Chapter 17

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-o0Bella's Pov0o-

"Chief Swan." Carlisle greeted him politely. "To what do we owe the honor of your visit?" I could tell he was trying to dazzle my father however it didn't work.

-o0Alice's Pov0o-

I was shocked when I spotted Charlie speaking about seeing Bella before he got in his car and headed to the Cullens house.

I smiled wider in knowing that I found the key I needed to make Bella turn Jasper over to me. I would personally go and get Charlie that way I can have the one thing that bring Bella to her knees. If I have charlie there is nothing from stopping her to come and get him. That is when I will put her out of her misery.


-o0Bella's Pov0o-

"Where's Bella?" I heard my dad asked Carlisle as he pushed his way through. "Why didn't you tell me that something was going on with her?" His voice was coming closer and I could smell him.

His scent made my throat erupt in flames. Closing my eyes I willed that my blood lust as well as everyone elses would be nonexistent until after Charlie left. When I opened my eyes I was complete surprised that everyone in the room was wide eyes and holding their throat. I smirked and looked at Peter. He looked as though he relaxed quite a bit since I used my power to block everyone's thirst. I mentally shrugged as I turned to the door way where Charlie came walking in. His eyes searched the room and finally found me sitting next to Jasper. I could see the disbelief, sorrow, hurt, hope and love showing in his eyes as he took in my new form.

"Is that you Bella?" He stepped forward slightly but stopped when his eyes went to Jasper's then back to mine. "What's going on with your eyes?" He asked looking around the room again, taking in everyone's eyes. I could tell that he was rather shocked by what he saw.

"Yeah, dad." I told him trying to match my tone to my human voice. "It's me just a little different." I shrugged as I smiled up at him. "Why don't you take a seat and we will fill you in if we can?"

Charlie nodded taking the seat that was to one side, away from the vampires but close to the wolves. Everyone looked around at each other trying to see who wanted to start. No one knew what they should say because of the fact that we didn't know what to say. Carlisle cleared his throat and looked at Charlie as he took his seat next to Esme.

"Why don't you ask us what is on your mind?" He offered Charlie the floor first. I could see the determination in my father's eyes.

"I have a couple of questions." Charlie said looking around fidgeting around. "First off where is Edward?" He raised a brow looking at me. I tightened my grip on Jasper's leg. I could feel the deep vibration from his growl. No one could hear it but I could feel it because it was vibrating my whole body.

"Edward and I broke up a little bit after the game." I bit my lip trying to look upset. "He thought it would be best if he left so he went to Alaska were they have cousins. Jasper, Peter and Charlotte are friends of Alice's from a long time ago and decided to visit and are waiting for her to get back from taking Edward up north."

I held my breath hoping that he would take the bait and if we did tell him what we were that he would understand why I had the need to lie to him. I just wondered what he would think. Shaking myself mentally I pulled myself back to the present. I saw Charlie looking at Jasper and myself then at our hands that were intertwined. He narrowed his eyes then shook his head. I could tell that he was trying to piece things together but he just didn't know how to say it. He took a breathe then let it out.

"I know you're not human but I don't want to know what you are." Charlie said looking at everyone in the eyes. "I know that I cant say anything and I understand that however I am tried of being left in the dark when it comes to my daughter." I could see him getting upset and I felt Jasper start to shake.

I sent a calming wave out slowly as not to scare my dad but the others knew it was. Peter nodded slightly were Charlie couldn't see but I could. I knew that if I didn't keep Jasper calm he would more than likely hurt Charlie. Peter cut his eyes to Charlie then to Jasper and blinked a couple of time. I seemed that I got it right. I would have to ask Peter later about how he knew what to do in order for me to know what he was thinking. I looked back at Charlie and found that his eyes were closed.

"Dad," I called to get his attention. His head came up and looked at me with sad eyes. "Whether I am different now than I was before I just want you to know that I love you and nothing will change. I had to do this in order to find myself and I am happy. I just want you to know that I love you."

I stood up and I saw everyone stiffen. I couldn't help but roll my eyes as I walked over to Charlie at human speed and waited for him to stand before I gave him a hug trying not to squeeze him in two. I knew that I could but this was my father and I cared for him deeply. I wouldn't do anything to hurt him.

"I love ya too, kid." He whispered in my ear trying to just tell me but I knew the others could hear. "I just don't wanna lose ya." He told me honestly.

I nodded trying to hold back my unshedable tears. "Don't worry dad," I kissed his cheek as I pulled back and went to sit next to Jasper again. "You wont lose me." I smiled at him.

Charlie nodded then looked at his clock. "I need to head to work." He then looked back at me. "You'll be here tomorrow?"

I nodded smiling at him. "Of course dad." I leaned my head on Jasper's shoulder. "Just be careful ok?" I asked him frowning. I felt as though something was coming and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it. I shook myself of those thoughts because I knew that the wolves were following him at work.

Charlie nodded as he headed to the door. "It's not that you don't look good but..." His voice trialed off as he looked at me one more time. "You changed."

