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NOTE: This chapter is nine years after their deaths

The little sister walked towards the graves, flowers in her hand.

It had been nine years since the girl and the boy died. The little sister was no longer so little. She was now twenty-three, and a new wife to Rory Hawthorne.

Prim walked towards the statues that decorated the area behind their graves. Peeta's brother was a metal smith, so he had immediately made a shrine to his dead brother and his soon-to-be sister out of a special non-rusting metal. The two lovers were buried in a meadow, beneath a weeping willow tree. Around the tree, there were multiple statues of them, across the ages. A simple tombstone decorated their graves. When they buried Katniss and Peeta, they made a dual casket so that the two lovers would be embracing even in death.

The little sister walked to the statue behind the tree, her favorite one. It was a statue of the boy and the girl's future, if they had lived. Peeta had arm around Katniss, and there was a little girl with pigtails riding on his shoulders, grinning toothily. Katniss was holding a toddler boy, with messy blonde curls. The two lovers looked older, but the happiness that radiated in their eyes was apparent to all who saw the beautiful statue. Prim's eyes prickled with tears as she saw her now deceased sister and her brother-in-law. They would have been twenty-eight had they lived.

Multiple other statues were situated around the large tree. There was one where Peeta was leaning against the tree, and Katniss's head was in his lap, allowing him to play with her hair. Another one was of them hunting, Katniss stringing back her bow, and Peeta assuming a hunter's stance. One showed Peeta painting and Katniss leaning over his shoulder, a mischievous expression on her face. Yet another one was of them kissing. One of Prim's favorites was the one that was positioned in the tree's strong branches. It was Katniss and Peeta as children. Their grins stretched along their faces, as they sat in the tree side by side, gazing out onto the meadow. All the statues were incredibly realistic, and the only thing that distinguished them from real people was their metallic glow.

Prim travelled back around to the actual graves. She kneeled down in front of the tombstone, reading the words.

In memory of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark

Loving sister, friend, daughter, and fiancé

Loving brother, friend, son, and fiancé

The lovers who died for eachother lay here wrapped in an embrace. Their love spanned their lifetime,

And carried on into the afterlife.

Rest in Peace.

Prim read the tombstone, tears prickling in her eyes. She cleared her throat.

"Hey Katniss, hey Peeta. How are you guys? I'm great right now. Guess what? Gale recently found out he was going to have a daughter. His son is so excited. You should see his son Katniss, he's three years old, and he looks like Madge but with Gale's hair."

" I recently got married to Rory too, and don't worry Katniss, he's good to me. I know that if you were still here, you would be on his tail right now, and he would wake up with an arrow in his throat. Our wedding was amazing; it was next to the beach. Guess what Peeta? I found the house that you and Katniss always dreamed of. It was a little house next to the beach, bordering the woods. Rory's thinking of moving there."

" I wish you guys could have been there. You could have been the Maid of Honor Katniss, and Peeta could've been the best man. And your children-" Prim choked back a sob as she said this, "-And your daughter could have been the flower girl, and your son could have been the ring bearer." Prim stopped talking for a moment, taking deep breaths as tears flowed down her cheeks. She heard Rory come up behind her.

"Are you alright?" he asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. She sniffled, and nodded her head, wiping her cheeks. He kneeled down next to her.

"Hey Katniss, hey Peeta. How are you guys? I'm doing fine, and so is Prim. Don't worry Katniss, you don't need to come after me, I'll take care of her. I lover he so very much, and I'm going to make sure nothing happens to her, you can count on me." he said, his eyes softening and developing a sad look. He wrapped an arm around Prim, and she began to talk.

"I wish you guys could have been at the wedding. You would've loved it Peeta, and we would have asked you to bake the cake. Vick was the best man, Posy was the Maid of Honor, and Gale's son was the ring bearer. My friend Rue's daughter was the flower girl. It was a wonderful wedding, but I really wish you guys were there. I-"her voice cracked once more, "- I really miss you guys. I love you guys, and I really wish you were here with me right now. But I know that you can't be here with me, I know that you're in a happier place now,"

Prim placed the flowers on the center of their grave. She and Rory then got up, and went to the other end of the meadow.

The Deserted Trail lay in front of them, beautiful and lush. They looked up, and saw the sunset on the horizon. The boy's and the girl's favorite colors, green and orange, clashed beautifully on the horizon, a tribute to the fallen lovers.

Watching the sunset, Prim knew that even though her sister and brother-in law were gone from the earth, they would always be with her, in her heart, and in her soul.

And so the two walked along the Deserted Trail, keeping their pasts close to their hearts,

And moving forward towards the distant future.

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