Hi people! High School Hero speaking! A special thank you to everyone who reviewed! Really appreciated! Anyhoo, this is the very first battle, And Amy and Sally are coming up against it!

So, get ready for the battle its gonna be epic!



"Hello, Mobius!" Said The High School Hero cheerfully. The crowd cheered happily when they recognized her."We are here, live at the legendary Green Hill Zone! With me, and my friend High School Zero!"

High School Zero waved at the adoring crowd as they cheered. Then she spoke: "As we said back in chapter 1 we said we introduce a new friend with us, please welcome our sci fi/harry potter obsessed futuristic friend, High School Neons!"

The crowd cheered as High School Neons walks in looking a little bit annoyed but she smiled.

"Seriously, Zero?" Neons sweat-dropped.

Zero chuckled evilly at Neons. "It's not my fault that you have a obsession with Silver!"

"Puh-lease!,you act like that emo-hog Shadow 24/7!"

"Don't talk to the ultimate life form like that!" Zero growled angrily at looked if she was gonna literally kill Neons.

High School Hero butted in to prevent a quarrel, "Guys, guys! No need to fight about which Sonic character is better; there's only one person who is better than the rest,the only person who thinks compromise will not exist, I'm talking about..."

High School Hero stopped, only to see a blue blur run past her, Zero and Neons and stopped right in front of her.

"Me! She was talking about me!" A cobalt hedgehog said as the crowd cheered and chanted as they saw who it was.

High School Hero then spoke freely. "Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome Mobius' blue hero, he is the one and only Sonic The Hedgehog!

Sonic went In his trademark pose and his trademark smile; a few camera lights clicked as the crowd continuously praised him with cheers and chants.

As the cheers died down,High school hero said cheerfully "First of all, thanks for being here Sonic ,really appreciate it!"

"No prob, Hero!" Replied Sonic giving a thumbs up.

"So,Sonic,why DID you tell me and Zero to sort this incident out?"

"Well, Sally and Amy are kinda the two main girls who hang around me a lot (especially Amy), and I'm thinking: "Hold on, they like me!" Then,when Amy tried to get closer to me, Sally stepped in before her and caused the whole incident! Its been going on for a while now!"

"Woah, woah, woah! You didn't tell me this has been going on for a long time!"

High school Zero finally spoke. "Exactly, how long has it been going for?"

Sonic simply spoke in a tiny voice. "Err...ever since 1994"

"Almost for 20 years!?"

"If you put it that way...yes."

"Dayum!"Said neons in terrible shock.

The crowed was also in shock.

"What?" Sonic said confusingly.

"Wait people, it's a good thing!" Said Zero.

"What are you talking about Zero?" High school Hero asked Zero.

"Don't you get it?, they don't have to see Sally and Amy fight once, they can see them fight like, 3 times!"

The crowed cheered at hearing Zero's response.

"Oh, yeah!, I think its time to GET BATTLING!" Neons said enthusiastically.

"Ok,ok jeez, calm down, Neons," Then, Hero turned to the crowd.

"Everybody loves rap battles do they?" High school hero asked the crowd

The crowed cheered in response.

"Well get ready for this one! And...




The camera turns to the green hill rapping ring and the rap battle begins.


AMY ROSE!"No one gets in the way of my Sonic!"

VS...SALLY ACORN!"You can kiss sonic goodbye, Amy!"



Amy started rapping

Hi everyone it's Amy, your favorite cutie.

I wear my red dress proud, I'm such a beauty.

Sally, your whole attitude is fruity,

Or is that nutty? Meh! I dunno!

You're just loopy,

I'm sweeter than a lollipop,

When I walk in the room all them boys jaws drop.

So come at me you squirrel, this is my land.

I've got the world of men, in my hand.

Loads of ooh's came from the crowd,even sonic

Sally, then rapped back

Sally's the name and royalty is my game,

You won't stand a chance Amy, your just lame,

You may be rapping bad,loud and clear,

But when I'm done with you, you'll be hearing sounds you don't want to hear,

Your just a Sonic fan who's highly confused,

Chasing Sonic till he's totally fused,

Sonic and me are the real thing now!

Sonally forever,all fans bow!

Hero, Zero and Neons had their jaws drop,but sonic looked a bit shocked and impressed!

Amy was mad. she started to rap back.

Sonally forever? Don't make me sick!

I wonder why your skull is so thick!

Sonamy forever! That's the way it should be!

And if your so lonely, go hug a tree!

Sonic is mine don't make me mad!

Before things get really bad

I'm the badass girl of the sonicverse

And If you disagree, you'll end up in a hearse

"Ooh...BURN!" Shouted The High School hero

High School zero and Neons just stood there shocked.

Sally swatted out words to get Amy back

Seriously Amy? Your the badass girl?

Hearing that statement makes me wanna hurl!

Your still that 8 year old inside, If I were you Amy, I would wanna hide

I got nothing to lose, your just a hyper obsessed girl

Who's plans are to travel with sonic around the world

you think you can over take me?

Nuh-uh! Your dead wrong and also dead meat!

Amy was amused but she was not giving up

"Pfft dead meat? That could be arranged

You better run to your nuts before you get shamed

After this rap battle,you'll be more than through

I'll send you a pic from me and sonic's honeymoon

The crowd was amazed,there was chanting everywhere and it looks like sally was in defeat

Listen up sally and listen good,

I don't ever want to see you in my 'hood

Your rappings were good I have heard

But mine were better, Oops looks like you got served!

The crowd chanted Amy's name. Sally was in defeat it looks like she couldn't say no more

Sally had lost. Amy had won.

And the winner is...AMY!

Amy was waving to the crowd as she smiled in her victory.


"Whoa! That's some epic rap battling there! Don't you agree, Sonic?" High school hero asked.

"Wow, that was something hero! I never heard those words coming out of them before. the rap battle showed that Amy can stand up for herself,sally too but its so hard to choose!" Sonic replied.

"Don't worry you'll choose after the three, epidemically battles we have."

"Hmm...the rap battle showed that Amy can stand up for herself,I like that, could Amy be the one?" Thought Sonic.

The High School Hero spoke once again "Ok, people,that's the end of round 1 for Sally and Amy! Don't worry, they will return in the couple of chapters time for round 2!"

Then, the High School Zero started speaking. "Remember, the polls are still open since Amy and Sally will return in a few chapters...get voting! And if you liked this story so far, review!"

Finally, High School Neons spoke,"so with Amy and Sally aside for a moment of time, who will be the new love triangle to battle it out? You decide!

"Hey that's my line!"High school hero shouted. "Anyhoo, join us next time for a new love triangle to battle it out! And like Neons said, who will be next? You decide! (Please Pm me if you have any suggestions)"

"Well that's all I have to say, I hope you enjoyed the rap battle! Get ready for round 2 !its coming soon! See y'all later!"

The show ended with the High School Hero ,Zero, Neons and Sonic the Hedgehog waving at the camera.

Sorry if the rap battle wasn't the best thing in the world, I couldn't think of many more verses for Sally (sorry Sally lovers! Don't throw knives at me!)

See ya!