After the Thanagarian invasion of "Starcrossed", Flash tries to get Batman to look on the bright side of things.

In Wayne Manor, the Justice League was taking a much needed breather after saving the world, again. With the last of the Thanagarians gone, they finally had the chance to collapse into armchairs and partake of afternoon tea. Unfortunately, the refreshments provided by Alfred had the side-effect of rejuvenating Flash's motormouth.

Superman accepted another biscuit from the tray that Alfred was offering, and leant back into the sofa to watch the show down.

"Come on, Bats," Flash wheedled, gazing up at the stony visage. "Can't you be a bit more, you know, upbeat about the whole situation?"

Batman's glare would've dropped pigeons mid-air. "There's nothing to be upbeat about."

Flash frowned, not convinced. "We beat the bad guys, the Hawks are off the planet, we get a brand-spanking-new Watchtower, and the whole world loves us. What is there not to be upbeat about?"

"Aside for the part where I have to rebuild the front of my house?"

"Oh yeah…" Flash scratched his head, abashed, but he soon perked up again.

Superman grinned. Not even Batman at his most withering seemed to damage the speedster's cheery nature for long.

Flash zipped over where Batman was sitting, teacup in hand. "Come on," Flash wheedled. "One smile. Would it kill you?"

Batman's answer hung unspoken in the air and Flash's good-natured grin started to wilt.

"On second thought, I'll be in the Cave." Batman set aside his tea and got up to leave, but Flash zipped in front of him.

"Aww, c'mon Bats!"

"Excuse me." With a dramatic cape flourish, Batman stepped around Flash and was gone.

Superman smothered a chuckle as Flash threw himself down in an armchair in disgust. Batman's taciturn ways were never going to change; he did have a point though. Most of Earth's major cities were a mess after the Thanagarian occupation and the rebuild was going to take time.

Still, it could've been worse. A lot worse. Batman was still here for a start. So all in all, the Man of Steel considered that was a good enough reason to remain upbeat.

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