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The nightmare that won't go away chapter 1 – Resurrection

It was the end of school and as 13 year old Norman Babcock walked down the hallways, he couldn't help but remember how he was able to STOP getting hurt by bullies at school. It had been exactly two years since Norman had stopped the curse of Agatha Prenderghast and saved his village of Massachusetts and since then, Norman couldn't have asked for a better social life. His family now accepted him for his 'gift', Norman and Neil (cause Neil was his friend) were no longer bullied at school and people actually SPOKE to them in PUBLIC now.

When Norman reached his locker, he also noticed that no one had been writing messages for him on it and that only made him happy. Norman then opened his locker to get his school books and the flowers he had bought earlier for Aggie's grave. Yes, ever since Norman had stopped the witch's curse, every month he would go to her grave and leave her a bunch of flowers because he thought she would like; he was even thinking of decorating the area around the tree by growing flowers and maybe putting a headstone on it. As Norman put the flowers and his books in his bag after closing his locker, his friend Neil called out to him.

"Hey Norman!" Neil called as he walked down the hall. "You ready to go home? I was thinking you could sleepover at mine tonight for a horror movie marathon!" At this, Norman's face let a small smile grace it but he then pulled the flowers out from his bag to show his friend. "Sorry Neil, I can't tonight; remember what day it is?" Neil's face scrunched up in face for a second but then beamed in realisation. "Oh Yeah" he exclaimed. "You're going to visit your "little ghost's" grave, aren't you?" At this, Norman seemed to blush a little but then looked frustrated. "She isn't 'my' little ghost" Norman responded. "But you wish she was, right?" Neil teased. Norman simply looked away.

Yes, Norman would never admit it; not even to his best friend but he had come to terms that since he hit thirteen, he had gained a crush on the black dress wearing ghost girl. When he would go visit Aggie's grave, he would remember how she looked in that black puritan dress and he would feel his cheeks grow warm. Whenever this happened, he would normally think that if Aggie WAS watching him, she would find it disturbing or humorous.

"Even if I did Neil, what's your point? It's not like she's going to come back to life anytime soon" Norman said to his best friend; now quiet sad at the thought of loving someone you couldn't be with. "Don't think like that Norman" Neil responded, trying to cheer up his friend. "If you're lucky, you might see her in heaven." When Norman heard that, his face seemed to glow in the darkness as wonder and happiness overpowered his heart and mind. "Yeah, maybe..."

Later that day...

As Neil closed the door to his house, Norman began to walk down the road on his way to Aggie's tree in the forest; flowers in hand. On the way, he would pass other ghosts who would greet him as usual but when he had flowers in his hand, they would also give him a bit of encouragement or even joke with him a little. When Norman was half way to his destination, he realised that he was near his own house and so, hid the flowers in his bag before continuing. The reason for this was because Norman was worried of what his family would think of him having a crush on a ghost girl who was his 300 year gap cousin.

Norman's mum Sandra would probably be ALRIGHT with it. She would just be happy that her son has found some type of love, even if it is for a ghost but Norman was worried that if she found out, she would never stop talking about it. His father Perry would go MAD if he found out, so Norman made sure he had a valid excuse for being home late from visiting Aggie's grave when his father would ask him. Lastly was Norman's older sister Courtney; who was now 17. Honestly, Norman felt ok about Courtney finding out; the reason being because she had actually became the most supportive member of his family since he saved the village. The reason he DIDN'T tell her was he feared that she might blab to their parents.

After successfully sneaking past his house and finding his way through the forest, Norman found himself at Aggie's tree. As soon as the tree was in his sights, Norman immediately took the flowers back out from his bag that he had hid whilst sneaking by his domain. With his gift in hand, Norman walked up to the tree. "Uh... Hi Aggie" he said. "I'm not sure if you can hear me or not but as I've said many times before, I remembered that it's been 24 months since you found peace and so I decided to bring you some more flowers." When those words escaped his lips, Norman put the fresh flowers down at the base of the tree and picked up the dead ones he had brought her last month. "Well, I'll just take these ones away then now that you've got a new fresh set." It was then that Norman remembered his plans to decorate the area around the tree. "Oh yeah, before I go Aggie, there's something I want to ask you." Norman paused for a second to wipe the sweat of his forehead that was forming there from nervousness. "I was thinking that maybe sometime before next month I could maybe... decorate your area a bit? I mean, I could grow you a garden, I could build a fence to make sure no one gets in and ruins in and I could even get you a headstone if you wanted me to." When Norman didn't get a reply, he frowned almost as if he was expecting one. "Alright, well I'll pop round sometime next week then" and with that, Norman began to leave.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light behind Norman and when he turned to see what it was; he heard a loud 'boom' and he was knocked off his feet by a shock wave. Norman then looked around frantically for anyone who could have possibly caused the small explosion but through the smoke that the explosion had created, he could see someone. Norman then noticed that the person was coming closer towards him and so he backed off a little to save him from possible danger but when the figure became visible, Norman couldn't believe his eyes.


Meanwhile, in Australia...

"August 17th 2014, interviewing Byron White; a mercenary for the worldwide pharmaceutical company "Wide spread". I need to ask you some questions, Byron. Are you prepared to complete any and all assignments given to you by experimenting scientists?"

"Of course, sir."

"Are you prepared to kill armed civilians if they intervene with your current assignment?"

"Yes sir."

"Would you kill a enlisted scientist if your assignment's success depended on it?"

"Yes sir."

"Would you kill a young boy?"

"Yes sir."

"Would you kill a young girl?"

"...Yes sir."

With those questions answered, the interviewer turned off the recording machine and pulled a folder out from the desk he was sitting at. He then opened the folder and put it on the desk for both of them to see.

"Byron White, your first assignment as a mercenary is to kidnap this boy" the man said; pointing at a boy in the picture that was part of the assignment folder. "He has a special ability that only he has around the entire globe. We want him here so we can find a way to get his ability into a liquid form. With this, we would be answering the prayers of many grieving people. Do you understand what you have to do?" Byron White looked up to the man and nodded. "Alright, you may now leave to prepare for your assignment."

With that, the rookie mercenary left the room to get ready for his journey. When he left, the other man began to put the assignment folder back in its place but not before looking at the picture inside it once more...

The picture of Norman Babcock...

(A/N - I just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to InkyFridays of DeviantART for giving me the idea for this fan fic with his amazing picture of Norman and letting me use it as the preview pic! You rock man!