-o0Chapter One0o-

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~Major's Thoughts~

~God of Wars' Thoughts~


Jasper was never part of the Cullen's. He found his own way with the help of Peter and Charlotte. Alice found the Cullens and never looked for Jasper. Years later what happens when the Cullen's find Isabella Swan, a human. Isabella falls in love with Edward however one baseball game with change everyone's fates. What happens when Jasper, Peter and Charlotte arrive instead of James, Laurent and Victoria?


-o0Bella's Pov0o-

I felt relaxed as I rode with Edward to the baseball field. He was rather quite. He did tell me that Alice said that something bad could happen. However I knew he and his family of 6 would protect me. So I put it off at that he was over reacting. He, however, told me that I was not to get far from any of them. I was to stay with either Esme or Carlisle. His sister Alice, the other single one, said that he was just precautions. I snorted at the sentiment. I was almost 18 and a legal adult in about two months. I knew that I was no match for vampires. I wasn't that stupid. I cut my eyes away from the road in front of us and turned to Edward.

"Are you sure you don't want to tell me what your worried about?" I tried to push the issue further. I really wished he would give me the details of Alice's vision.

He turned his eyes away from the road and looked at me. "Bella I don't want you to worry love." He placed a kiss on my forehead then turned his eyes back to the road. "Nothing will happen. Alice said that it could be a false vision. She said she sometimes gets them if something pops up but it then vanishes because that the persons mind changes. So no worries ok Love?"

I could only nod. I felt dumb sometimes because the more I felt close to Edward the more he pushed me away. I turned my eyes back to the road. There were 6 vampires in the Cullens family. There was the 'parents', Carlisle and Esme Cullen, then their were the two older 'kids', Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale. They were a couple because they were mates along with Carlisle and Esme. Then their was Alice Cullen. Their own little crystal ball. She was a seer and could see the future. Alice always says that most of her visions were subjective at best. She was usually good about picking the ones that were definite and the ones that were not.

Of course there was Edward Cullen. I always thought he looked like a Greek God. I can still remember the first day of school. Sitting at the lunch table with the rest of my 'human' friends as he walked in talking to Alice as she skipped beside him swinging her arms cheerfully. I found out later that she had seen a vision of me and her going shopping sometime in the future that morning thus her happiness. I groaned of course because I hated shopping. In fact I would rather curl up with a good book then anything else. That and hiking. I loved to hike and see the wilderness.

All too soon I felt the car stop and Edward taking my hand. "We're here love." He told me getting out of the car and going around it at vampire speed and opening my door before I could even move. I giggled as I took the hand he held out for me and let him help me out. I spotted Alice, Esme and Rosalie standing on one side while Carlisle and Emmett were standing on the other. I kissed Edward on the cheek and jogged over to where Esme and Alice were. I was immediately was pulled into a hug by Alice. Esme then gently took me out of her arms and pulled me in for motherly hug.

"I thought you were staying at home, dear." Esme asked looking down at me. I frowned and shook my head.

"No, I told Edward that I wanted to come and there were six vampires here that could protect me if there was any problems." I told them with a shrug. I looked at Rosalie and found that she was looking at me with worry. That was unusual for her. Usually it was a scorn look or a glare. I mentally shook my head and turned my attention to Esme and Alice who were whispering at vampire speed. I just huffed and rolled my eyes. I hated when they did that.

I didn't notice but Rosalie was able to make it to my side with out anyone knowing. I jumped slightly but kept my heart rate the same. I didn't want Edward to notice. I cut my eyes up at her and found that she was looking down at me with something in her eyes. I wondered if she would tell me. "Do you know?" I asked quietly. I knew that Alice and Esme were talking and wouldn't hear us because they were to involved in their conversation. The boys were huddled over on the other side of the field speaking about something.

