The nightmare that won't go away chapter 4 – Discovery

It was now 11:30pm in the Babcock household in Blithe hollow, Massachusetts and almost everyone was asleep. Perry and Sandra were sleeping comfortably in their nice double bed, Courtney was snoozing in her pink bed inside in her pink room and surprisingly, Norman had managed to fall asleep on the couch with his canopy coating him in darkness. However, there was ONE member of the family who COULDN'T sleep and that person was Agatha Prenderghast.

In Norman's original domain laid the black haired girl; tossing and turning as she struggled to catch some shut eye. It wasn't that Norman's bed was uncomfortable; Agatha just couldn't sleep because she had something on her mind that she believed belonged to a special friend of hers. The focus of her mind was in fact her friend Norman's locked box that said 'Dear Aggie' on the top of it.

'Why would Norman keep a box addressed to me and then not give it to me? Maybe it's some sort of welcome back to the living gift!' Aggie began think positively but then looked at the possible negatives. 'Or what if it's something he could prank me with? I know its Norman but he IS a boy! Boys like pranks!' At this thought, Agatha decided that as soon as Norman left for school, the parents left for work and Courtney left to go flirt with some guy, she would have a look at the contents of the box.

The next morning...

"Come on Agatha, wake up. If you want to be part of this family, you at least have to get up at one point" Sandra said as she shook the newest family addition gently. Mumbling in her sleep at little, Agatha finally sat up; a smile on her beautiful (as Norman would say) face. "Good morning, Mrs. Babcock" Aggie said kindly. "Oh please Aggie, call me Sandra. You're a part of this family now so you don't have to call us by Mr., Mrs. or Miss. Now get up, breakfast will be ready in a moment." With that, Sandra began to leave the room but before she left, she turned back to the girl. "Oh and by the way, Norman's grandma is called Brenda." And with that, she left Aggie to get ready for the day ahead.

After getting dressed and 'doing things girls do', Aggie left her temporary room and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to find her new family. "Hey Aggie" Norman greeted. Agatha waved back and then took a seat at the kitchen table between Norman and Perry as Sandra began to give everyone their breakfast. This was when Aggie remembered her plan to look at

Norman's box. "So what are you all doing today? I mean, apart from Norman going to school?" she asked politely as she put a bit of buttered toast into her mouth. "Well I've going to my new job as a funeral planner for the Blithe Hollow church at 8:30" said Perry as he chewed on his bacon. Sandra then gave him a small slap on the arm for talking with his mouth and full and then said to Aggie "and I'm leaving at the exact same time to go to my job as a dentist." With this information in hand, Aggie turned to Courtney. "And what are you going to do today?" Aggie asked her. "Probably just go hang out with some guy" Courtney responded dully as she read her phone messages.

As the clock hit 8:00 and everyone finished breakfast, Courtney left straight away to be with her friends and said she wouldn't be back till about 6:00pm. As it reached 8:15, Norman said goodbye to his parents and Aggie before leaving to walk to school. Before Aggie knew it, the time was 8:25 and Norman's parents were standing at the door getting their shoes and coats on. Just as they were about to leave, they poked their heads in to the living room from the hallway to see Aggie simply sitting on the coach next to 'Brenda'. "Are you sure you'll be alright here on your own, honey?" Sandra called out to her. "I'll be fine, don't worry about me and besides, I've got Brenda to keep me safe and company" Aggie responded with a smile. "Alright but don't forget that if you need us, our mobile numbers are in the home phone and if you REALLY need him, Norman's is in there too" said Perry. Then with a goodbye wave and smile from all three, the two Babcock parents left.

After waiting for ten seconds after the door closed, Aggie jumped straight off the couch and practically dived into Norman's canopy covered part of the living room; grandma watching with wide eyes. After a while of searching around Norman's temporary room, Aggie walked out of the canopy with the locked box in her hands; grandma immediately frowned. "You know honey, just because your names on it doesn't mean it's yours to take; Norman might be planning on giving that to you in the future" she said. This however, was a lie for grandma knew what Norman kept in that box and was trying to save him the embarrassment and grief. Aggie just sighed at the comment. "I know, Brenda but ever since I saw the box in his hands yesterday I can't stop thinking about it!" she shouted as she shacked the box frantically; almost angry at it. "I really don't want to do this but I feel that I have to." And with that, Agatha left for the kitchen to examine the box. "Could've fooled me" said grandma glumly.

As Aggie took her seat at the now clean kitchen table, she put the box down and began to inspect the lock. After a while of inspection, Aggie just clicked her fingers and with a quick flash of yellow from her eyes, the lock unlocked itself and fell off. The girl then slowly and reluctantly opened the box and the first thing she saw was an envelope that said 'Dear Aggie' on it. Making sure that grandma was still on the couch, Aggie opened the first envelope and blushed at what the letter read.

"Oh my..."


After he watched the helicopter disappear into the distance, Byron White pulled his radio from his uniform belt so he could clearly listen to the transmission he was about to receive that he knew of due to the static before each transmission. "Base to Mr. White, Base to Mr. White" the man over the radio said. "Base, this is Byron White. I have just been dropped off by 'Super 64' on top of an abandoned warehouse in the village of Blithe Hollow; I am now ready to begin my search for the target."

"Ok Mr. White, the target's address is 64 Woodbury Street and his post code is EN4 9PW; type that into your record scanner and you will know the location of the target's house in no time." Byron reattached the radio to his belt for a second so he could put Norman's address and post code into his record scanner; it found the house in five seconds flat. Byron then pulled the radio from his belt again to speak into it. "Base, I have the target's home's location. I'm heading there now." Byron then put the radio back onto his belt expecting the man to break the connection but just as Byron was about to leave the roof of the warehouse, the man over the radio spoke again.

"Oh Mr. White, one more thing." Byron pulled the radio from his belt to respond. "I'm listening" he said. "Don't forget; you have permission to kill civilians if necessary." As he heard this statement, Byron White's expression turned sour for a while but he then remembered about his ill wife and turned serious again. "Y...Yes sir, I know" Byron responded. "Ok, what your back, Mr. White." And with that, the man at "Wide spread" HQ broke the connection.

As Byron White entered the abandoned warehouse from the roof, a second helicopter entered Blithe Hollow's friendly atmosphere. But this one did not contain a willing mercenary; it contained two protective scientists...