses with the words 'Happy Birthday Wes' I do believe counselor."

"Yum! My favorite! But. . . I only wish that the icing was chocolate too. . ."

"Troi. You'd hook the chocolate up to your veins if you could" Joked Riker. The group of friends laughed, all except Data who didn't understand what was so funny. Suddenly Wesley emerged from the turbolift. He noticed his friends in a small circle at the front of the bridge.

Riker turned his head to see Wesley stepping out of the turbolift, he then turned his back. "Dang It, It's Wes!" Thought Riker. He wasn't suppose to come to the Bridge till an hour later.

"Wesley!"Shouted Riker across the Bridge. Snapping Geordi and Troi out of their laughter.

Riker leaned toward LaForge and muttered from the side of his mouth. "Geordi I thought the Doctor was going to keep him busy for an hour."

"Yeah that's what she said, but I guess she wasn't able to distract him or Wesley ate really fast." Answered LaForge in a hushed tone trying to keep his voice down so Wesley would not hear him.

"Guys, act as normal as possible." Ordered Riker. They nodded. Riker turned around to face Wes as he came down the slope toward them.

"Ensign Crusher why are you here so early? You are not due for duty for at least an hour." Asked Riker in a commanding voice. Wesley looked at his commanding officer. He was a little taken back by Riker's tone.

Wesley licked his lips and answered. "I guess. . .The early bird always catches the worm. Sir." A little embarrassed, he hoped that his companions would remember and at least say happy birthday when he came on to the Bridge and not give him the cold shoulder he just received from his commander.

"Well, I'm here now. What are my orders, sir?"

Riker didn't know what to say to the Ensign. So he came up with an excuse.

"Well. . . Your orders are," Riker paused and looked toward Picard's ready room. " Well! Look at the time, I have to give a report to the Captain. That is why I am letting LaForge give you orders."He made a beeline into Picard's office.

LaForge was more than a little stunned that Riker dumped this little job of preoccupying Wesley on him.

"I truly am sorry Wes, but I have to. . . I have some repairs in engineering! Yeah that's right!" Jogging up the slope to the turbolift, Wesley followed closely behind him.

" That great! I will come with you! Because I came early to the Bridge, I don't think they would mind me helping you out in Engineering!" Beamed Wesley.

LaForge turned on his heels to face the young Ensign.

"No, You are going to stay on the Bridge. I think the counselor is going to tell you, your orders." Turning on his heels and walked into the Turbolift.

"I have a patient right now and I have to leave right now or I am going to be late." Troi sensed that Wesley was very disappointed, but he would soon find himself happy as a lark when he came back from the Messier observation station. When she left, it was only Wesley and Data.

"What are my orders, sir?" Asked Wesley. To his surprise he finally got his orders for the evening.

"You are to make course corrections to our current course to the Messier observation station." Replied Data, turning back around to press a few buttons to check their position. Wesley sighed and went to his station and sat down in the chair. It was a rather large disappointment that his friends seemed to be ditching him. What made it even worse was that they didn't even say "happy birthday" to him. But what got to him the most was how odd they acted toward him. This was going to be a not so fun birthday.

Captain's Ready Room

Picard was reading reports and sipping his hot Earl Gray tea, when Riker barged in. Picard looked up a little worried about his First Officer.

"What is it, Number One?" He put down a report, and looked at his officer more intently.

"Well, it seems Captain that the birthday boy came a little early to the bridge. So I made up an excuse to come in here." Riker half-joked.

"And what excuse was that Number One?" Picard questioned, leaning back in his chair but still maintaining his rigid posture.

"That I had a report to give you." He just watched as Picard looked at the report he just sat down on his desk. It was a report Commander Riker had given him an hour earlier.

They both laughed out loud together. When they both calmed down, Riker asked a question that he was itching to ask.

"So, Captain what is your gift to Wes?"

"Well, Number One. It is really not a gift at all, it's more of an experience." Trying to explain his "gift" as best he could.

"What experience would that be Captain?" Asked Riker, his blue eyes shining with curiosity.

"I am taking Wesley horseback riding on the holodeck." Standing up and straightening his shirt, he walked over towards Riker.

"And what is your gift, Number One?" Inquired Picard.

"You will find out at the surprise party and did I ever tell you that Wes had a bad experience with horses?" Joked Riker, as they started to walk out of Picard's ready room.

"No, I don't think you told me yet, and what do you mean 'bad experience'" As they both walked out of the door and headed toward the Bridge.

" Well, Captain. I guess you will find out when you two go to the Holodeck."

They strolled onto the Bridge. The Turbolift's door opened to reveal Worf and a couple other Ensigns busy at their stations. Worf went to his station and nodded to Picard as he sat down in his chair.

"Mr. Data how long until we reach the Messier observation station?" Asked Picard in his commanding voice.

"Three hours, twenty-two minutes and…" Answered Data before being cut off by Picard who raised his hand to silence him.