Rosalie nodded and backed up slightly. I followed her but kept my arms crossed and eyes forward. I tried not to trip because I had no idea where I was going. Soon I was stopping because I was side by side with Rosalie and we were a few feet away. I turned to her slightly as I kept my eyes on both of the guys and Esme and Alice. I wondered what could have everyone so upset.

"What's wrong with everyone?" I asked quietly. "You seem like the only one who would be honest with me."

"That's because I know you can handle yourself even if you are a human." Rosalie looked around quickly. "There are three nomads coming for you is what Alice said however Edward and Alice wont say anything else. Emmett, Carlisle, Esme and I know there is more to it however neither of them are going to tell us." She stopped speaking and turned back to the others. "Just remember that the boys always play dirty." She winked at me as she ran back to the others.

I knew what she was doing. She just making it seem that we were talking about the game. I smirked as I moved forward towards the others. Now I knew that three nomads were coming and they were wanting me. Why are they wanting me? I'm just an ordinary girl who happens to fall head over heals for the first supernatural being that came my way. Shaking my head I headed over to where everyone was standing. I walked up beside Edward and he immediately pulled me to his side. I rolled my eyes because Rosalie smirked.

"Since Bella isn't as fast as us I say we let her play umpire." Alice said cheerfully. I knew that there was a hidden meaning to that statement. I just shrugged and nodded.

"Alright." I said as I looked around. Everyone was looking at me with either a worried face or pleasantly surprised. I could only wonder. I looked at Edward and saw that he was looking around the clearing. Carlisle cleared his throat and everyone got to their places.

I realized as we played the first round that everyone had seemed to calm down. I finally relaxed myself because if they were tense I felt the need to tense as well. I guess it is an automatic reaction to a tense vampire. Emmett was up to bat as the girls were out in the field. Emmett swung and hit the ball as it flew into the forest as fast as a bullet. I was watching Edward run to get the ball that I had no idea that Alice had went into a vision until I saw Edward running back out of the woods towards me a little slower but still fast enough. I knew something was wrong because he stopped in front of me looking at the others.

"What will we do?" He asked Carlisle. "I need to get Bella out of here."

Rosalie snarled and I froze. "You know that the only way we can avoid blood shed is if Bella is standing here with us. Alice has seen it." She cut her eyes to me. I finally knew that who ever was coming was going to kill their family to get to me. I wouldn't let anyone die. If they were coming for me then so be it. I would die if it meant that my family would live. I closed my eyes and took a breathe. I knew what needed to be done.

"Edward, I wont run and hide because you fear for my safety." I looked him in the eyes as I opened them. "I wont have your family killed for me."

"Bella, love..." He tried to reason.

"NO!" I yelled. "I am almost 18 and will be treated like an adult. I may not be a vampire but until you turn me I will still be human. If it means that I have to die for your family to live then so be it." I kept my stance firm. I would not budge.

Emmett and Esme were trying to talk me out of it while Alice was yelling at Rosalie about making me think that if she stayed no one would die. Carlisle was yelling at Edward for keeping something like this from me. I knew what I needed to do. "ENOUGH!" I yelled as loud as I could. All 6 of them stopped yelling and looked at me. However I locked eyes with Edward.

"You can not tell me what to do." I told him coldly.

I had my arms crossed and my feet shoulder width apart. I knew my stance screamed authority. Edward however did not do what I thought. His eyes grew dark and I mean pitch black dark. One side of his mouth was curl into a smirk as he stalked towards me. Carlisle was screaming at him to stop and as Emmett tried to hold him Edward batted him off like a flea on a dog. Rose went to Emmett's side while Esme went to Carlisle who had a bit mark on his forearm from trying to grab Edward. Alice was frozen in her spot with eyes wide whispering that this wasn't suppose to happen. As soon as my eyes were back at Edwards I was shocked. He was standing right in front of me with a sadistic look on his face.

"But I can, love." He purred as he cupped my cheek with his left hand. "I am your mate and I will not have you disobeying me." He snarled the last part as his hand left my cheek.

The next thing I knew was hearing the most beautiful voice in the world. "She is not your mate." It snarled then my world went black as night.

