"Someone may have assaulted Allen".




"Let's go try and talk to him, Yuu." Lavi said determinedly.

Kanda nodded, his eyes still hidden.

Lavi knew that Allen was a close friend of Kanda's, no matter how much Kanda tried to say he hated the silverette exorcist.

With that, the two began to walk in the direction of Allen's room.

"Allen-chan?" Lavi knocked on the gray door. "Can we come in?"

Not a sound could be heard inside the room.

"Moyashi, come on and let us in, or I'll cut your door down." Kanda threatened, his eyes flashing in a moment of annoyance.

Lavi pressed his ear to the door softly.

"Please, please..."

Lavi motioned for Kanda to do the same. The long-haired exorcist did.

"Please, just go away," a voice whispered painfully inside. "Please...d-don't come in.."

Something in Kanda snapped, and the door was open in seconds. Not that he had to bring Mugen on it. The door was unlocked.

The two elder exorcists took about three steps into the room.


As I watched Lavi and Kanda come into the room, my breath hitched, and my hands began trembling.

Just like when Lenalee came in.

"Allen," Lavi started. "We know something's up. You want to tell us?"

I felt like I couldn't breathe. I stood carefully, backing into the corner, hoping they wouldn't come any nearer.

"Allen, something happened to you six days ago. We both know it. Can't you tell us?"

I whimpered involuntarily, trying to shrink into the corner, anything to hide or disappear.

"Moyashi," Kanda whispered. Lavi glanced at his black-haired friend. "He's doing it again, Rabbit."

I let out another noise. I choked up directly afterwards. The constricting feeling was back, and my eyes stung like I was about to cry.


I shakily clawed at the wall, desperately wishing it to hide me from my friends.

Why was I so afraid of them?

I grimaced.

I'm filthy, I reminded myself.

I shouldn't be an exorcist anymore.

I couldn't .

I was an utter disgrace to the Exorcist title.

"Get away!" I screamed, shutting my eyes and clenching my fists. "Get away, I can't! I'm- Get out!"


Lavi was at a loss for words.

"Please!" Allen cried. "Just get out!"


"Get away!" Allen screamed again. "Don't come closer, I'll- I can't, you can't- just get out, please!"

Allen rambled, begging the two elder exorcists to go.

"Get..away!" Allen activated his Innocence and deactivated it, over and over. It was like he couldn't control the Innocence. Tears rolled down his face.


Kanda took a step back.

"Usagi.." Kanda said quietly. "I'm leaving. Moyashi's not.."

Lavi nodded, although he wished to stay. Kanda turned and left, the red-haired exorcists at his heels.


I crumpled on the ground as the door shut tightly.

"The lock," I said, fumbling to talk. "I'll just.."

I trembled, standing up and clicking the lock on the door shut.

I slid to the floor, back against the door.

What's wrong with me?!

I'm stronger than this!

I swallowed thickly.


I opened the bathroom door and turned on the hot water.

I took off my clothes and stepped in, ignoring the immediate sting that buzzed on my skin.

The water was so hot, too hot. But I grabbed at my arm and began rubbing at it until it turned pick from the heat and friction.

When I got out of the shower, I was dark red in some spots, pink in others.

I was still filthy.

That was fun, boy...

That voice rang in my head. I bit my lip.

I've lost my muse for this. To those who care, I'm going to try and rewrite all the chapters so far and if it doesn't work out, I'm putting it up for adoption.