Disclaimer. These one shots contain violence, as well as love between two adult women.

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To Live For The Eternal Moment

"No put all your weight on your back foot then thrust forward Gabrielle."

Gabrielle breathed in feeling the sweat drip down as she tried again watching as the Warrior Princess once more avoided her swing. She could see the rain pouring over the cave face it drummed the ground savagely outside, while the thunder above crashed through the sky. Zeus was angry today more than usual and his rage could seen and felt all around. The only compensation for this was that the cave was large and deep and they were far from the entrance. In side these deep walls it was very warm, to warm in fact. She narrowly avoided the sword as she stepped back feeling more sweat, drip down her chest. She could tell that Xena wasn't fairing so well ether with this heat despite only being in her leathers and her boots. She could see her damp black fringe and damp neck and chest, gods she could feel her eyes wandering to the other woman's breasts and then over every muscle as it flexed. She was loosing concentration she could feel it as she trusted again. They did this training almost every night just to keep their skills sharp.

"Gabrielle will you pay attention?"

Gabrielle looked up again feeling the heat once more as she narrowly avoided the sword, she was sure that Xena wasn't giving this battle her all. She couldn't focus her mind at all she was getting lost as her eyes once more drifted to places that they shouldn't god's she couldn't help herself. There was a spark of something deep in the pit of her stomach and it seemed to drift downwards like lava descending downwards from a volcano. She was hot and tried and this feeling was nothing she'd really ever felt before in her life. The next moment turned to blinding pain as the sword hilt suddenly came up hitting her shoulder as she failed to focus. She felt the cave floor as she hit it hard on her back which caused the wind to be knocked from her lungs. She groaned realizing that the feeling was still there burning away despite all her pain she could feel her breathing getting faster, before she could stop herself as looked up watching as Xena came to stand over which only fuelling the sensation even more.

Xena looked at the younger woman who was breathing rapidly she could see the sweat dripping off her she could feel her breath catching before she could stop it and that wanting coming again like it did on most nights. She shook her head desperately trying to clear the sensation which she knew she shouldn't be feeling and yet she had no power to control. She leaned over watching as the forest green eyes darted. "Are you okay?" The next moment turned to painful surprise as the younger woman's foot suddenly came out taking her feet out from under her. She fell forward landing squarely on top of the other woman who was still breathing quite heavily. She knew this had only happened because her attention had been so much in other places where they shouldn't have been. She could feel the smaller body under her own unmoving. She could feel the soft skin and it only made her urges burn all the more. She pulled herself up quickly so she was on all fours leaning over the woman whose green eyes were burning in to her. "Why did you do that?"

She was short of breath and it didn't help matters, nether was the fact the green eyes had her pinned on the spot. Who could have thought that the Mighty Warrior Princess could be pinned by the eyes of this young blonde girl who was no more than eighteen seasons of age? She loved this girl so much although she'd never say it aloud, she felt it in her chest it was a desperate painfully wanting. Gabrielle breathed in looking deep in to the light blue eyes. "You told me to take every advantage in battle." Xena breathed out deeply seeing something deep in the back of those eyes like a spark of fire which was intense. "Yes…I did, didn't I?" She could feel her body moving of its own accord as her fantasy seemed to smash in to reality before she could stop herself.

Gabrielle leaned up she knew what was happening, she could feel her heart thumping against her rib cage as she leaned forward. She loved Xena so much and she was unable to stop herself as she met the other woman's lips. It was feather light kiss and very tentative at first yet it was filled with so much feeling. A part of her was panicking while another part of her was begging for more as she responded as all rational thought left her. She wanting more and she couldn't help herself. She felt the slow kiss end as Xena pulled away looking at her intensely, her face was completely unreadable. Xena could see the fear in the young woman's eyes, no words were being spoken and she could feel the uncertainty and silence clinging to the air. She didn't think as she sat up pulling the younger woman's in to her lap so the green eyes were looking directly in to her own. She watched as for an instant they darting filling with fear and many other emotions all of which seemed to speak to her heart.

She felt an almost enlightened feeling creep through her body as she ran her hand through the long reddish blonde hair as she smiled leaning forward again kissing the other woman's lips. This time feeling the intenseness of the kiss, it was so passion filled so strong and she wanted Gabrielle to respond and it seemed that her wish was granted. There was no need for words at this point the feeling said everything she felt a battle start as Gabrielle's hands started to move over her body. Hers did the same as she began to fall in to the unstoppable passion which she knew she could no longer stop and a part of her no longer cared for stopping it. She just wanted to feel every sensation that this beautiful young woman was giving her.


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