-o0The Major's Pov0o-

My Captain and Lieutenant were running my flanks as we closed in on my mates scent. Peter, my captain, told me that she was running with Vegetarians and if she kept with them it would end up killing her. I would not let some weak ass hole take what is mine. I knew we were getting close because I could smell her determination along with a slight bit of fear. I snarled as I neared the clearing. I froze however when I heard her voice it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard.

'You can not tell me what to do.' She was standing with her arms crossed and the outfit that she wore made me adjust my jeans.

When I saw that the Alice long with the other I growled. I should have known that she was in this. She knew all along that my mate was here. That is why she placed pretty boy with her. However I felt his thirst and the only thing that could raise someone's thirst so high would be their singer. I cut my eyes to Peter and he held his hand up for me to wait. I just raised my lip and turned my eyes back to the scene in front of me.

"But I can, love." He purred as he cupped her cheek with his left hand. "I am your mate and I will not have you disobeying me." He snarled the last part as his hand left her cheek and was about to knock her out. I would not let him hurt her.

I stepped out. "She is not her mate." I hissed letting my southern accent come through.

I saw Alice stiffen when she heard my voice. I saw that Edward hit my mate on the side of her neck to knock her out. I snarled as I moved forward however the big boy stepped in front of them. I looked at the others and found the leader of their coven. I straightened out of my attack pose and locked eyes with him.

"Tell the boy to had over my mate." I told him coldly. I could see that Alice was edging towards him.

"I wouldn't Alice." I sneered her name.

"How do you know Alice?" The leader asked me. A female was behind him and I figured that it was his mate.

"She found me in a diner and told me I had to come with her because they way I was living was disgusting and vile." I kept my gaze cold. "I didn't appreciate on how she addressed me and went back to Texas where my family was. I was able to find my own way."

"Is this true?" The leader turned to Alice. "Did you try to make him go with you?"

"You would have to if the only face you knew when you woke up was his." She yelled. "I knew nothing of my life before a vampire and the only face I saw was his and yours. I knew I needed to find him but when I did it went completely different that what I saw."

"That is no excuse!" The leader raised his voice. "You do not tell anyone they should follow you. It should have been his choice."

"NO!" Alice yelled. "He is mine and Bella is Edwards!"

"Enough!" Came Peters voice from behind me. Charlotte was at his side. "We both know that you are not mated to the Major just like Bella isn't mated to Eddie." He stood at my side. I turned my eyes to Edward who had Bella in his arms. I would never let him hurt her.

"Hand her over." I ordered him.

He pulled her closer and snarled at me. "No she is my mate." He was delirious. "And I will not hand her over to a monster like you!" With that he took off like the wind. I knew that he was fast but the God of War was faster. I could feel him rattling the chains that held him in the back of my mind until I need him. However this time he was pushing his way forward.

-o0God of War's Pov0o-

I knew that the vampire that took my mate was the fastest however I was pissed. I spotted the little Seer that thought I was her mate. I snarled as I caught her eye. She cringed back into a tall blondes arms. I looked around and spotted my second and third in command. I kept my eyes on them as I pushed out my powers. I wanted to know where exactly the little bastard ran. We could feel their feelings just a few minutes after they ran. It would not last but a few second however that is all I need. I felt him going to the south. I turned to the leader.

"What is south of here?" I asked. His eyes widen.

"There is a cabin that is not far." He told me looking at the others in his coven. "If you are only after him and the girl then can the others and I leave." He looked back at me.

"Yes however my Captain and Lieutenant will be joining you." I waved Charlotte and Peter forward. They both nodded as I took off towards the cabin that was close to here. I could smell my mate's sweet scent.


Author Note – Here is a new spin on the baseball game and the three nomads. I bet you didn't see them coming did you. Well I have been having some crazy ideas coming to me. Can't even get a good night sleep because of my brain running 50 miles a minute. Now keep reading and reviewing...