N lay facedown on his comfy king sized bed. He was now at least 25 years of age and an adult, and still wondering about his future as a king without his queen.

Her gleaming sapphire eyes, her long chestnut hair, her pale skin, her delicate face, she was beautiful. Black Coldman was simply a princess in disguise, all she needed was a prince to look after her.

They would have children and see a new kingdom of Unova. 'More. I need more-'

Suddenly a grunt ran through the grand room with triumph. 'Lord N, I have succeeded in bringing the Hunter King's deadly sword! Lord N!'

N got off the bed quickly and was very surprised. 'Grunt three, who is this mysterious "Hunter King"?'

'Black Coldman, the girl of your dreams,' said the grunt, his voice dripping with sarcasm. 'Lord N.'

'Great. Grunt, please bring me a double mocha latte with strawberry sprinkles,' sighed N with disappointment.

N would try and he would not fail. Even if Kyurem got in the way.

Prologue E(N)d