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Chapter 51 Something from the past as we head into the future.

Sex scene

In the morning Sam woke facing out of the bed, lying where Dean had lain the night before. He had a second to register his head was even on Dean's pillow before Dean's warm arm squeezed him from behind. Sam wriggled with pleasure at a hard pressure on the small of his back. He pushed his way up the bed a little so that Dean's hard dick was nestled in the crack of his ass, which in turn made him as hard as a rock.

Sam fumbled for his boxers pushing them down so Dean's naked hardness could slide up and down. After a couple of thrusts between his cheeks there was a sudden wetness and the slide became insanely slippery making Sam moan aloud.
"What the hell is that?"
"Baby oil." Dean breathed in Sam's ear as he continued to thrust up and over his entrance.
"You have baby oil?"
"It was in my shaving kit. God, that's good. I went to the bathroom and when I came back you were in my spot. I thought I'd wake you up with a smile."
"I'm definitely smiling. Oh yeah, De."

Sam turned his head for a kiss and plunged his tongue into Dean's mouth every time the head brushed his entrance. He had enjoyed it when Dean had played with him in the bath but this was something else.
"De? Can you go in?"
"What? No way?" Dean backed away slightly despite his body screaming at him not to.
"I need to feel you, De. I'm ready."
"You sure?"
"Hell, yes."
"How about just a little this first time?"

Dean placed the top of his dick at Sam's entrance and used it to message the spot with little jabs by moving his hips. Sam grabbed Dean's arm across his chest with one hand throwing his head back with how good it felt. Sam could hear Dean panting slightly as he worked and knew it was working him up fast as well. Sam pushed back a little and at first Dean pulled away but then pushed forward a little. Dean's slippery dick just breached his body and Dean rotated his hips to stop himself going and to give Sam time to get used to it.

Sam immediately wanted more and pushed himself down until the whole head was inside him.
"Okay, Sammy?"
"Fuck, yes. Can you move a little?" Sam panted with pleasure, feeling his orgasm approaching fast at having Dean inside him even this small amount.
Dean gave little thrusts of his hips and Sam moaned. It felt like all his pleasure centers were all on fire at once.

Dean was having a hard time stopping himself from thrusting in further. The tight grip Sam's body had on him was something he had never felt before. It felt just right. Like they were made for each other. Dean saw Sam's hand come down to his own dick so brought his still wet with baby oil hand around to help. Dean entwined their fingers together and the sight of their fingers stroking him had Sam spilling in just a few seconds. Dean marveled at the feeling of Sam's body pulsing around the head of his dick and he just had time to pull out before coming himself.

Sam felt the loss straight away. "Dean, back in. I want to feel the come." Sam pushed his bottom down and groaned when Dean breached him a second time, sending a second milder spasm of pleasure making him leak a few more drops of come.
"God De, that was great." Sam panted as they relaxed into the bed.
"You sure you're okay."
Sam smiled that Dean was worried about him after they did so little. "Hell yes. You know when I read that stuff on the net, I was sure I wanted to be a top but I've changed my mind. I like having you in me. I know this is corny but it makes me feel special."
"Well just say if it's too much cause I don't want to hurt you."
"If we keep going that slowly there is no way you can hurt me Dean."
"I will, babe. Are you alright to go again?"
"You could make me alright."

Sam pulled up so the head slipped out making them both groan. Sam turned around in Dean's arms and wrapped him up in a hug. They kissed for a few minutes before Dean lay Sam on his back and kissed down his body. Sam watched with amazement as Dean slipped his dick in his mouth and sucked until he was most of the way hard again. Sam thought Dean would came back up to his face but he licked down past Sam's balls to his entrance. Dean took Sam's strong bottom in his hands and tilted his hips up. Sam gripped his legs in a hurry when Dean licked over his puckered hole. Dean used his hands to pull Sam's cheeks apart to get to his entrance. Sam almost came off the bed when Dean slipped an oily finger inside and wriggled it around. Sam got used to the feeling quickly and was soon wanting more.

