I've been looking for this story for awhile now and would really apreciate the help in finding it, also I'll take this down when I've found the story.

The story is of Edward as a vamp and Bella as human. It starts off like twilight origanally does but bella has a sense of déjà vu, they meet in the same way but she knows somethings not right and that he's not breathing around her. They go to an empty classroom to talk because they both feel that it has all happened before. When he kisses her they both remember everything and that they were killed in the battle with the volturi but they don't know what happened to Renesmee. When they meet Jacob again he starts to remember too and by the end of the story they find out Renesmee was given a second chance at life after she got killed too, which is why they all got to start over again but the only people that remember are Edward, Bella and Jake, then later on in the story Renesmee too.

I will really apreciate it if you all help me find this story, thank you .