The Path of Broken Dreams

Chapter I: Nobody

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Here goes nothing! This is my first "actual" fanfiction so bare with me. Main character is Xathe. Can't explain who he is without spoilers so just read on to find out! Other Main Characters include: Roxas, Xion, Axel, Demyx, and Vanitas!

Warnings: Slight foul language, action violence, blood, and slightly suggestive themes.

Just a little side-note to tell you how this story came to be. I had the idea for Xathe a while ago... but I never put much thought into him. Then I got some good ideas for him, and I decided to write about him. No, this story doesn't always focus directly on him... but he's one of the main protagonists/antagonists. I actually wrote the first few chapters of this about two months ago. Just recently did I decide to fix it up and post it. Anyways, I hope you like my ideas and OC's. I've put much time and thought into this... but it's for my entertainment so I'm enjoying it!

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The Key to Darkness

Day 1 and 155


This is a story about a young Nobody named, Xathe.

Xathe is misunderstood from everyone; yet he's also used to it. His journey began long ago before his memories had been erased by an old friend. Who this friend was, he did not care anymore and didn't want to remember her. After his memories had been erased, he had become a new person... or at least he thought so. He had no idea who the person he once was, was like. He could be repeating the same course he was on in his past life, and end up in the same position he's in now.

Whoever he is... and whatever he is... all Xathe knew, was this:

His new purpose was in Organization XIII now. He had to fulfill the duties, and meet the standards that his Organization had set for him. The only question was... could he do it all?

A new journey, for a new man, had begun...


Xathe walks into the grey room of the Organization's "Castle-That-Never-Was" with his hood carefully covering his face.

He looks around at the members who remain of the Organization that Xathe watched be torn in half at Castle Oblivion.

A short-haired blonde man with an earring on his left ear and a short beard that matches his short hair. He stands by the room-covering window, playing with a deck of cards. His name is Luxord. Number X.

Xathe turns a bit to the right, to see the tall man, who helped drag him from Castle Oblivion, but without his hood on. He has long black hair, made into a high-ponytail with long side-burns that reach close to his chin. He sits on one of the gray couches with his head rested on the back of it. That's Xaldin. Number III.

Xathe then turns to the right side of the room.

He sees a man sitting on another one of the couches, playing a long, blue sitar with a strange shape to it. His hair is in some form of a spiky mullet and it's a dish-water blonde. His face shows he's easy-going and pretty passionate about life, unlike the others. His name is Demyx. He is Number IX.

Leaning against the right side of the wall-window, behind Demyx is a lean man with long black hair, made in a low-ponytail with silver streaks going through his hair. He was the other man who took Xathe from Castle Oblivion to Xemnas. He's Xigbar. Number II.

Then finally, right across from Xathe, in front of the window, is a mid-sized man with very-long blue hair that reaches down to his lower back and drapes over his shoulders. His hair spikes at the top-back of his head. He holds burning eyes of fierce gold… they look… almost angry. He also has a scar in the shape of an "X", in between his eyes, on his nose.

That is Saix. He is Number VII. He's also second-in-command.

Xathe was Number XV. His looks? Well, he has one of the black, leather Organization cloaks with his hood drawn over his face, just barely showing his blue eyes through the darkness, covering his face. Other than that, his looks were classified information.

Xathe takes one step forward when suddenly he hears behind him, "Darn! I overslept!"

Suddenly Xathe is knocked off his feet by a small object ramming into him, throwing them both to the floor and pulling Xathe's hood off of his head.

"Watch where you're going, pest!" he shouts, getting to his feet and pulling his hood back over his head before anyone can see his face.

"I'm so sorry!" the object apologizes, scrambling to its feet.

Scrambling to her feet.

"It's fine, but next time, it will be just you hitting the floor," Xathe growls, furiously.

"I'm sorry…" she whispers, dropping her head, sadly. Her hair is short and black. Her bangs hang freely into her ocean-blue eyes.

"Ugh… what are you late for, anyways?" Xathe asks, agitated.

"Oh, that's right! I have to get to Twilight Town! Me and Roxas always meet there after his missions!" She explains hastily.

"It's, 'Roxas and I'. Anyways, just go… you know, before your late," states Xathe.

"Right. Thanks!" she shouts, smiling and rushing away into a dark corridor portal.

"… Strange girl…" Xathe whispers to himself, walking over to Saix.