"Thank you, Mr. Data."

"Once we get there. I want Commander Riker to lead an away team with Commander Data, Lieutenant Commander LaForge and Ensign Crusher. You take a shuttle to the observation station, where you will do the necessary repairs."

His replies were 'yes sir' from his officers.

Three hours and twenty two minutes later. . .

Streaks of light turned into a million still diamonds in the sky as the Enterprise came out of warp.

"Let's go, people!" Commanded Riker. Data got up from his station, while Wesley just stayed at his station analyzing an anomaly.

Wesley studied the anomaly, it was a blimp on his sensors. Wesley looked up at the view screen there was this greenish mist. The sensors showed that the mist was the start of an ion storm, no doubt the storm would be a mystery worth exploring. But Wesley could not shake the feeling like they were being watched or something or someone was waiting for them to make a mistake.

"Mr. Crusher. Let's go!" Shouted Riker, near the turbolift. He crossed his arms waiting for Wesley to answer. Wesley got up and answered him, "Sir, Can I have five more minutes because I picked something interesting on the long range sensors." he pleaded.

"Ok, Mr. Crusher, only five minutes. But I want to see your face in shuttlebay two. Are we clear, Ensign?" Wesley nodded his confirmation. "Yes, sir. five minutes , got it."

Riker and Data stepped on the turbolift and headed down toward shuttlebay two. As the lift's door closed, Wesley went up toward the science station. When he got there the blip was gone. How strange. Thought Wesley. Whatever it was, it did not want to be found. The ion storm was picking up and gaining speed, he better head down to shuttlebay two before the storm got even worse.

Wesley headed toward the turbolift. He had to take this lift to Deck 2 to pick up his supplies for the mission and then take another lift to Shuttle bay two which was on Deck four along with the main shuttlebay.

A few minutes later. . .

As he headed toward Shuttlebay two, he stepped on to a Turbolift, which had a beautiful ensign in it. She was wearing her chestnut brown hair in a braid and was wearing a yellow uniform that emphasize every curve of her radiant body. Wesley could not help but stare. He had never seen a woman with so much natural beauty in his life.

"You know Ensign Wesley Crusher it is rude to stare." She stated. The lift stopped.

Wesley didn't answer because he was mesmerized by the sound of his name rolling off her perfect tongue.. She smiled sweetly at him.

"You are just too cute Wesley Crusher, too cute." As the lift's doors opened and she turned on her heels and walked out of the lift. Wesley snapped out his stare.

"I didn't get your name!" Wesley semi- shouted to the girl. She only replied with.

"You are still too cute."

"But that isn't fair! You know my name!" Wesley shouted to the girl who was down a couple of feet away from him.

"Law #46 Life's not fair, see ya!" The girl shouted to him.

"Law?" What law?" he yelled to an empty hall.

Wesley knew he had to find out who she was after he got back from his mission. He saw she was wearing an engineering insignia, so he was most likely going to check there first. But he still could not shake the feeling that someone was watching them. With that mysterious blip he was uneasy and anxious. He felt his shoulder getting tense with knots, but then again he was on the finest starship in whole fleet with the most dedicated crew, if there was trouble, the Enterprise could handle it. If it was the Romulans he was sure that Captain Picard would get them out of the situation. He was extremely faithful to his captain and he had full confidence that if anything happened to him, Captain Picard would take care of things.

Wesley walked into the shuttlebay where he saw Riker, Data, and LaForge preparing the shuttlecraft for departure. They looked up at him and smiled. Wesley was smiling from ear to ear.

"I am glad you decided to join us Mr. Crusher." Comment Riker.

Stepping from the back of the shuttle, Data gave his report to Riker. "We should be ready to depart in five minutes, Commander."

"Wes is something wrong with you? Because you are giddy." Geordi asked.

"She. . she said I was cute." Wesley said with his cheeks burning with red.

"Ohh. . . no Commander I think Wesley has found a girl." LaForge tried to not embarrass Wesley, but at the same time he laughed on the inside on how socially unaware Wesley was when it came to girls.

"So, Ensign did you get her name?" Asked Riker.

"No, Commander, unfortunately. But I do know is that she works in engineering and once I get back. I am going to ask her out." Wesley stated with confidence.

"Good luck with that Rudolph." Clapping a hand on Wesley's shoulder and giving him a shake. Data didn't quite understand the Rudolph connotation.

"But we need to be heading out to do repairs to Messier Observation Station, before this ion storm gets any worse because I can hardly see the Observation station and it is only 20 kilometers away."

The team went into the shuttlecraft with Data and LaForge piloting the craft.

"Commander Data to Bridge."

"Go ahead Mr. Data."

"Our shuttle is ready for departure to the Observation station, sir."


Picard was a little worried about the away team, he had full faith in his officers, but he was more than a little worried than usual when he sent his crew off the ship no matter how routine the mission. This was no exception.

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