I could only nod not being able to speak. He just smiled as he turned and walked to the door. I watched Carlisle move as humanly as possible to the door and walk Charlie out. As soon as Charlie was gone I could see the eyes darken in the room from his lingering scent. Emmett held onto Rosalie and their eyes turned back to the golden color just as quickly as they turned. Carlisle made it back in time to help Esme while Peter and Charlotte's eyes darken slightly but then returned to normal. Jasper just held onto me whether it was for myself or for him I kept quiet knowing that he needed my strength.

It took a few moments but the others calmed down. Kate, Irina, Kassie, Jacob, Travis, Sam, Carmen and Eleazar were all quiet I could see that the vampires in the room had to control the blood lust before they rushed out the door to rip Charlie's throat out. I didn't take it to heart because I knew my eyes darkened the first time I smelled his scent. I looked at Jasper and noticed that his eyes were closed and his nose flared trying to breath in the scent. When they opened there were the bright red that I loved. I moved onto his lap and he immediately buried his nose in my hair and started to breathe deep. I knew he was trying to rid himself of the scent of Charlie by mixing mine with it.

"Are we out of the dark with Charlie?" I couldn't help but ask Peter. I could see a frown on his face still.

Peter shook his head. "My knower keeps tellin' me that we need to keep an eye on him or all hell will break loose." His eyes met mine then turned to Sam. "Do ya think that some of the boys can keep an eye on him?"

"No problem." Sam said standing. "I'll go let them know now." He nodded towards me as he rushed out the door. I knew that they would make sure that Charlie would be safe.

Jasper finally loosened his grip as he pulled his head out of my hair and looked around the room. "We still need ta take care of the seer." He said in an ominous tone.

Everyone nodded in understanding. We did need to make sure that Alice, Tanya and Victoria were out of the way because I worried not for myself but for Charlie. I could only hope that whatever happens Charlie will be left alone. I would hate for him to be dragged in further than he already was.

-o0Alice's Pov0o-

Tanya and I were heading back to forks to grab Charlie. I knew that it would be easy if I went since he knew me. The reason Tanya was coming was because I didn't know if I would need back up. We had also put contact lenses in, in case Charlie noticed. As soon as we hit the Washington border I could smell the wolves scent. I made sure that we steered clear of the tready line since they knew by now that I was no longer part of the Cullens and the human blood mixed in with my scent was a dead give away as to what my diet was. It didn't take us long before we reached Charlie's house. We had to take to the trees because of the mutts. Soon we saw the window open in Bella's room. I couldn't help but smirk knowing that it would be to easy. Nodding to Tanya she jumped down to create a diversion.

She knew that she needed to keep to the trees in order to keep from becoming dog chow. I could hear two heart beats in the house and knew that one was Charlie. The other I had no clue but I would take Charlie no matter what. As soon as I knew that Tanya had the wolves attention I jumped down and rushed the house jumping in the open window. I could tell that an older wolf that hadn't shifted in quite some time was here but that would be a piece of cake. I walked down the stairs at human speed knowing that Tanya would keep the dogs busy for a little while. When I walked in the room I could have laughed when I spotted Billy. I just walked over and touched Charlie's hand without a word. I knew that soon he would be in my control and nothing would stand in my way.

"Come on Charlie," I pulled him at human speed to his feet. "Lets go say hello to a friend of mine." I turned to Billy Black. "You can try and call the boys but I doubt they'll get here before I leave with Charlie. Just tell Bella that the next time she sees me she will have to deal with daddy dearest herself."

Just as he was about to say something I slapped him sending him flying out of his chair. I scooped up a stunned Charlie and rushed out the door with charlie slung over my shoulder. I smirked as I dashed past a couple of the dogs that must have known that I would be after Charlie. As I ran I could feel a couple of the Cullens after me. Their loyalty was gone but I could still sense that it was there. I smirked running faster because I would not be stopped by them. I was the fastest next to Edward and he was long gone.

"Sorry guys but I need Charlie for a while." I yelled back to them. "I promise to make him as comfortable as possible!" I threw a wave over my shoulder as I found Tanya in the trees and made our way up to Seattle and where we left Victoria.

An evil smirk graced my lips as I crossed the border and slowed until I stopped. Tanya was next to me in an instant. I could see the worry on her face however there were things that needed to be done before we took him back to Victoria. I didn't need a newborn hurting him before I had the chance to change him so I decided that it would be best if I changed him here and now. I could also tell that Charlie would be just as special as Bella however I needed him changed now and I don't trust Tanya to do so.

"Go make sure that no one followed." I ordered her keeping my eyes on Charlie, who must have passed out from my speed. "I need to change him and I will need to concentrate."

Tanya looked as though she was going argue however she thought better of it. "Of course." She glanced at Charlie. "He does smell good." She licked her lips as she rushed off before she did something stupid. I smirked as I turned to Charlie.

"It's just you and me know Charlie." I bent my head and bit into his neck, wrist and ankles. "And soon you will be like me."

I would make sure that he would be with me and against his daughter.


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