The Story of the Banana

Amy, Rory, and the Doctor were in the TARDIS. Rory had requested that the group return to London and now they were bored, because it was too early to do anything.

"Are you hungry?" Rory asked no one in particular.

"Yeah," Amy said, "I could go for some fish and chips."

Rory got up and headed for the door, "Anything for you Doctor?"

"Well," the Doctor pondered, "I am in absence of a banana. Would you bring me one?" Amy and Rory gave him a strange look.

"Why do you need a banana?" Rory asked, "Are you low on potassium?"

"Well, that is a wonderful story to tell! The Story of the Banana! I like the sound of that. Rory go get our food and I will tell it when you return."

"Ok," Rory said sheepishly. He walked out of the TARDIS and tried to find a market open at six in the morning.

"Are you really going to wait for him to return?" Amy asked.

"Of course not!" the Doctor yelled, "Why wait when you can run? We are going to go to Hawaii and come back one hour from now!"

"As much fun as that sounds," Amy said, "I am not going to Hawaii without my husband. Why don't you just jump ahead one hour?"

"You DON'T want to go to Hawaii?" the Doctor pouted, "Fine. We will go the boring route." With that, the Doctor flipped a switch and the TARDIS took off.