The Justice League get a bit mucky during their latest super-villain battle.

Standing in the rubble that used to be an intersection, Flash reflected that he was probably not going to be that popular with the ladies today. Even if he had just helped to take down a massive sewage monster that had threatened to destroy half the city, gratitude only went so far.

Filth dripped off him, puddling at his feet in an irregular blob of unappealing goop. Heated by the summer sun that was beating down on them, the smell was indescribable. Flash gingerly swiped at residual patches of brown that clung to his uniform. This one was going in the fire for sure.

The rest of the league didn't look—or smell—that much better. Batman's black ensemble was marred by streaks of brown, although he'd done the best out of them at avoiding the streams of flying sewage that Big Bad had been flinging at them. Superman and J'onn looked as though they'd lost a paintball fight despite their impressive acrobatics during the fight. As for Hawkgirl—her hair and feathers were matted down with unthinkable things. Her 'more smashing' routine had backfired just a bit during the fight. GL was trying to get the worst of it off her; he'd shaped a massive blow-dryer and was blasting her with air. It wasn't really working and she was having to concentrate just to stay upright, leaning into the wind with her wings flying out behind her. GL finally gave up and the blow-dryer disappeared back into his ring. J'onn had just density shifted, the mess dropping away as he became transparent. Wonder Woman was busy wringing out her hair, looking like a miniature version of the blob monster they'd just fought. Flash was suddenly very glad that his costume covered most of his body. Stylish and functional. He grinned, preening slightly over his own cleverness.

"What on Earth is there to smile about?" Hawkgirl did not sound happy. She was hefting her mace, in a way that made it seem she was very willing to share her unhappiness.

The smile disappeared from Flash's face like fat on a hot griddle, but he couldn't help commenting. "Just thinking that it's a good look for you. Very punk rock."

Hawkgirl just glared at him. She looked like she'd been dipped in mud then dragged through a hedge backwards. Her hair stood up in filth-encrusted spikes and her feathers stuck out at all angles where they'd set during GL's over-enthusiastic drying. She started stalking towards Flash, mace in hand, while GL watched with an amused smile on his face.

"Enough," Batman said. He beckoned. "Superman, a hand."

Superman wrenched a fire hydrant, sending it flying. Water fountained into the air, splashing everywhere.

"Er, are you supposed to do that?" Flash worried.

Batman's eyes narrowed. Flash backed off.

Lantern shrugged. "Beats the dry cleaning bill." He dove into the stream, the water blasting him up three stories as he whooped and yelled.

Wonder Woman followed suit, gracefully stepping into the geyser. She too went flying. "I think it went up my nose," she complained from above.

Superman smiled and turned to J'onn. "You next."

J'onn held out a restraining hand. "I am already clean."

"That's not the point. It's fun. Look," the Man of Steel pointed at GL and Wonder Woman were swooping in and out of the spray. Even Batman, who was surreptitiously rinsing the worst of the muck from his cape in one of the growing puddles, didn't look as though he was scowling as much as usual. J'onn sighed, then stepped into the column of water. After a moment, Superman joined them, managing to hit GL with a face full of spray as he emerged from the fountain. GL spluttered, then retaliated by soaking Metropolis's Finest with a jet of water from a glowing, green hose.

It was just Flash and Hawkgirl. She grinned at him. It looked eerily like the predatory grin she gave him after his earlier smart comment.

"I'm going!" Flash yelled and zipped off into the water before she got any ideas about 'helping' him.

It was a bright summer's day in the city. Quiet. Peaceful. Amidst the devastation that was formerly an intersection, there were pools of water everywhere. From miniature ponds to wet patches on the asphalt, the splashes of water started at a busted up fire hydrant and somehow managed to cover the whole block in liquid. Although the rubble, fire hydrant, and crushed cars could be chalked up a recent confrontation between the Justice League and a super-villain, city officials weren't so sure about the puddles.

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