Aftermath: The Day of the Dove - Pavel Chekov

by Satin Ragdoll

Vy did this affect me more than anyvun else? Am I so veak minded? That alien got into my mind, and changed my memories! I still haf the false memories of the death of my brother, Piotr, who never existed. I never even considered that those vere the only memories I had of him. As far as I know, I am the only vun whose memories vere affected. Everyvun else just had their negative emotions amplified.

Alien cossack! The images it left behind haf been giving me horrible nightmares! I had to go to Dr. McCoy and get some of those little, red anti-nightmare pills. I do not like them, at all. They give me heart-burn, but I haf to admit zey have been worth it.

On top of it all I had to apologize to Kang for molesting his vife, Mara! I do not know if I haf ever been so afraid in all my life! I am certainly glad that ze Captain was there to make sure I didn't end up on the wrong side of a Klingon disruptor.

It is almost as disconcerting that it affected me zis way, as well. I am no slouch with the ladies, but I am a gentleman! I vould never accost a voman like that, not to mention a married voman, and a Klingon vun at that! I haf heard stories. Whoo! Klingon vomen will take your head off, if you let them. They will eat you alive!

Anyvay, this cannot go on. I cannot accept being seen as veak minded. It is a slap in the face to Mother Russia! Ahh, Russia. There is nothing like her! Ze mother country, where everything good has come from, I don't care vat anyvun says.

I do not like it, but I may haf to go to Mr. Spock for lessons. Sometimes I get ze feeling he doesn't like me very much, but he is vun of the strongest minded people that I know. If I can not learn proper mental discipline from him, then I can not learn it from anyvun. I certainly hope that he vill help me.