Dean alternated between his fingers and his tongue to get Sam open and loose for him. He knew Sam would want more after just taking the head and there was no way he would hurt his brother, he wanted him well prepared. He judged him to be ready when he could slide three fingers in easily and Sam was chanting for more. Dean kissed his way back up, then let Sam kiss his own taste out of his mouth. Dean rubbed his own dick along Sam's getting them both hard and slippery. Dean tipped Sam on his side and pulled Sam's top leg over his, opening him up again. As they kissed, Dean guided his dick to Sam's entrance then slipped the head in slowly. His hand went to Sam's dick slipping up and down as he pressed in slowly. Sam groaned with pleasure as Dean slipped up into him very slowly.
"Fuck that feels fantastic." Sam groaned.
"No kidding." Dean whispered, unable to raise his voice any more.
Dean started a very slow pump of his hips, aiming for the place that had given Sam pleasure when it was his fingers inside him.

Dean knew he had hit the right spot when Sam wrapped his arms around him tightly and rolled on top of him. Dean groaned at the new position as he pushed further into Sam than he had been. It seemed Sam really enjoyed the new position as well by the way he wrapped Dean up in a bone crushing hug sliding up and down on Dean's dick, his own dick sliding over Dean's six pack. Sam kissed sloppy kisses into Dean's mouth as his dick dragged over his prostate on every stroke.

Dean placed a hand on each Sam's ass cheeks, spreading him wide open and supporting him as he pumped up into him. Dean groaned long and low as he came inside Sam's warm, tight heat. The warmth Dean sprayed inside him had Sam leaving some on their joined chests. Dean pulled out straight away so he could assess if he had hurt Sam but Sam was happy just to hang on to Dean in his blissful after sex state.
"That was way better than I thought it was going to be." Sam puffed. "I can't believe we wasted all that time worrying about it."
"You worried about it." Dean grinned getting his breath back. "I knew it would be awesome."
"Because it was with you."
Dean was slammed into the bed with Sam on top of him.

They spent the day getting their stuff together and tiding up Bobby's place because they had lived there for a while by their standards. They lay on the couch after dinner chatting with the news on in the background both happy with where they were in their relationship.
"So what do you have planned, Dean?" Sam asked as he ran a hand through Dean's hair as his head was against Sam's leg.
"Well, if we do find a place we like we could make an offer. If they take us up on it we could make the arrangements with their real estate agent. I think there is a cooling off period thing and they would have to move out so we could rent a storage unit and start getting furniture together. In between hunts I mean."

Sam wasn't sure whether to be impressed that Dean knew what a cooling off period was or the fact that he had been thinking in advance.
"Okay. This one with the hedge we are interested in? How about I go make a call and find out a bit more about it. It says on the ad they are going overseas. It's been on the market for a month but it hasn't sold so maybe there is something wrong with it."
"Sounds good."
Dean stayed on the couch to give Sam room to talk without him making a nuisance of himself. In truth he was kind of nervous. Owning a home was a big step and there was a house they both liked. It would be a pity if it was sold or something majorly wrong with it.

Dean got up and paced outside the library door without going in. Just as he threw himself back on the couch wondering what was going on, Sam reappeared with a small smile and a pad full of notes.
"Well, the real estate agent put me in touch with the owner." Sam started as he sat down. "The reason the house hasn't sold is that they are selling it furnished."
"I thought that would be a good thing."
"Normally yes but they having trouble moving it. The agent thought it was because all the furnishing is old english styling and not to many people like it. It's priced to sell because they need to move to England within the month. That's where they come from by the way. Something to do with a family emergency and moving back permanently. They didn't want to make a profit just have it sold and settled as quick as possible. Since we are interested, they are going to send pictures of the inside."