Saix looks up from his trance, suddenly gasping slightly at seeing Xathe.

"What? Cat caught your tongue?" Xathe asks, with slight sarcasm.

"Nothing," Saix deadpans.

"I can't stay here long, I have places to be. So what's Xemnas' orders?" Xathe asks, hastily.

"He asked for you to simply meet him in 'Where-Nothing-Gathers' as soon as you were prepared," Saix states, in monotone.


"So be on your way," Saix demands.

Xathe immediately backs up into a suddenly formed dark corridor and it disappears in a flash.

Saix looks down, deep in thought. A drop of sweat rolls down his forehead.

'Who is that thing? There's no way that it could be him, could it? There has to be an explanation for this. But why would I see him of all people? This is… very strange. I must take this up with Xemnas as soon as he is gone,' Saix contemplates, mentally.

Xemnas sits on the tallest of the 13 empty thrones and holds his eyes closed in wait of another presence.

Suddenly, a pillar of darkness drops on the third throne to Xemnas' right.

The pillar fades to nothing and Xathe sits on the throne where the pillar dropped.

"Superior," Xathe greets, with a monotone.

"Welcome, XV." Xemnas smiles, slowly opening his eyes.

"Saix told me to come to you, and here I am,"

"Indeed. It's about time we faced this new blasphemer. And now that your training is finally complete… I'd say your about ready to eliminate this foe," Xemnas explains.

"But of course," Xathe smirks, excitedly.

"But, we want your existence to remain unknown. I want you to eliminate the traitor who dishonors our coats in the shadows. Do not get cocky. Do not go overboard. This is an assassination, not a brawl," Xemnas goes on.

Xathe nods.

"If you fail, may you fade with your defeat. Don't come back from a fight with him, without his false coat in your arms from his destruction."

"Yes, Superior… but who is this imposter?"

"We are uncertain. I have a good idea of who he may be, but either way he has just recently became a threat to our plan. And in so, he brought this upon him. Or her. Their blasphemy will be their destruction," Xemnas explains.

"Thank you, Superior," Xathe nods, disappearing from his seat in a flash of darkness.

Suddenly another pillar of darkness flashes down on a throne a few seats to Xemnas' left.

The pillar disappears, leaving Saix in the throne.

"Xemnas, I request your audience," Saix asks.

"Granted. Speak, Saix," Xemnas answers.

"Have you actually recruited Xehanort's old apprentice?" Saix asks.

"What are you speaking of?" Xemnas asks, confused.

"The newcomer. I do not know his number, nor his name… but he has the exact look of that apprentice," Saix explains, slightly on edge.

"Hmm… peculiar indeed…"

"What do you mean?" Saix asks, looking to Xemnas who is looking at the ground, in deep thought.

"To me… he appears as Tahe`," Xemnas explains.

"Is this simply a coincidence then? Or is it similar to the situation with the puppet?" Saix asks, looking down as well.

"But Xion is a Replica, the newcomer is a Nobody." A voice states, another dark pillar dropping Xigbar down in the throne next to Xemnas.

"You see someone else as well?" Xemnas asks.

"Yeah…" Xigbar mumbles.

Xemnas slowly smiles at Xigbar's answer.

"What? Do you know something that I don't?" Xigbar asks.

"I wouldn't say that," Xemnas states, his smile fading.

"We still have an important issue at hand, here," Saix growls.

"Of course, but I do not believe this matter to be a bad accident but a… 'pleasant surprise'," Xemnas adds, smirking.

"As if," Xigbar grumbles.

Xemnas shoots him a harsh glare and Xigbar looks down quickly, shutting up instantly.

"Either way, we will address this situation, later. For now, go about your day," Xemnas demands.

'The Superior won't give me the answers I'm looking for… and I know he has them… I'll just have to find them the old-fashioned way…' Xigbar thinks, scowling as he transmits from his seat into darkness and disappears.

"I will address this with you later, then." Saix murmurs, disappearing in darkness as well.

"… A pleasant surprise, it is…" Xemnas smiles, his plan coming together in his mind.

End of chapter. Did you enjoy it? Gotta love cliff-hangers too! Don't worry, the next chapter will be much more revealing. It gets deeper as the story progresses. I know it's kinda slow at first but it's gonna get a lot faster very quickly so you don't get bored with it (-.-). This story will most-likely surprise you… especially as the main-plot will come into view.

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