Sounds of Silence

The dreams disturbed him the most.

Vulcans did not dream

Vulcans did not want

Vulcans could not hope

His body ached, muscles moaned, memories of a disturbed night. Reaching forward he pulled the thrown sheets up towards his chest. His shift would commence in 37.4 minutes.

He was not really required on the bridge; the current mission was proving unbearably routine. Morale was low across the entire crew. Weariness infiltrated the ship, the crew needed a break – he needed a break, an emotional illogical respite from the mundanity that melted into the walls around him.

He sighed; the solitude of his quarters allowed him this indulgence. A shower, freshly pressed uniform and silent reminder to self of position on board had him out the door and approaching his shift, barely perceptible was the slight resigned scuff in his step.


"We need something to happen" Kirk's voice was low, yet still within the range of the communications officer, a quick disapproving look lowered Kirk's voice further "obviously not anything life threatening", he murmured, glancing towards Uhura.

"Captain the quadrant requires mapping"

"I require napping Spock" the Captain quickly read his officers face " it was a joke Spock, I'm not going to sleep on shift though honestly I don't think anyone would notice"

"If you would prefer I can manage the rest of the shift, there seems no reason for both of us.."

"To be here – my thoughts exactly"

"Captain that is not what I meant" too late, Kirk had organised for Chekov to take the helm and quickly bustled Spock towards the turbo lift.


"So you heard about Riley and Rand?"

"Can't see it myself"

"Gentlemen please, is this necessary"

"Spock idle bodies lead to creative minds – normally I would not indulge in rumours"

"Jim that's because most rumours circulate around you"

"Very funny Bones, and its not the point – if something doesn't break this monotony soon, the crew are going to implode"

"It may have already started", McCoy sipped at his coffee "I've had 5 crewmen over the past three days in sickbay, nothing major just cuts, bruises from scuffles around the deck. But it could get bigger, you know cabin fever it effects us all"

Kirk nodded in agreement, rubbing hands across tired eyes. Spock silent beside him contemplated his next words.

"I believe I too am affected by this situation", his voice low so that only the two men before him could hear. Both turned slightly, though remained quiet. "My sleep has been disturbed, and I am experiencing an unknown sensation …"he paused, unsure of how to continue, "Perhaps the most appropriate earth word is ennui"

"Well that confirms it, if this green blooded robot can get antsy with lack of action, then I'm surprised we haven't had an all out riot"

"Doctor I do not appreciate…."

"I know, I'm sorry Spock – my point being if anyone can handle routine it's a Vulcan, if it's getting to you then things are really getting bad"

"Well I'm open to suggestions, I can't create a crisis…but" a high-pitched squeal briefly halted the low mist of lethargy crawling across the ship.