Sam went to his computer and opened it up. By the time it started up and he opened his mail program the images were there. Sam sent a quick thank you before they looked at the fifteen interior photos, since they had seen the outside on the website. The floors were sanded and polished floorboards with rich looking rugs. The colors were light neutral colors bar the dining room which was pink and had wallpaper. The living room also had wall paper as did a room Dean knew Sam would like: a library full of books.

Aside from the wallpaper Dean liked the place even more as the furniture seemed to suit the rooms. It looked way posher than anything they had ever stayed in but Sam liked the idea that the place would be like staying in the best hotel they had ever been in. Kind of like an oasis behind the protective hedge that no doubt Dean would strengthen with wards and protection. Sam liked the fully appointed kitchen with a walk in pantry and fridge. The current owners were chefs and the kitchen was top notch. If they got the place he would have to learn to cook a bit.

Sam liked the idea as he often got sick of take out on the road and knew Dean could afford to eat better and might try harder with a place like this. The basement was half wine cellar and half well equipped gym with a punching bag and free weights. Dean 'mmmed' at the weight room and Sam knew his brother was sold on the place. Dean nodded when he saw the garage attached to one side of the house. Brick which had been bagged the same color as the house. It had an automatic opening door and a door through to the house.

Sam stood after looking long enough. "Do you want me to put an offer on the place?"
"You can do that over the phone? Isn't it a risk without seeing it?"
"We can make the offer subject to inspection."
Sam went off to make the call and Dean thought about the implications. They were about to go look at a house they could possibly buy thanks to Bobby and money Mary's family had left them. He was still a little weirded out about that. In particular being left money by Samuel but his feelings on that had softened over time. He had been manipulated to do all the wrong things but Dean realized he may have been missing a piece of himself when he was brought back and he knew how that felt. It didn't mean he forgave him for what he had done but he was now willing to take the money if it meant Sam could have a home at long last.

Dean was in the kitchen when Sam finally came back. Sam wrapped his arms around Dean as he made coffee.
"How's the part owner of a house feeling?" Sam said softly.
"They took the offer?"
"I offered five grand more than they had it up for so they know we are interested. According to the realtor it's still a steal and since it's furnished we won't need to buy as much stuff."
"We can sell anything we don't like and buy other stuff if we need to but that's getting the cart before the horse. If we get there before dark tomorrow we can have a full inspection then visit the realtor who has agreed to handle the sale for us.'
"You have been busy."
"Well you sounded keen and we do have the money. Unless you've changed your mind…"

Dean spun and took Sam up in a kiss before putting his mind at ease. "Just surprised at how well it's coming together. If we leave before dawn we can make it. We better pack now then get some rest."
Sam rewarded Dean with a kiss then they had their coffee whist looking at the photos again and making plans. Sam did most of the packing while Dean did a perimeter check and locked up the place as much as possible. Once they were satisfied they had done all they could and Sam had fussed over Dean's healing injuries, they headed to bed for a few hours sleep.

Sam rose a few hours later to find Dean had the final packing done and was sipping coffee waiting for him.
"Hey De. Can't sleep?"
"Want to get on the road, I guess."
"Me to. Before we go, I have something for you."
Sam slipped a hand in his pocket and came out with Dean's amulet.
"I know you were mad at me back then and I deserved it. But I really do love you Dean and I couldn't see you throw this away. I'm sorry if it makes you mad or upset."

Dean took the object still warm with Sam's warmth and traced the metal with his fingers.
"I gotta admit it broke me back then but I have forgiven you since." Dean gave it back to Sam who slipped it over Dean's head and it fell into its familiar spot that had felt naked without it. "Thanks Sammy."
"I'm just sorry I made you throw it away."
Dean hugged Sam warmly to show he was over it and moving on.

They showered together and cleaned up after themselves, getting on the road when it was still dark. Sam was behind the wheel and Dean had no problem relaxing back and enjoying the ride. He looked over at Sam and grinning back at him when Sam smiled at him. He was looking forward to what he hoped was a happy future together.

The End.

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