Wings of a Butterfly


Chapter Two: Strange Encounters


Isaac and Isis were nearing the school, but when Isaac took another sharp turn on his bike, the weight of both knocked them over, and they landed on the grass.

"Ouch," Isis said, laughing loudly as she lay on her back awkwardly. Isaac was on his side, but he was also laughing.

Something he hasn't done in a while...

They both managed to get up, with out looking like total rejects, and a few minutes later, they arrived at the front of the school.

Isis chose to ignore the weird looks they received, as she hopped off the bar she used as a seat, and let Isaac chain up his bike. They continued inside the school, but Isaac grew wary of all the looks.

He wasn't used to be stared at a lot. Even in lacrosse, no one barely gave him any attention. He kept his gaze on the ground, as he walked beside his younger sibling.

Unlike him, she looked overly joyful, and rather boisterous about everything.

He let a small smile grace his face, as they made there way to the principal's office. Isis said that their father had already done everything necessary, and now she just needed to find out her schedule and the where the location of her locker is.

They proceeded to the Principal's office, and the secretary had given her everything she needed.

"Would you like me to escort you to your class?" She asked, giving Isis a blank stare.

"Oh, uh, no. It's okay." Isis nodded, looking over her schedule as she turned on her heel with Isaac following behind her.

She handed it to him, as she fiddled with her lock. Isaac looked it over, and shrugged. "Sorry, the only class we have together is Gym."

"Ouch." Isis sighed. "The one subject I hate most." She shook her head, crossing her arms as she walked towards her first class.

Isaac gave her her schedule back, and he headed to his first class.

Isis turned and stared at the door, before grasping the handle and turning it. She paused, and took a deep breath, quickly deciding to take the happy approach this time. She pulled it open, and walked inside.

"Hi!" She said loudly, nearly making everyone inside jump. The many gazes she received, she grinned back and skipped up to the teacher.

"Hi." She repeated, pulling a note out of her pocket that the secretary had given her to give to the teacher.

The teacher read it over, making a noise in the back of his throat. "Ah, yes. The new girl." He said, almost in a scoff. "Introduce yourself." He stated, a glare making it's way onto his face, obviously in a bad mood.

Isis cocked her brow, and snorted. "Moody." She muttered, turning to face the class. "I'm Isis Lahey, sister of the awesome Isaac Lahey!" She announced, taking a random bow.

She giggled at the stares she got, and looked back at the moody teacher. He fixed his glasses, and rolled his eyes as he turned back to the board.

"Alright, take any seat that's available." He sighed, and continued to write on the chalk board.

She hummed, and looked around. She spotted the first available seat, and sat beside some random guy with short blond hair.

He pretty much ignored her, and she just took her things out and took the textbook her teacher had given her and began to do her work.


It was a busy first and second period. Isis was on her way to meet with her brother in front of the cafeteria. She followed the guy she sat beside in her last class, so she knew that she was heading in the right direction.

She practically walked with a hop in her step as she hugged her books close to her chest. Isis spotted her brother, and half ran over to him, managing to glomp him. He steadied them both, and looked around before giving her a glare.

"What?" She asked, shifting her books to hold in one arm as she walked beside Isaac, inside the cafeteria and into the line.

"So, do you have any friends to sit with or anything?" She asked, taking a tray as she edged closer in the line of bickering students.

The cafeteria was filled with loud boys and girls, all talking to each other. She say the occasional lone kid sitting alone, feeling bad, but didn't give it much thought as something was then slopped onto her tray.

"Uhh," She deadpanned, staring at the weird brownish-pink looking stuff. "If this is supposed to be meat, it looks undercooked. By a lot." She stated, making a face as she pushed her tray further down.

She placed a small thing of chocolate milk on her tray, and got a mini water bottle, and then had something else put onto her tray by one of the ladies.

"Okay. Seriously, how do you survive?" Isis turned to face her brother, her hand on her hip as she motioned to the tray.

Isaac smirked, and shrugged as they had paid and left to sit down. "Oh, and to answer you question... Not really. I mean, sometimes I sit with the other guys on the lacrosse team, but I just stay quiet the entire time." He shrugged again, staring at his tray with distaste.

Isis nodded slowly, as she looked around. "Alrightie, where do you wanna sit?" She asked, her fingers tapping on the underside of the tray as she continued her search for an empty table.

"Hm, looks like all the tables are taken." Isaac muttered, frowning. "No problem, we'll just go sit with someone who looks lonely!" Isis' eyes practically sparkled.

Her eyes scanned the sea of chattering students, and spotted a few tables with one person sitting at. She chose the one closest, and plopped down beside a guy with eyes so brown they looked almost black. He had dark skin, and had nearly a clean shaven head.

"What up?" Isis asked, as Isaac sat across from the two of them.

The boy looked very weirded out, and his eyes awkwardly shifted from Isaac to Isis. "Are you two twins?" He asked after a pause.

Isis giggled. "You can't answer my question with another question. But, to answer your question. Nope, Isaac is five months older than I am." She said, brushing her bangs away from her eyes.

"... Well, why are you sitting here?" He asked, awkwardly staring down at his sandwich, which he poked.

"Why not?" Isaac spoke, for the first time since sitting down.

Isis smiled. Hopefully her brother would make some friends. Good friends.

"No one likes sitting with me..." He trailed off, picking up his sandwich and biting into it.

It was Isis' turn to ask why. The boy didn't answer, and continued to poke his sandwich.

"Well, what's your name?" She asked, as she dug the spoon into the weird brownish pink slop on her tray. "By the way, I'm Isis. And I'm sure you already knew where we siblings. But, still, this is Isaac." She grinned, shoving the spoon into her mouth.

She regretted doing that almost immediately, and tried to swallow the stuff down, but gagged. She put a hand to her mouth, struggling to swallow the substance.

A moment later, she managed to swallow it. She made a face, frowning deeply. "This is... good." She muttered, placing her spoon back on her tray, opening the mini bottle to chug down the water.

She realized that the both of them were looking at her, clearly amused. "Yeah, better to bring your own lunch... I'm Boyd." He said, nodding once in greeting.

Isis smiled, and she looked down at her food. "It's nice to meet you, Boyd." She said, her smile turning into a grin.



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